Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nettles 1 - Round 7

Custom Outfits
Last time Moira spent her time taking care of the little ones and learning to sew. Natalie and Zucinni's son, Hamster, grew from a toddler up to a child. Tiger's adopted daughter, Bunny, grew all the way from an infant to a child. Finally there was a double wedding. First Moira and Tiger than Natalie and Zucinni.

Rachel: Hey there Zucinni. Nice job right out of the gate.
Zucinni: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Looks like Bunny is making friends with a rousing game of Don't Wake the Llama.
Me: They do really seem to like it. You should try to have more households get one of these games. It's fun for most ages. You know, child and up.

Bunny: Meow meow meow.
Rachel: Speaking lessons...I hope.

Rachel: Good job on the A+ Bunny!
Bunny: Thanks lady!

Rachel: Happy birthday McLachlan!

Rachel: Speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday Hamster!

Rachel: Another handsome young man. Looks like you had a sleeper Lancaster skin tone too. So young man, what would you like in life?

Hamster: I'd like to know everything.
Rachel: Cool. That's pretty rare recently.

Hamster: Wooh Cali is gorgeous!
Rachel: Oh, she wants to know everything too.

Hamster: Cali I think you're smart and funny and pretty.

Rachel: I think you had her at smart.

Rachel: I can hardly wait to see these two's kids.

Me: Yeah it's safe to say these two are set.

Rachel: No need so for a blind date here. Move along.

Rachel: Ah she's just dropping off a genie lamp.

Rachel: Love the outfit Moira. Did you make that?
Moira: Yes I sure did. It's a custom outfit.
Rachel: Very nice.

Rachel: Congrats on the promotion Tiger! And nice to actually see you.
Tiger: Thanks Rachel. I tend to lay low.

Rachel: Kitten!

Rachel: Welcome Tiff.

Rachel: Oh dear. What's going on?
Me: I don't know. Cali just started yelling at Mexico from what I saw.

Rachel: Oh dear. Maybe you two should leave before there's a ball of dust.
Me: I don't see these two bunking up in college.
Rachel: Nooo, me either.

Rachel: Oh that's a nice outfit as well.
Natalie: Thanks. Moira made it for me.
Rachel: She is a very skilled seamstress.

Rachel: Good job Hamster. See you at college.
Hamster: See ya.

Points: 5
1 for Zucinni's Top of Career
4 for money


ASimWen said...

Hiya Moira! Makin' clothes for everybody! :) Bunny is beautiful. Hard to beleive she is game generated.

Taylor said...

Ooh! Just read this newest entry and loved it like always. I've always been a comment lurker but I had to finally comment and say that your prosperity is very good!

In fact, you and asimwen were the main reason I decided to start my own prosperity. You can find it here if you have any time:

Thank you for the inspiration!

ciyrose said...

The kids are sweet as usual. I like Cali with Hamster, they should be a good match.