Sunday, January 17, 2010

Simmers 1 - Round 7

A Nicer Cat
Last time Wen continued to raise her youngest, a girl, Dali and her son DaVinci. Meanwhile her older daughter, O'Keefe, was busy raising a daughter of her own, Monet. Bacillus and Scorpian were very attentive fathers and helped out every step of the way. DaVinci grew to teen and got the lifetime want to have 50 1st dates so he started dating, like crazy. His first date was Mercedes Vega. The two fell hard and she went to college with him. Dali and Monet have both grown to children.

Rachel: Hey guys. Getting a new cat?
O'Keefe: Yeah. We had hoped to breed Dave and Misty but Dave is the meanest cat ever.
Rachel: I had noticed that.

Rachel: Bad kitty! Stop destroying the condiment station some weird kid left for O'Keefe after a date when she was in high school. (round 4)

Monet: Wooh! A+!
Rachel: Great job Monet!

Rachel: Looks like Monet is making friends with Twix. Good, good.

Rachel: And Dali is making friends with Nutmeg. Good, good.
Me: There girls aren't even related to you. No medaling.

Rachel: Way to go Scorpian!
Scorpian: Thanks!

Me: Egh, I doubt it.

Rachel: He's in a serious long term relationship. That isn't really appropriate.

Rachel: Um, Mercedes, I think you're confused. DaVinci doesn't live here anymore.

Rachel: Hey there Wen. Teaching Baxter a trick?
Wen: Yes. He needs it for a promotion. Plus there really isn't much left for me to do til I get another grandchild or a *gulp* great grandchild.
Rachel: I know what you mean.

Rachel: Opps, sorry Scorpian.

Rachel: Wooh! Way to go Bacillus!
Bacillus: Well thank you Rachel.

Rachel: Good job Dave.
Dave: *hiss*
Rachel: Epp!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Miss Dali!

Rachel: Ah you are a very lovely young lady. What would you like in life?

Dali: Nothing can beat Romance.

Dali: The kind I can get as a professional party guest.
Rachel: well, at least that isn't too bad.

Me: I was trying to remember why I took this picture but then I saw what was going on out the window. That's DaVinci & Mercedes. These two really are meant for each other.

Rachel: Good job Baxter.

Rachel: Dali looks mighty smitten with Pop Vega.

Rachel: Looks like these two are a set pair.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Monet!

Rachel: Another fine looking young woman. What would you like in life my dear?

Monet: Romance.
Rachel: *sigh*

Monet: I'd really like to be a hall of famer.
Rachel: That's not bad at all.

Me: I totally forgot Tiger had a crush on O'Keefe. Thankfully there wasn't a slapping fight.

Monet: Pop is H-O-T hot!
Rachel: So are you going to go for it?
Monet: Not right now. It could be sort of weird to be dating the brother of the guy my aunt is dating.
Rachel: This is true.

Dali: So you're telling me college is like a winding road. But I don't understand how.
DaVinci: You will soon sis.

Rachel: Nice work Miss Dali.

Rachel: Baxter looks like a much nice cat than Dave.
Wen: That's an understatement.

Rachel: Great job Monet!

Points: -1
-3 for the money loss
2 for Bacillus and Scorpian's Tops of Careers


Ndayeni said...

Wow. Dali is gorgeous. Monet is quite pretty as well. Hope all goes well for them in college.

ciyrose said...

The girls are SO pretty! There are some great genes in this hood.

Chrissy Brown said...

Very pretty sims :)