Saturday, December 12, 2009

Caligula 2 - Round 7

Last time Kalliope's elder daughter, Ellen returned from college. Ellen wasted no time moving her boyfriend Logan Rosada in. The two were married moments later. Ellen found a job in the paranormal career in hopes of resurrecting her father Dakota who was killed in a freak bathroom fire. Ellen was able to get the phone and Kalliope rushed to use it. She paid the grim reaper the full $10,000 and Dakota returned to the family. After some troubles getting them back in love, Dakota and Kalliope remarried. Ellen brought in generation 3 with natural twins, Cosby and Wanda. The twins are already toddlers and already best friends.

Mini Challenge: If you don't have a home business open one for the week. If you do, close it down. Only problem, I forgot to do it. Next round I guess.

Rachel: Welcome home Logan and congrats on the promotion.
Logan: Well thank you Rachel.
Rachel: I have a question though. Ah why is your Aunt Bridget, who is a still a teen, coming home from your adult job with you?
Logan: I have no idea. It's weird.
Me: What's really weird is, she did every day this week.

Wanda: Wahh!!!!
Rachel: Looks like you're enjoying being a grandma.
Kalliope: I sure am and these kids are a joy.

Rachel: Sorry Dakota, but hey, it is better than being dead. Too soon? OK.

Ellen: Come here to momma. Come here.

Rachel: Good job Kirby!

Rachel: Way to go Wendiigo!

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Wanda!

Rachel: Aren't you just the cutest? I love that you got Grandma's freckles.
Wanda: Thanks.

Rachel: As much I loved the original look, I love the short hair even more.
Wanda: I love it too.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Dear Cosby!

Rachel: Another cutie.
Me: Even if his red hair clashes with his green skin.
Rachel: Shhh! He's adorable.
Me: Yes he is.

Wanda: And when I'm mayor...
Rachel: Looks like Wanda has political aspirations like grandma Kalliope.

Rachel: What's the gypsy doing here?

Rachel: Oh a lamp, nice.

Cosby: And when I'm mayor there will be no more government.
Rachel: I don't know that that is the best political platform.

Dakota: Roll over. Roll...over. Please.

Me: Quick look at the family tree.

Rachel: Nice going Ellen. So will you be making the kids new cloths?
Ellen: I already have been.

Rachel: Huge opps. Good thing they have a lot of money.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Leo!

Rachel: Congratulations Logan!
Logan: Thanks.

Rachel: Nice going Wendiigo.

Rachel: Sweet.

Rachel: Good job Kirby.

Rachel: Hey grand baby Pudding! Oh looks like she's busy talking to Cosby. These two could make a nice couple.
Me: How many times do I have to tell you not to put the cart before the horse?
Rachel: More.
Me: Nice.

Rachel: OOh my great grand baby Croissant is here. Ohhh! Wouldn't it be cool if Pudding married Cosby and Crossiant married Wanda?
Me: *gives Rachel a nasty look*
Rachel: What? Oh right, something about a cart and a horse.

Me: I sent Cosby to bed and had no idea where Kalliope went. Then I found her reading him to sleep. So cute.

Rachel: I love the outfit your mom made for you Wanda.
Logan: It's studying time.
Rachel: Oh sorry, excuse me.

Rachel: I love Kalliope's new outfit too but I won't tell her right now since I don't want to get in trouble.

Rachel: Looks like it's time to go.

Points: -3 for losing money. Opps.


ASimWen said...

Yeah, they had the bank to take a $40,000 hit, but it is still no fun when that happens.

Kerry said...

I love Cosby's coloring--that red hair and green skin are great, I think. Very handsome little boy!

ciyrose said...

The family is very colorful. Very sweet!