Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vega 4 - Round 7

Mr. Popular
Last time Aracely joined Joe as an elder. Vodka and Ricky welcomed a third son when Lager was born. He has since become a child and been seen everywhere. Turns out he's very nice and very outgoing. Did I mention, everywhere? His older, twin brothers, Kool-Aid and Pop also grew up and visited a lot but not as much as Lager. The family dog, Boo passed away and a new dog, Andrea, joined the family. Puppy Elizabeth was later born. Every did well at work and Aracely started building robots.

Rachel: Where did all these kids, wait, girls, come from?
Lager: Just a couple of my friends.
Rachel: But why only the girls?
Lager: Girls are fun.

Rachel: Sorry Vodka.

Rachel: At least you're doing well at your career.
Vodka: Is the arch set up yet?
Rachel: What?
Vodka: For the wedding.
Rachel: *looks around* Yeah, I guess it is.

Rachel: I totally forgot you two weren't married yet.
Vodka: Yeah, that's what happens when you're always pregnant. Now if you don't mind.
Rachel: Certainly.

Rachel: Yout wo sure are sweet.

Rachel: What wedding would be complete without a pillow fight?
Vodka: None.
Me: Kindly ignore Aracely in the background. I didn't even notice her in the background.

Rachel: ?

Rachel: Bye guys.

Rachel: Sweet!

Rachel: Way to go Vodka!
Vodka: Thank you, thank you.

Kool-Aid: Twirl me Grandma.
Aracely: Sure dear.

Rachel: A little homework time.

Rachel: Wooh! Nice going Ricky!
Ricky: Why thank you Rachel.

Me: Doable.

Rachel: Lager's running. This is not surprising.

Lager: Dad! I got an A+!!!!!

Ricky: Wooh!!!

Rachel: Nice going Joe.
Joe: Thanks.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Pop! Lager I thought you were going to bed.
Lager: Right after this. Wooh!

Rachel: Pop, you are a handsome lad. What do you want in life?

Pop: Romance please.
Rachel: Oh boy.

Pop: Yeah, I'd like to be a celebrity chef.
Rachel: Well that's not so bad.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Kool-Aid!

Rachel: *mouth agape* Lager how are you jumping that high when you're about to pass out from exhaustion?
Lager: It's my brother's birthday. I'm excited.

Rachel: Another handsome young man. What do you want in life?

Kool-Aid: Exactly the same as my brother.

Rachel: They might not be identical in loks but they are in aspirations.

Rachel: Looks like Pop called the Gypsy. Good idea.

Rachel: Looks like this is going well. Are you going to ask her to come to college with you?
Pop: No. I just don't feel it.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Jack!

Rachel: Looks like it's Kool-Aid's turn.

Me: *waves at Nicole Anderson from the pass a sim from back in the day*

Rachel: Good job girl.

Rachel: Nice.

Aracely: OK, pay attention Pop. You're getting chocolate everywhere.
Pop: Sorry Grandma.

Rachel: Ricky, that's the pet bath, only for dogs.
Ricky: Why?
Rachel: Cause it is.

Rachel: Way to go boys! I'll see you at college or someone else's house before then.

Points: 5
4 for Money
1 for Ricky's Top of Career


Jenni said...

Hahaha, with all those girls in the first couple of pictures, I could tell Lager was going to roll Romance.

ASimWen said...

Twin aspirations....romance...twin LTW' nice entry!

ciyrose said...

It's always funny to see twins that are really twins in every sense of the word. I have some that even look the same, and want the same things, it's fun. That picture of all the girls had me laughing.