Thursday, July 05, 2007

Vega House 2 - Round 4

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Lucida grew up to a child and started her friendship with Sleet. She was also very interested in learning just like her parents. Temple discovered she was pregnant and soon gave birth to Arial shortly after.

Rachel: Well who do we have here?
Me: That's Milo, he's the puppy of someone else's dog.
Rachel: That's helpful.
Me: I don't remember. It might be Boo's puppy from Aracely Vega.

Rachel: Way to go Temple!
Temple: Why thank you Rachel. One step closer to my dream!

Rachel: Still working on potty training Arial I see.
Temple: Yeah, she's perquosious.

Rachel: Wow, look at Milo the wonder dog!
Me: He must have some special jumping skills like the dog from the Mask that he was named after.
Rachel: What's the Mask?
Me: A movie, staring Jim Carrey.
Rachel: Jim whaty?
Me: Nevermind.

Rachel: Wow another promotion in the family. Nice going Aston!

Rachel: Little Lucida's birthday already? Wow, happy birthday dear!

Rachel: Quite pretty. I love the new hair-do, very becoming.
Lucida: Why thank you mame.
Rachel: So what are you looking for in life?

Lucida: A life of pleasure.
Rachel: Not one of knowledge like your parents?
Lacida: Nah, I'm done with that.
Rachel: Done with that?!?! My goodness! What about college?
Lucida: I'll be going, no worries there. I heard I'll do better at my career because of college.
Rachel: Thank goodness. So what career are you looking at?

Lucida: Gamer.
Rachel: Gamer? You can't be serious. How will college help you with that.
Lucida: What do you think kids do in college anyway?
Me: She has a point.

Me: Very strange.
Rachel: What?
Me: They're having their first kiss, but they've been married for years and have 2 children.
Rachel: That is strange.

Rachel: At least they're still happy.

Rachel: Glowing toddler, must mean she's learning to talk.

Rachel: Woah another promotion!!!

Lucida: Holy cow!
Rachel: What?
Lucida: I never noticed it but Sleet is wicked hot!

Lucida: Um, so yeah, I uh like you Sleet.

Sleet: I think you're pretty neat too.
Rachel: I think I see a first kiss coming.
Me: Tell her to take off the thinking cap.
Rachel: What? Why?
Me: I catch flack cause you all don't take them off, like ever.
Rachel: Oh.. Lucida, take off the thinking cap.
Lucida: OK.

Rachel: Helping out with your sister dear?
Lucida: Yeah, Mom & Dad are busy with working on their promotions.

Rachel: There's that darn thinking cap again. Looks like the date went well.

Rachel: Looks like Trixie & Milo are getting along!

Me: Yep definitely a puppy of Boo and Olie. He looks just like his siblings.

Rachel: I think we know what this means!

Rachel: Another birthday! Happy Birthday Miss Arial!

Rachel: You're such a cutie!
Me: She even grew into that pinched chin, thank goodness.
Rachel: Shush you.
Arial: I didn't say anything.
Rachel: Not you dear.

Rachel: Wow you've made it to Mad Scientist! Nice going Temple!
Temple: Why thank you.
Rachel: Now that you've accomplished your lifetime dream, what are you looking for?

Temple: I'd like to concur the Education field.
Rachel: Cool.

Rachel: What is Trixie doing?
Me: Eating snow, like all dogs do.

Rachel: Looks like it's teaching time.

Lucida: Oh boy a snow day!
Rachel: So what are you going to do with your day off?
Lucida: Lots of dating with Sleet.
Rachel: Sounds fun.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Wow, another promotion!

Rachel: That should help with a promotion.

Rachel: Holy cow! Are those all for you Lucida?
Lucida: Sure are. All from today too.
Rachel: Holy Cow!!!!!

Rachel: Puppies!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Welcome to Prosperity Point Carri and Camielle!

Rachel: What are you up to?
Temple: Doing some painting. I think I've mastered it. I think I've mastered everything!
Rachel: Wow, congratulations!

Rachel: Wow it's the end of the week already.
Lucida: Yep. Guess what.
Rachel: You got a lot of scholarships.
Lucida: Yeah but guess what else.
Rachel: Uh, I don't know.
Lucida: Sleet and I had 18 dream dates this week and we're all in love and stuff.
Rachel: Wowzers! Congrats dear. We'll see you at college.

Points: 4
1 for money
3 point for Temple's Impossible Want


Donut said...

Temple's a very nice sim. And the Sleet/Lucida first kiss pics are hilarious. X^D

SirenPrincess said...

This family is so cute. I like the dogs. And your sim offsprings are so cute. I hope half of mine turn out that good.

ASimWen said...

Ahhh puppies, puppies, puppies. ;) 18 dream dates??? THAT'S ALL??? hahahaha Great update.

Kerry said...

Lucida and Milo both grew up so well! It's funny about Temple and ASton's first kiss, though! Wow, 18 dream dates down before college--I'm impressed!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

That's gotta be the first time I've seen a first kiss after the wedding. I've had a first kiss after an engagement, but that was a glitch. 18 dream dates? That's really good. Nice match too.

ciyrose said...

Nice job on the dating. The kids sure are cute, and I like Sleet and Lucida together. very cool.