Monday, December 17, 2007

Forsythe House 1 Round 5

Last time Rose finally finished working 5 businesses up to level ten. Bryan started working on a garden and got into the garden club but didn't get the wishing well. All four kids, Rain, Snow, Fog, and Sleet, grew to teens and started looking for love. All four did, but Rain's boyfriend wasn't able to go to college with her. She has since returned to be the house's heiress, only problem, no man.

Rachel: Welcome home Rain.
Rain: Thank Rachel. It sure is great to be back home. College was such a whirlwind. I sure did miss my family. I am sorta sad though.
Rachel: Yeah, why's that?
Rain: Most people around here find their spouses in high school or at the latest, college. I'm still single. How am I going to have 6 kids if I can't even find a man to have them with?
Rachel: Well there are several guys who also graduated single. Let's see if you know any of them and if you're attracted to any.

Me: Note that is Mars Vega, not his brother Mercury, I realized it very late in the labeling process.Rachel: Look Mars Vega.
Rain: Do I know him? Oh yeah I think I met him once. He was pretty hot! I don't think he'll agree to get married.
Rachel: Call him a few times and eventually he'll agree to come over at least.
Rain: Well it's a start.

Rachel: Welcome home Rose. Congrats on the promotion!
Rose: Thank you Rachel.
Rain: Look Mom brought home Sayid Lost. He's hot too!
Rachel: Let's see how things go with Mars first.

Rachel: Back at gardening, huh Bryan?
Bryan: Yep.
Rachel: Goodness he's quiet.

Rachel: Oh boy, Rain finally got Mars over here.
Rain: So uh, Mars I sure think you're cute.
Mercury: Oh goodness. well I think you're cute too.

Rachel: Oh Mars, it's meant to be.
Rachel: Ah Rain you might want to turn it down a notch or two.

Mars: Oh yes, I'd love to move in.
Rachel: Guess not.

Rachel: Welcome home Bryan. Congrats on the top of your career.
Bryan: *shyly* Ah thanks.

Rachel: Nice job Rain!

Mars: I know we've only just met but I can't imagine spending my life with anyone but you.
Me: Very studly in the thinking cap.

Rain: Oh yes! A million times yes!!!
Me: Matching thinking caps, I guess they're made for each other or I just forgot to take them off like I always do.

Rachel: Not wasting a single moment, well I guess the sun did come up so wasting like 2 hours.

Me: Wait, I'm confused. Coqui is fortune. Is marry off so many kids a fortune LTW or is this leftover from my Bon Voyage glitch that is changing LTW and taking away want slots? Andre should have achieved hie LTW of marrying off 6 kids with Mar getting married but he isn't here, he was working. Hummmm....

Rachel: anyway, back to the happy couple.

Rachel: What's a wedding without the sister of the bride bowling is formal wear?

Rachel: Looks like almost everyone is taking advantage of the upstairs business. But wait where's the mother of the groom, Coqui?

Rachel: There you are.

Coqui: Ouch that hurt my butt.
Rachel: Not the best thing to try for the first time in a dress and heels.

Rachel: Speaking of trying something for the first time, I'll leave these two alone for a bit.

Rachel: Do my ears deceive me or is generation 3 now on it's way?

Rose: Here have this lovely snap dragon as a wedding favor.

Rachel: Wow congratulations Mars!
Mars: Thanks! I was in such a good mood after the wedding they just had to promote me.

Rachel: Yep, I knew I heard chimes!

Rachel: Congrats Rose! One step closer to your new dream.

Rachel: And Mars is working on knowing everything! The most impossible thing ever.

Rachel: Nice job Bryan.
Bryan: Uh, thanks.

Me: Look I finally noticed the name mistake.
Mars: It's official, I now know everything there is to know.
Rachel: Wonderful job.

Rachel: Getting their Rose.

Rachel: Hey nice new do Rain. Where'd you have it done?
Rain: In pain here.
Rachel: Oh sorry.

Rain: It's a girl! We'll call her Sunshine.
Rachel: Is she the sunshine of your life?
Rain: Yes, Sunshine to my Rain.

Rachel: Congrats you finally did it!!!
Rose: Finally?
Rachel: Sorry didn't mean it like that.

Rachel: Wow and Rain topped her career too! Nice job!
Rain: Thank you Rachel.

Rachel: Well I guess it's time for me to move on. See you next week.

Points: 17
3 for Mars' Impossible want
1 for Sunshine
Tops of Career: 4, everyone got one.
9 for Money


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow, you noticed the naming mistake really late in the process. But at least you label. Helps me keep track of who's who. This house was really jumping this week. Congrats! Will Sunshine be Rain and Mars' only child?

Bubbs said...

Wow, I thought Rain might have to go a round without getting married. Good thing Mercury/Mars was there for her! Poor Sayid...

Kerry said...

Gee, I'm impressed--Rain moves fast! I'm guessing that Sunshine is the first of six, right? Great job with all those careers, too!

I like Bryan--"Uh, Thanks" "Yup"!

Galena said...

Yay, 1/6...maybe. Glad Rain found someone to love. Mars will be good to her I'm sure, if not, I'm sure sim Rachel will intervien

ciyrose said...

Oh good. Two of the uni singles found each other. YAY!