Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cooprider 4 - Round 7

4 Blind Dates At Once
Last time the 2 sets of twins kept the 4 adults jumping. The kids grew from toddlers to child which made things a little easier for the adults but not much. Somehow the adults did manage to get promotions. Ian was abducted at the end of the last week but the house is full so no alien babies for him.

Rachel: Congrats Ian! Right out of the gate.

Rachel: Sorry Maxx.

Rachel: Good job Pluto. My goodness you're hot...opps I didn't mean to actually say that.
Pluto: It's OK. I hear it a lot.

Rachel: Awe, I love when the kids come out to give their parent a hug.

Rachel: Hi Dolphin. Congrats!

Rachel: See? Love it!

Rachel: Sorry Ian.

Rachel: Wooh! Awesome job Pluto!
Pluto: Thanks!

Me: *Laughing really hard*
Rachel: What?
Me: It's good that's his second want cause it's never gonna happen. It's bad enough his wife wants to graduate 3 from college.

Rachel: Nice job Maxx.

Rachel: Wow. You guys have promotions down to a system. Nice job Dolphin.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Ginger!

Rachel: What a beautiful young woman. What would you like in life Ginger?

Ginger: Friendship.

Ginger: And I'd like to be a Hall of Famer.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Nutmeg!

Rachel: A handsome young man. What would you like in life Nutmeg?

Nutmeg: Romance.

Nutmeg: Lots of romance.
Rachel: Oh dear.
Me: Well this makes him a good candidate to stay single since we have 15 more males than females.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Curry!

Rachel: Handsome again. What would you like Curry?

Curry: Pleasure.

Curry: And I'd really like to be a celebrity chef.
Rachel: Thank goodness

Rachel: Happy Birthday Rosemary!

Rachel: Not surprisingly beautiful. What would you like dear?

Rosemary: Knowledge.

Rosemary: Which I'd like to spread as the Education Minister.
Rachel: Noble.

Rachel: Getting a date Curry?
Curry: Yeah we all are. Thought we'd get our feet wet in dating.

Rachel: Yep, you all got dates. How'd they go?

Rosemary: All right. I guess mine was the best since I'm the only one that got a gift.
Rachel: Well still lots of time.
Rosemary: Yeah we heard that the mayor wanted us to marry other kids in town instead of some of the suburbs so I wasn't planning on marrying the guy anyway.

Rachel: Great job Roasemary!

Rachel: Nice going Nutmeg!

Rachel: Solid effort Curry.

Rachel: You too Ginger.

Points: 9
6 for Money
3 for Ian, Pluto, and Dolphin's Tops of Career

On a side note I had Dolphin sewing custom outfits and there was a problem with the Teen Female. She had sewn 2, 1 of which Ginger was wearing when I closed out of the game. When I came back she was wearing a different dress and the one in the wardrobe had changed too.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nettles 1 - Round 7

Custom Outfits
Last time Moira spent her time taking care of the little ones and learning to sew. Natalie and Zucinni's son, Hamster, grew from a toddler up to a child. Tiger's adopted daughter, Bunny, grew all the way from an infant to a child. Finally there was a double wedding. First Moira and Tiger than Natalie and Zucinni.

Rachel: Hey there Zucinni. Nice job right out of the gate.
Zucinni: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Looks like Bunny is making friends with a rousing game of Don't Wake the Llama.
Me: They do really seem to like it. You should try to have more households get one of these games. It's fun for most ages. You know, child and up.

Bunny: Meow meow meow.
Rachel: Speaking lessons...I hope.

Rachel: Good job on the A+ Bunny!
Bunny: Thanks lady!

Rachel: Happy birthday McLachlan!

Rachel: Speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday Hamster!

Rachel: Another handsome young man. Looks like you had a sleeper Lancaster skin tone too. So young man, what would you like in life?

Hamster: I'd like to know everything.
Rachel: Cool. That's pretty rare recently.

Hamster: Wooh Cali is gorgeous!
Rachel: Oh, she wants to know everything too.

Hamster: Cali I think you're smart and funny and pretty.

Rachel: I think you had her at smart.

Rachel: I can hardly wait to see these two's kids.

Me: Yeah it's safe to say these two are set.

Rachel: No need so for a blind date here. Move along.

Rachel: Ah she's just dropping off a genie lamp.

Rachel: Love the outfit Moira. Did you make that?
Moira: Yes I sure did. It's a custom outfit.
Rachel: Very nice.

Rachel: Congrats on the promotion Tiger! And nice to actually see you.
Tiger: Thanks Rachel. I tend to lay low.

Rachel: Kitten!

Rachel: Welcome Tiff.

Rachel: Oh dear. What's going on?
Me: I don't know. Cali just started yelling at Mexico from what I saw.

Rachel: Oh dear. Maybe you two should leave before there's a ball of dust.
Me: I don't see these two bunking up in college.
Rachel: Nooo, me either.

Rachel: Oh that's a nice outfit as well.
Natalie: Thanks. Moira made it for me.
Rachel: She is a very skilled seamstress.

Rachel: Good job Hamster. See you at college.
Hamster: See ya.

Points: 5
1 for Zucinni's Top of Career
4 for money