Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vega 3 - Round 7

Shy Guy
Last time Rosario and England were so madly in love and aged up to elders. Canada and Fog's son, Mexico, grew up to be a child. They welcomed a second child when Australia was born. She's a toddler now. Everyone did well at work and the dogs grew up.

Canada: Say Momma, Momma.
Rachel: Talking not going so well?
Canada: Not yet but she'll get it.
Rachel: I know she will.

Rachel: Looks like the nursery rhythm is more her cup of tea.

Rachel: Whose your friend Mexico?
Mexico: This is Messara. She's fun.
Rachel: Looks like you guys are good friends. I wonder if you two will go to college together.

Canada: OK, so you just open up the belly...
Mexico: The horror!

Rachel: Sorry Canada.

Rachel: Nice job George.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Mexico!

Rachel: Boy you sure are handsome and.. orange. You weren't a minute ago.
Mexico: Yeah I guess it really didn't fully show til puberty.

Mexico: So anyway. I want a life of fun.

Mexico: And I'd really like to be a game designer some day.
Rachel: That's nice but where did it come from?
Mexico: *Rolls eyes* Where'd what come from?
Rachel: The orange?

Mexico: Really? *sigh* OK, it's very simple. My dad, Fog Forsythe is the son of Bryon and Rose. Grandpa Bryron is a Lancaster, a very colorful family. My uncle Sleet has my skin tone as do several of great uncles.
Rachel: Thanks and sorry. It was just a surprising change.

Rachel: Wait, you like my grand daughter, Pudding?
Mexico: well, um, I'd like to get to know her but she is pretty, pretty.
Rachel: Call her!

Mexico: So, uh, I like art.
Pudding: Really? I love art! Don't you just love...
Rachel: This is going very well.

Mexico: So, um, you're, um, pretty.
Pudding: Oh thank you Mexico.
Rachel: Mexico, are you shy?
Me: Ya think?
*Several hours of flirting awkwardly pass*

Rachel: They're adorable together.
Me: Shhh!

Rachel: Eeep!

Rachel: Mexico, close your eyes!

Rachel: Aww.

Rachel: Seriously, you don't put a banner together with glue! What is wrong with these people?

Rachel: Oops.

Rachel: Nice going Kelly!

Rachel: Looks like Mexico isn't so shy with Pudding anymore.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Australia!

Rachel: What a doll.

Rachel: Why are you looking at melike that?
Australia: I don't like my haircut.
Rachel: But it's super cute.
Australia: I don't care.
Rachel: Maybe it will grow on you. No pun intended.

Rachel: Wow...

Australia: There should be no politics!
Rachel: No one here seems to like politics any more.

Rachel: The twins are sleeping.

Rachel: Yep, you're definitely a member of my family. You're weird.
Me: Her name is Pudding, of course she's weird.

Rachel: Hey Fog. I haven't really seen you this week.
Fog: Eh, I've been busy. I'm not much of a talker.
Rachel: Ah, so Mexico got being shy from you.
Fog: I guess. Um hey, I'm a little busy.
Rachel: Oh, sorry.

Fog: Good girl.

Australia: Ahhh!
Rachel: Oh dear. That's your grand parents' old dog, Booty.
Australia: The dog's name was Booty?
Rachel: It was the name the pet shop gave.

Australia: Hey, I'm Australia.
December: I'm December.
Australia: So are you going to college this time? My brother is but not me. I'll still be around.
December: Nope, me neither.
Australia: Good. Do you want to be my boyfriend?
December: Wooh, this is going really fast. we're still in elementary school. I don't know that I can tie myself down to just one girl right now.
Rachel: *watches puzzled*

Australia: So if you're gonna be around, do you want to be my boyfriend?
Desmond: Oh I think I'll be off to college this week but I'm not sure.

Australia: So if it's mostly sunny outside, will you be my boyfriend?
Croissant: The weather is really nice...wait a minute.

Croissant: *Laugh* That is funny.
Australia: Ugh, that laugh. Nope, sorry, never mind.

Rachel: Mexico, who are you giving a nuggie? That had better not be...

Rachel: is, it's your future brother in law Jello. way to make a good first impression.
Mexico: I thought he'd like it.
Rachel: You thought wrong.

Rachel: Wooh! Way to go Canada!

Mexico: So maybe some day we could get married.

Mexico: But not til after we finish college, OK? OK. Come over, let's have a date.

Rachel: Oh dear, I thought you were over being shy around her.

Rachel: Nice job Steph.

Rachel: Not half bad especially since you dated a lot.

Rachel: Awe. The couple that kisses with their eyes open, stays together?
Me: That really doesn't rhythm.

Points: 6
All for money


ASimWen said...

Hahaha a potted palm as a date gift. I love date gifts...the Falls is getting so rich nobody needs them anymore to sell off for money but they are still fun to get.

M.McMillan said...

And just what kind of pudding do they make in Mexico lol. Good post

Galena said...

Love Pudding and Mexico. Seems like Australia is really keeping her options open!

ciyrose said...

Aww...a new romance, they are sweet together. Australia is too funny asking all the boys to be her boyfriend.