Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dante 3 - Round 4

Fourth Gen?
Last time weather finally came to Prosperity Point. Yep, this was the first house I played after installing Seasons, that's how long this round took me. Also, Kayla and Benjamin were blessed with a second son, Emmett. Their eldest son George grew to a teen, met his future wife Libby and left for college, where he is now. Jenn (the Simmergirl) was very disappointed that she wouldn't be getting into the playable sims via George. She's working on a friendship with Emmett. Kayla found herself once again pregnant, as did Abbey, their female dog.

Benjamin: Dang it! *hits the wrench against the faucet* Work!
Rachel: how's it going Benjamin?
Benjamin: How does it look?!?!
Rachel: Sorry.
Benjamin: No I'm sorry. I shouldn't yell at you, it's not your fault.
Rachel: Why don't you call a repairman?
Benjamin: I can do it!

Rachel: Things are happier over here. Puppies!!!!

Rachel: What? Dang it Grimalkin! Puppies are being born here!

Rachel: Wonderful job, now let's get back to the puppies!

Rachel: Welcome puppies!
Benjamin: 2 boys, Cooper & Baxter and one girl Sugar.

Nicole: Ouch!
Rachel: What's going on Emmett?
Emmett: Just playing catch.
Rachel: I think you might be throwing it a little too hard.

Emmett: I'm sorry Nicole.
Nicole: It's OK.

Rachel: Congrats Benjamin.
Benjamin: Why thank you.

Rachel: Libby, what are you doing here?

Rachel: Um Libby, George is at college with you.
Libby: *Sneaks off.*
Rachel: Weird.

Emmett: Dad, what's
Benjamin: Um, I'm not sure.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Yay, A+!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Oh hey Kayla, haven't seen too much of you.
Kayla: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Oh, baby time.

Kayla: It's another boy. We'll call him Biff.

Kayla: Who's the cutie little Biffy baby?

Rachel: What are the police doing here? Oh wait I bet I know.

Kayla: We got a puppy. A girl to breed with one of our boy puppies.

Rachel: A Doofus, Hyper, Pigpen. This could be interesting.

Me: I just loved this picture. Everyone is checking Adda out. She looks a little scared to me.

Rachel: Congrats Kayla!

Rachel: Oh looks like Baxter has grown up and he's an interesting looking dog. Look at him checking out Adda. I wonder which brother she'll end up with?

Rachel: Cooper is an interesting combination of his parents too.

Rachel: Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Silly Cooper, don't mess with your momma.
-10 seconds later-

Rachel: Much better.

Rachel: Wow Sugar! I think she's the prettiest of the three dogs.

Rachel: Sadly it looks like Cooper and Sugar have got to go.
Kayla: Yep we need to make room in the house.
Rachel: At least we know someone else will adopt them so they aren't gone forever.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Biff!

Kayla: I think Biff looks like a Dante more than a Ribeiro.
Rachel: Me too.

Rachel: Now that's a mutt if I've ever seen one. Part Rottweiler, part golden lab, and rest, who knows?

Rachel: Awe, looks like Biff doesn't care.

Rachel: Baxter and Adda sitting in a tree....

Rachel: I see you're back Jenn.
Jenn: Yep, one of these boys has to fall in love with me when they grow up.
Rachel: I guess.

Benjamin: And then you tie it here.
Emmett: Like this?
Benjamin: Very good son.

Emmett: So you remember how you helped me with that Trisk-it thing dad? Well I got an A+ cause of it.
Benjamin: Very good son.

Rachel: Nice job Benjamin!

Emmett: I wish to fall in love with a red haired lady.
Rachel: Yeah, she wishes that too.

Rachel: Another handsome Dante boy. So Emmett, what are you looking for in life?

Emmett: I want to be popular.
Rachel: Of course you do. How do you want to achieve that?

Emmett: Celebrity Chef.
Me: Thank goodness!
Rachel: That's wonderful.

Kayla: Say momma.
Biff: *giggle* momma.

Rachel: Look at that big smile on the birthday boy.

Biff: Wow, I have a hand.
Rachel: Huh, yeah you do. You're a cutie too.

Rachel: More puppies!!!

Rachel: Welcome Bo and Paris.

Rachel: Man and then there they go.

Rachel: Wow it's already the 4th generation of dogs! See why I called Adda mutt? Can't wait to see Paris and Bo.

Rachel: It must be the end of the week. Congrats Emmett.
Emmett: Why thank you. I'll see you at college.

Points: 3
1 for Biff
2 for Money


SirenPrincess said...

I love the way you blog your sims. I really appreciate the things you do for the reader like the names on the photos, the start and end photo, and the table of contents. Keep writing. I'm loving it.

Black Trinity said...

Well done on finishing your first round since seasons.

You've certainly got some interesting looking dogs :D - I want to know what Paris and Bo look like too with genetics like that :D

Spinn said...

Thank you for yet another update, I love reading them. :)
And you've awoken my dog genetics interest as well, it is so much fun!

Melissa said...

Great update. Adda is very interesting looking. Can't wait to see what Paris and Bo look like. I think I've told you before, but you are the one that inspired me to start breading pets, too.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

And here, for some reason, I thought we were talking about people. I don't know if I have the patience to breed pets, but I think I will try to do it.
Wow, you have a lot of pop sims.

ASimWen said...

I am dually impressed with the dogs!!! Love the 4th generation family tree. hehehe

Twoyys4me said...

another amazing update. Really love all the dogs, didn't Adda turn out weirdly cute though? The family members are growing up well, Biff is a cutie.

aerisblue2000 said...

Having spent the day following the story from the beginning, it's amazing how different it's become from the start. Your blogging skills have grown so much, and your pictures and layout are vastly improved. Love the naming scheme, and wish I'd thought of it, it makes working out the different families much easier.
I really enjoyed reading, and will keep up with the updates from now on.
You have a wicked (in Brit speak, that means great, just incase you think I'm insulting you) sense of humour, and I have had quite a chuckle this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

sweet be fore i saw this family i also adopted abbey and grimlakin and their puppys looked just like baxter and cooper!!

ciyrose said...

Wow...the dogs look really cool. For some reason my dogs all look like only one of the parents. I'm not sure if that's normal or doesn't seem to be.