Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tellermen 1 - Round 7

You Don't Have to Boo
Last time Georgia and Mercury continued to raise their son Twix. Meanwhile Georgia's sister, Florida continued to raise her son with her husband, Carrot. Everyone worked on their careers, as did the cats. M&M seemed taken with the girls. Particularly Gina Vega but she's still a kid.

M&M: Yes!
Rachel: There's the A+ you were looking for. I knew you could do it!

Twix: Weeeeehhh!!!

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Great job Georgia!
Georgia: Thanks!

Rachel: Great job Carrot!
Carrot: Thank you Rachel!

Rachel: Wowzers, great job Florida!
Florida: Thanks.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Twix!

Rachel: A handsome young man. And what would you like in life Twix?

Twix: Lots of friends.

Twix: At least 20 best friends.

Rachel: Looks like there is no future for Twix and Monet. *shrug*

Rachel: Looks like you're enjoying all the snow M&M.

M&M: Wooh! Sure am Rachel!

Rachel: Nice going Carrot.
Carrot: Thanks.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear M&M!

Rachel: Another strapping young man. Rather Fabio-esk. What do you want in life M&M?

M&M: Pleasure.

M&M: I'd really like to be a game designer.
Rachel: Sounds like fun.

Rachel: Ouch M&M. We get it. You don't think Cali is attractive. You don't need to boo.

Rachel: Oh but Monet is to your liking.
M&M: Most definitely.

Rachel: Wait, it isn't time to go yet.
Twix: Not just yet. I wanted to get my scholarships lined up now.
Rachel: Oh, OK. Great job!

M&M: You sure are beautiful.
Monet: Well thanks.

Rachel: All future first kissers please take note of Monet's eyes. They are closed. That's how you kiss and have it not be creepy.

Rachel: Good job M&M. See you boys at college.

Points: 4
1 for money
3 for Georgia, Florida and Carrot's Tops of Careers


ASimWen said...

I agree, M&M is rather Fabio-esk. :) I must admit, that is something I have a hard time with in my game...letting the guys have long hair. *shrug*

Rachel said...

I do too Wen, but for some reason I decided to leave it when he grew up into it. It makes him stand out

ASimWen said...

It fits him. :)

M.McMillan said...

Well we don't want any creepy kissers

ciyrose said...

The long hair is difficult for me to deal with on guys in the game too, but he is very Fabio-esk. It's growing on me....although I still see him from behind and think, who's that girl? lol

Chrissy Brown said...

Handsome men :) and M&M is interesting with that hair...