Friday, July 27, 2007

Simmers 1 House - Raging Inferno

Last time we saw Wen Simmers she was being kicked out of the Lancaster household after the death of her husband James. Their oldest son Vincent headed off to college and their daughter O'Keefe was starting grade school.

Rachel: Oh hey hi guys. This sure is a lovely house.
Wen: Yeah it's a little small though.
Rachel: Small?
Wen: Yeah Vincent and his girlfriend Amethyst moved in after they graduated college and it's sorta cramped. We'll give it a little shot.

Rachel: You sure do look happy.
Wen: I inherited money from my friend Howie. I am very sad he died.
Rachel: Yes, I think he will be greatly missed.

Rachel: Amethyst I LOVE the new look. What does Vincent think?
Amethyst: He and I love it too.

Rachel: Wait a minute, did you guys move?
Wen: Yep, had too. The construction of the last house didn't allow us to add a second story and we needed the room, badly. We picked this one because it has the little house on the right there for Vincent and Amethyst.
Rachel: That makes sense.
Wen *Singing to self* Womrats are nice. Womrats are fun. Better treat 'um nice or they'll bite your thumb.
Rachel: I see the Womrats made it through both moves just fine.
Wen: Hungry but fine.

Rachel: Oh wow, sorry. Wen, um, is that a Firetruck!?!?!

Rachel: Ohhhhhh, I see now.

Rachel: Ah Amethyst don't look so releaved that's still a raging inferno.

O'Keefe: *Singing* Womrats are fun... Oh hi lady.
Rachel: Hi O'Keefe, aren't you a sweetie?
O'Keefe: Sure, I guess.

Me: Awe, our Wen is in love.
Rachel: Happy Birthday little O'Keefe.

O'Keefe: Wow this sure is an inters ting outfit.
Me: I don't like to go shopping so she's just going to have to deal with it.
Rachel: I think it's nice. So what are you looking for in life dear?

O'Keefe: I'd like to be popular.
Rachel: Like everyone else lately.
Me: *big sigh*

O'Keefe: And I'd really like to have 20 best friends.
Me: *hits head against desk repeatedly until she passes out*

Rachel: Wow O'Keefe, I love the new hair!
O'Keefe: why thank you. I think it goes better with this outfit Mom said I'm stuck with.

Rachel: Opps, looks like Vincent forgot to do something in college.

Amethyst: Yes, a million times yes!

Rachel: OK, that was like super fast.
Me: I think she was one of those woman that was planning her wedding before being engaged.
Rachel: Hum, don't ALL women do that? Anyway, I love your dress Amethyst.
Amethyst: Thanks, I got the one with blue accents to match Vincents hair. But I really just threw this wedding together in the last couple hours.
Me: likely.
Rachel: What a lovely sight for a wedding!

Vincent: My new wife sure is hot.
Rachel: Men *shakes head*

Rachel: Darn it Zeno get out of the shot!

Rachel: Awe the first dance.

Rachel: Huh, not to many people have Womrats at their wedding.

Rachel: Where are you going Amethyst? The long way to the limo?

Rachel: I guess so.
Me: At least she made it.

Wen: Oh wow!
Rachel: Congrats Wen, I know you wanted to graduate a 3rd kid from college.
Wen: Yeah, but I was thinking I was going to have to adopt, I'm getting up there in years.
Rachel: Well, doesn't look like that will be necessary now.

Rachel: Looks like the newlyweds are back.
Me: The bridge was too lovely to not take a wedding picture on.

Rachel: Traffic signs? Interesting. Excuse me I'll let you have your privacy.

Rachel: Wait, what's happening?

Bacillus: Yes! I'll marry you!
Rachel: Um, do you really think jumping on a pregnant woman is the best idea?

Wen: I Wen Simmers take you Bacillus...

Bacillus: With this ring I thee wed.

Rachel: Wow that all was sudden.
Wen: Well no child of mine was going to be born without a father in it's life.

Rachel: Officially welcome to Prosperity Point Bacillus!
Bacillus: Thank you Rachel. It's lovely to be here.

Xuan: How dare you be all nosey! You little peeping Susie!!!
Amethyst: I was just making candies. What's your deal?!?!

Rachel: Oh no Sweets!!! You were an old cat. You lived a good life. We'll miss you!

Rachel: well hi there Vincent I haven't really had a chance to talk to you. How are you?
Vincent: All right.
Rachel: I see you got a promotion. Nice going man!
Vincent: Ah Thanks.
Rachel: Humm... wait do you hear something inside?

Wen: Why... Did... I.. Think...This... Would... Be... Easier... The... Third... Time... ?

Wen: It's a boy! DaVinci!
Rachel: Great name!

Rachel: He sure is a cutie. I guess he takes after hi mom.
Wen: At least in skin tone, the rest, we'll have to see.

O'Keefe: I would like a date please and thank you.

Rachel: It's one of those Q kids.
O'Keefe: Yeah he's all right, not great.

Bacillus: Whose a good boy?
Rachel: Bacillus sure does make a great father.

Rachel: Great job Vincent!
Vincent: Sure, thanks.

Me: Hey look it's one of those Chandler kids.
Rachel: One of those what's?
Me: Oh, one of those Fellowship 3 kids.
Rachel: Fellowship 3?
Me: Nevermind.

Rachel: Wow, way to go Amethyst!

Rachel: Woo! Way to go again!

Rachel: What are you painting Wen?
Wen: My favorite thing. I'll show you when I'm done.

Wen: Ahhhh!
Rachel: Oh no centurybot run amok!

Rachel: Wow I guess that was a great date that you brought her a napkin and condiment holder? Wait a minute.

Rachel: I see you're keeping yourself busy.
O'Keefe: Sure am. Working on my skills.

Wen: Look I finished my painting!
Rachel: You painted your womrats?
Wen: Sure did and I hung it above their cage.
Rachel: Well... it's that nice?

Amethyst: That's a nice Womrat.
Rachel: Look out Amethyst! Behind you!

Rachel: Oh no, Bacillus too!

Amethyst: How do I shut this darn thing off?

Amethyst: that wasn't it.
Rachel: No, that wasn't it. Give that here. *pushes the right button and shuts it off*

Rachel: Congrats Bacillus!

Wen: *Singing* Womrats are great!

Rachel: Oh boy it's DaVinci's birthday already!

Rachel: Um, does anyone notice anything strange about DaVinci?
Wen: Like what?
Rachel: Um, what about the pointy ears and are those yellow eyes?
Me: *whistles innocently* I don't know anything about it.Rachel: Well he's quite cute either way.

Rachel: Fight, fight, fight!!!

Rachel: I wonder what happened?

Rachel: Ut-oh Victoria! Looks like birthing 23 babies doesn't help you win a fight.

Rachel: What do you think you're doing?
Wen: What? Oh nothing.

Wen: *sobbing* Why does he have to be so mean?
Rachel: Um you were peeping on him.
Wen: That doesn't mean he has to be mean about it.

Rachel: Looks like she's over it.
Wen: Come to momma.

Rachel: It must be the end of the week. Nice job on those scholarships!
O'Keefe: Thanks, I can't wait to go to college.
Rachel: See ya there!

Points: 11, I think
1 for DaVinci
10 for money!