Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ribeiro 4 - Round 7

Fitness is Fun
Last time everyone kept working on their careers, including the cats. Kate and Cougar's daughter Raven, grew from an infant all the way up to a child. Libby's boyfriend, Jasper, moved in, proposed and they were married. The couple welcomed a son late in the week and named him Falcon.

Libby: *whistling and swaying*
Rachel: Hey there Libby. The shiest person in town.

Libby: Oh hi Rachel.
Rachel: It's very ironic how shy you are yet you're in you're underwear a lot.
Libby: Well I want a lot of dream dates and you know...
Rachel: Say no more, I do know.

Rachel: Good job Raven.

Raven: But I didn't do so well.
Rachel: No but you did bring a friend home from school.

Rachel: Hey Driver! So will you be visiting a bunch of kids now?
Driver: I think so.
Rachel: Cool.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Falcon!

Rachel: A nice mix of both sides of the family.

Rachel: Straight to the potty. It happens all the time.

Rachel: Sweet!

Rachel: Really Carrot? Are you 12?

Libby: Look how smart he is.
Rachel: He really is.

Rachel: Nice job Jewel.

Jasper: Hey there my little man.
Rachel: He may want to woohoo with 20 different people but he sure is a good dad.

Jasper: Come to papa.
Rachel: Aww.

Rachel: Good job Libby!

Rachel: Great job Libby!

Rachel: See, you did better. Wooh!

Rachel: Nice going Cougar and good to see you.

Falcon & Cougar: *singing*
Rachel: So cute.

Raven: Oh no!
Rachel: It's OK dear. You have lots of time to work it off.

Raven: No time like the present.

Raven: Hey fitness is fun!
Rachel: I'm glad you like it.

Points: 4
3 for money
1 for Libby's Top of Career


M.McMillan said...

Who said fitness is fun. It's deadly stuff

ASimWen said...

kewl kewl! I like fitness when my joints can take it..hahaha!

ciyrose said...

LOL....Fitness can be fun. Fun update.