Sunday, July 08, 2007

Vega House 3 - Round 4

Pets Everywhere
Last time the family dog, Booty passed away. Rosario and England continued to climb their career ladders. Their daughter Canada grew to a child and they had a son, Germany. Canada became great friends with Sleet, our newest neighborhood social butterfly, but she also liked to hang out with the rest of his siblings.

Rachel: Oh my, England.
England: What? *Looking down* Oh sorry *throws on his PJs*

Rachel: *Still Blushing* Hey I see got a new dog.
England: Yep, my sister Aracely gave him to us. This is George.

Rachel: So England I've been meaning to talk to you.
England: About what?
Rachel: Do you think you and Rosario are going to have any more kids?
England: I don't think so. I mean we have wonderful daughter to carry on the family name and a son who we're sure will make us proud too. What more could we possibly want?
Rachel: Sounds good to me, I was just wondering since neither of the kids got your red hair.
England: It's OK, they should have it as a recessive gene so maybe I'll have redhead grand kids.

Rachel: hi Kimberly. Visiting the family I see.
Kimberly: Sure am. I've gotta get into one of these families.
Me: Typical Simself always trying to get themselves in the hood.

Fog: Ouch not so hard.
Rachel: Hey Canada, you having fun playing with Fog?
Canada: Yeah but he's a wimp.
Rachel: Wow!
Me: Hold on... 1 nice point! Both her parents are pretty gosh darn nice. See if Rosario will encourage some niceness into this girl.

Rachel: Hum water balloon fight in the middle of winter, not the best idea ever. Don't stay out too long kids.

Rachel: Oh look it's Germany's birthday. *haulers* Kids time to come inside.

Rachel: Happy Birthday little man!!!!

Rachel: Straight to the potty.
England: Yeah, whatcha gonna do?

Rachel: What's going on? Why are the cops here?
Rosario: Relax, we're adopting a second dog.
Rachel: Oh thank goodness.

Rosario: We grabbed Kelly. She's a Rottweiler puppy from the Knight house.
Rachel: Cool. I hope she gets along with George.

Rosario: Well she sure is nice.

Rachel: Having fun with George? You look sort of bored.
Kimberly: Oh, uh, no not bored. We're having fun.

England: Say Teddy. Teddy.
Germany: Nah.
-The Following Day-

Rachel: Awe Germany, where's the nanny? I'll find her.

Rachel: Hey stupid head, Germany needs some care.
-A Little While Later-

Rachel: She still hasn't come up. Let me find her.

Rachel: Darn it put down the puppy and go take care of the toddler.
Stupid Nanny: Fine!

Rachel: Hey the puppies are doing well.

Rachel: Wow congratulations England, you're the new mayor of Prosperity Point!
England: Why thank you. I don't really see anything I need to change right now.
England: Really I think I'd like to be a general now.
Rachel: Wow, OK, that's an interesting and really fast.

Rachel: Hey, Happy Birthday Canada!

Rachel: You're a beautiful combination of both of your parents. So what are you looking for in life?

Canada: I want to be popular just like my parents.

Canada: And I want to have 20 simultaneous pet best friends.
Me: Man!!!!
Rachel: Shhh! *to Canada* That sounds very nice dear. Oh and I can't help but notice your new hair do. It's lovely.
Canada: Thank you.

Canada: I sure do you like your blond hair Fog.
Fog: Awe shucks.

Rachel: Yippee!!!! First Kiss!!!!!!

Rachel: Gosh I think they're both shy.

Rosario: Up ya go.
Rachel: I just love seeing the parents teaching the little ones.

Rachel: Oh hey, happy birthday George! My he sure does look like all his siblings.

Rachel: George darn it get off the bed! You were right by your bed two seconds ago! Dogs. *shakes head*

Rachel: Hum, what's going on here? George, what are you doing?

Rachel: Ahhh, wow, toddler influencing power. Who knew?

Rachel: Holy crap! Well they are the wealthiest family in Prosperity Point. Pretty sweet gift.

Rachel: Stupid nanny, that's not for you!

Rachel: Happy birthday to you too Kelly. Now be a good dog and stay off your owners beds.

Rachel: Now that's a good doggie.

Rachel: Yep and you sleep in the dog house. Good girl.

Rachel: Wow General Vega, should I salute?
Rosario: No, no please don't. I sure am happy though.

Rosario: Now I'd like to have 20 simultaneous pet best friends.
Me: First her daughter now her! Tell her it's so not going to happen!
Rachel: Shhh!!! *looks at Rosario* Very nice.
Rosario: *Looks around* Are you OK?
Rachel: Just fine.

Rachel: Wow another birthday for Germany!!!!

Rachel: Very handsome little guy.

Rachel: Oh fireworks for Germany's birthday, cool!
Me: Yeah it's not because it's the 4th of July. *looks around innocently*

Rachel: Woahhh Snow Day! We sure do have a lot of these. Kids what are you going to do with your day off?
Canada: Invite everyone over I know that has a pet so we can chill.

Rachel: Wow!
Me: Turn around.
Rachel: Why? *Turns around* Wow! That's a lot of animals.

Rachel: Way to go England!!!!

Rachel: Oh goodness puppies!!! I guess she wasn't just going in the dog house to sleep.
(Note :So Not George, that's Kelly)

Rachel: Awe 2 puppies.
Canada: Yeah we named the girl Adda and the boy Adam.
Rachel: I'll be interested to see what these two look like when they get older.

Rachel: More puppies!!!

Rachel: What you're giving up the puppies!?!?!
England: Yeah, make room for the next batch.
Me: Plus we'll get to see them grow up quicker this way.
Rachel: It must be the end of the week.
Canada: Sure is and I'm ready to head to college!
Rachel: Well, we'll see ya there then.

Points: 3
2 for Top of Career
1 for Money


SirenPrincess said...

The parts with the nanny were soooo funny.

Fireworks for the party--I will have to remember to do that sometimes.

This family is so pretty. I really like Rosario and Canada. Your dogs are cute, too.

Kerry said...

Wow, that's a lot of pet best friends, if you go for both those wants. Ugh.

Down with nannies!!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Not doing the pet best friend want? Come on, you have to try them all so you can do a podcast and help the rest of us. *g* Man I got lucky. So far none of my pop sims have had that want yet.
Canada is beautiful and Germany's pretty good-looking too. So she snagged herself a Knight boy anyway. Sweet.
I love that you labeled the nanny stupid. Good that I'm alone right now.

ciyrose said...

*sigh* I'm sorry about the LTW. So far that is my least favorite. Biyu in Breeze Point is desperately working for it...I think she's at 10 right now.