Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ziese-Lecy 2 Round 7

The Next Narrator?
Last time Victoria and Velo grew to elders and their youngest kids, Pudding and Jello, grew to children. The heiress to the house, Cheesecake, and her husband, Randy, welcomed a set of natural twins Croissant and Cookie. That set of twins are also children now. Unfortunately the family suffered a loss when one of their dogs, Patch, passed away from old age.

Looks like I didn't do a mini challenge for this one. I hadn't had much time to play so I just wanted to play Prosperity not anything additional.

Rachel: Hey guys. Wow I can't believe my great grand kids are already in school. I wonder if I'll get to see their weddings.
Me: Maybe. I actually wonder that myself, for you that is.

Rachel: Oh no! Not Dakota now!

Rachel: Don't find him on the list, don't find him on the list.

Rachel: Dang it!

Rachel: Bye Dakota.

Rachel: Sorry Randy.

Rachel: Hey Jello. Whose your friend?
Jello: This is Jennifer Dante. She's an harass.
Rachel: An heiress?
Jello: Yeah, that's it.
Rachel: So do you really like her?
Jello: She's OK I suppose.
Me: Stop trying to set children up.
Rachel: But I think they would have beautiful kids of their own.
Me: All in good time.
Rachel: Wait, do you know something?
Rachel: I don't believe you.
Me: All in good time.

Rachel: Way to go Randy!
Randy: Thanks.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Jello!

Rachel: What a handsome young man.
Me: Boy Victoria looks excited.
Rachel: Of course her youngest son just grew up.

Rachel: Oh pleasure, that's my grandson.

Rachel: What's your dream Jello?
Jello: It would be super sweet to be a game designer.
Rachel: That it would.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Pudding!

Rachel: Oh you're beautiful. What do you want in life my dear?

Pudding: Pleasure.

Pudding: And I really want 50 dream dates.
Rachel: Just like Grandma. Have fun dear.

Rachel: Oh Aphrodite Knight. She's an heiress too but not very nice. Let's see how this goes.

Rachel: Not good.

Me: Oh but they did build a decent relationship so there is potential.

Croissant: Weeee!!!

Croissant: What's the Gypsy doing here?
Rachel: I don't know.

Rachel: Oh she's leaving a Genie lamp honey.

Rachel: What are you going to wish for?

Cheesecake: Money. I don't really want anything else he has right now.

Rachel: Wishing for a date dear?
Pudding: Yep Grandma. I thought I'd get started on my dream.
Rachel: Good plan. It takes a long time.

Me: What? Why are you looking at me like that?
Pudding: You want me to kiss him?
Me: Holy crap you can hear me, like really hear me?
Pudding: Of course I can. Grandma told me all about you. How you insists that she's the sim.
Me: Of course she is. I mean she's got gray hair already and I'm still young.
Pudding: I see some gray hair.
Me: Hey, it's only a couple. Wait a second you can see me too?
Pudding: I'm just messing with you. I can only hear you.
Me: Are you stalling?
Pudding: umm...yes.
Me: Kiss!

Rachel: Pudding it's creepy if you keep your eyes open when you're kissing.

Rachel: Jello, whose this?
Jello: Um, Jessica...I think.

Rachel: Anniversary party time!

Rachel: Um dear, you maybe should put some cloths on when company is here.
Victoria: Shh Mom. *turns to Velo* To us.

Rachel: I guess it only bothers me.

Rachel: Must be the end of the week. Way to go dear.

Rachel: Wow, holy cow. Nice Jello!

Points: 4
3 for money
1 for Randy's Top of Career


ASimWen said...

hMMM Pudding, Jello, Croisannt...makes me hungry. eheh Hiya Randy! Nice to see a Maxis Sim in the hood. I have fun marrying them in.

Galena said...

I have to ask where the Pudding teen outfit came from. I love it and want it.

But the big nose, the children will have it. But I guess that's the fun with genetics.

ciyrose said... maybe Pudding will be the new narrator huh? I guess time will tell, she's still got uni to get through.

Chrissy Brown said...

Pudding sure is pretty :)

Chrissy Brown said...
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Chrissy Brown said...

Ha, lol at Velo on the floor in the ending pic