Friday, December 18, 2009

Knight 1 - Round 7

Empty Nesters

Last time Kora and Jazz's youngest kids, Eros and Aphrodite grew to teens and have since left for college. Kora and Jazz both grew to elders as did the original two dogs of Prosperity Point, Blue and Roxie.

Mini Challenge: Become a bad witch

Rachel: Welcome home Rollen and great job boy!

Rachel: Blue! No!!!

Rachel: Random stranger guy, now is NOT the time!

Rachel: *balling*

Rachel: Everyone is so sad.

Rachel: Bye Blue. :(
Me: Bye Blue. *sniff*

Rachel: Oh there you are Kora. Looks like you're on a group outing and managed to find a bad witch.
Kora: Yes, but it took a couple hours.

Rachel: Oh this could be bad.

Rachel: Slapping? That's it? *shrug* OK.

Rachel: Looks like Kora's making friends. Wait, what's this? Another bad witch? Weird.

Rachel: Nice job Jazz. So will you be making any servos now?
Jazz: Well we definitely have the room but I'm not sure we want one. We'll see. Maybe after Aphrodite comes back and starts having kids.
Rachel: Well you know she isn't having a lot of luck finding a guy at college. Not yet at least.
Jazz: She still has time. She's still got two semesters left.
Rachel: True and more guys will be going soon. I bet she'll find someone.

Rachel: I still think you did the right thing.

Rachel: Hey you wrote a book and it sold well.
Jazz: Without having any kids around I've got tons of time for all my hobbies.

Kora: Ahhh!!!
Rachel: Ahhh!!!

Kora: Cool, I'm a witch.
Rachel: But a bad witch.
Kora: Well, I can be bad but not too bad.
Rachel: I see.

Rachel: What are you making?
Kora: Reagents.
Rachel: For?
Kora: Not sure.

Jazz: Not Roxie too!
Rachel: Not in the same week!

Rachel: Poor Jazz.

Rachel: Bye girl. You bore lots of puppies.

Rachel: Poor Kora.
Kora: *sniff* See? I told you I wasn't too bad.

Rachel: Good job Sprite.

Kora: Roll over boy.
Rachel: Looks like life is rolling on.

Kora: OK. I can do this. OK, go away water.
Rachel: Not quite right.

Rachel: Hey! You did it!
Kora: Thanks.

Rachel: Well I had best be going this. This is a rather sad house right now. Hopefully Aphrodite's return next week will make things better.

Points: 2both for money

Technically I achieved the mini challenge but Kora will stay a witch for awhile. Not sure if she'll do anything bad or not.


M.McMillan said...

two deaths in the same week. What a downer

ASimWen said...

Interesting entry! I haven't done much with the witches. I have made one just to do it....I made a mean sim a good witch. Don't know how that will work out!

Kerry said...

Oh, I hate losing pets. Sigh.

Galena said...

I've been interested in the witches in the game and glad to have them finally. I'm not sure I would turn anyone into one though.

(If you're wondering I'm going backwards through entries)

ciyrose said...

A bad I haven't made any witches yet. Blue and Roxie...sad week for them. They had been around a long time. :(