Saturday, January 02, 2010

Dante 3 - Round 7

Last time Kayla and Benjamin both aged to elders. Their youngest child and only daughter, Jennifer, grew to a child. She started inviting boys over all the time and particularly liked Jello and Croissant. Kayla had a very interesting week. She was scared to death by the departed family dog, saved bby Benjamin and then abducted by aliens.

Jennifer: Weeeeh!
Rachel: Well hello Jennifer. You sure are in a good mood.
Jennifer: it's almost my birthday and then I get to go to high school.
Rachel: Oh, very exciting.

Rachel: Way to go Baxter!

Rachel: Nice going Adda!

Jennifer: Yes!
Rachel: Way to go on the A+!

Rachel: Looks like Jennifer is once again making friends.

Rachel: She looks a little scared when Pop does it. Perhaps they will not be dating once she gets to high school.

Rachel: Hey Jello!
Jello: Hi Grandma.

Rachel: How nice they've made best friends.
Me: No comments about them getting married?
Rachel: I'm trying to be good, but I hope they will.
Me: I shouldn't have said anything.

Rachel: Hey there Benjamin. Helping Adda learn to roll over so she can get a promotion?
Benjamin: Sure am.

Rachel: *Rubs hands together* She keeps wanting to do things with Jello.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Rachel: So what do you want in life?

Jennifer: Pleasure.

Jennifer: And I'd like to be a celebrity chef.

Jennifer: Wooh Jello is H-O-T hot!
Rachel: *dances*

Rachel: Wow I love the new do. It's very becoming.
Jennifer: Thanks.

Jennifer: So I really like you.
Jello: Oh, uh thanks. I like you too.

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Welcome guys.

Rachel: This is moving rather fast.

Rachel: Hurray my grand baby is gonna marry an heiress! Ha ha I was right.
Me: Quiet you.

Rachel: Way to go Adda.

Rachel: It's sorta awkward to get help with your home work in the middle of a date.

Rachel: Bye puppies.

Rachel: Not the best I've seen on scholarships but not bad since you were looking for a mate for awhile there.
Points: 1, for money


jungfrun68 said...

Great haircut for Jennifer!

Ndayeni said...

I agree, that hair looks really cute on her. Hope it works out between her and Jello.

M.McMillan said...

I really like red hair and that style is nice

ciyrose said...

Jennifer is so pretty. Love her makeover.

Chrissy Brown said...

Jennifer is gorgeous ;) and the hair looks very nice on her :)