Friday, December 11, 2009

University Round 7

Speed Dating
We once again find ourselves at University with new students. This entry will fall mostly in the facts but we will talk to these kids a bit.

Welcome Mercedes Vega, townie. This girl has been trying to get in to a family for quite awhile. DaVinci Simmers is her ticket in.

Well that is a very unfortunate outfit for Mercedes.

Forest Rosada, son of Zachary and Amethyst. Brother to many but only his twin sister Kelly is here at college with him. He is dating Salla Skywalker.

Speaking of Kelly, here she is. really need to fix her hair. She is single.

DaVinci Simmers. Love child of Wen and Xuan. He is dating Mercedes Vega.

Parker Rosada. Son of Ariana and Adrian. He has look for love but has not yet found it.

Salla Skywalker, townie. Girlfriend to Forest Rosada.

Annoying but doable.

Doable but not gonna happen. I've done it and it takes forever. Not again my friends.

These two never kissed before? Oh yeah because... awe crap. Because DaVinci wants 50 1st dates. She was dropping off a gift and caught him. Now I accidentally made them fall in love again. Well this means getting his LTW will be a little more tricky.

Well they are cute together.

Wondering why Aphrodite is gray? She spent a lot of time playing in a sprinkler during the winter. I'm amazed she didn't freeze to death. She's the daughter of Jazz and Kora Knight. Twin sister to Eros and the heiress. She is single and apparently very serious.

Beetle Cooprider. Son of Kricket Cooprider and Bradly Kaufman. He is single.

Cedar Elvan. Son of Galadrial and Pine. He did date a little but came to college single. He is very handsome though so he should have no problem finding someone.

Eros Knight, son of Jazz and Kora. Twin brother of Aphrodite. He is single.



This is why Eros is single. I apparently missed Aphrodite's LTW but it's the same as her brother's.

Let the dating begin!

Beetle's dad, Brad is holding down the fort at the Greek house. Looks like Cedar wants in.

Now Brad has showed up as a date for Aphrodite. I had better end this quick or Beetle is going to be mad that he's cheating on his mother.

Looks like he is a thoughtful guy even though their date lasted about 5 minutes.

Ah yes, my 3rd 50 1st dates sim. Joy, of joys.




Look who came for a visit, it's the very shy and very single, Tunstall Ribeiro. Kelly hasn't hit it off with any of the guys her own age so lets see how these two get along.

2 bolts, wooh!!! Rachel, talk to tell. See how it's going.

Rachel: What's wrong Tunstall?
Tunstall: She said she thought I was cute.
Rachel: So? Do you think she's cute?
Tunstall: Well yes, but I could never tell her that.
Rachel: It's OK, I know you're really shy. How about playing some football? Break the ice. She's shy too.
Tunstall: OK. I'll see if she wants to play.

This looks good.

Tunstall: Oh that is very funny.

Rachel: OK, don't lock up now. How about some dinner?
Tunstall: OK.

Rachel: Champaign, good idea. Perhaps this will loosen you up a little Tunstall.

It's working!

It's really working!

Looks like Kelly and Tunstall are off the market. Not sure they'll have kids though if it was this hard to get them to kiss.

Beetle: Thanks for letting me in the Greek house Dad.

Looks like a lot of them are moving in.

Look, more dating.

Rachel: Didn't Mercedes come with you DaVinci?
DaVinci: Nope, here's back at the old house. I just have to finish 50 1st dates, then we can be together forever.

Hey that's Elizabeth from my 101 Dalmations challenge. Yeah, she likes girls. Good thing DaVinci doesn't care.

This actually isn't a date. Parker is moving into the Greek house. I love his makeover. I rarely use facial hair but it looks good on him.

Also not a date. Forest moving into the Greek house.

Wait, he already dated her. Bad Gypsy!

Venus Vega is pregnant and in a committed relationship. Bad Gypsy!

Hurray! Looks like Mercedes will finally be welcome at the Greek House! But not til next round.

Looks like everyone made it to the Greek House except Mercedes and Salla.

Rachel: You decided to change your life focus?
Mercedes: Yeah, owning 5 businesses seems really time consuming.

Mercedes: Instead I want to earn a lot of simoleans!

Well that's it. These kids will finish college next round. I hope the single guys and Aphrodite will find love in the batch of matches coming up next round. Aphrodite doesn't want anything to do with any of these guy


Jenni said...

Wow, you are truly impressive. There's no way I could do all those dates.

ASimWen said...

Great job! Love all the speed dating. :) Wen and Xuan's love child looks...errr...lovely. LOL He has Wen's nose and Xuan's everything else.

Ndayeni said...

Great job on all the dates. I'm always impressed how easily you manage to crank out the LTWs like that one.

Kerry said...

you are phenomenally patient! Wow!

ciyrose said...

I feel the speed dating. I'm doing it, again, in Breeze Point. Luckily I've only had one 50 1st dates in uni at once, so I can just focus on them to finish them up. Rachelle Peshterianu is almost through her...thank goodness!