Monday, January 28, 2008

Robins House 1 - Round 5

I Must Be Out of my Mind
This is the first of many new lots. Let's see where everyone is from though. First is Mary Robins. She was a toddler in Toddler Mania challenge. She met and fell in love with Sawyer at Sim State University. Juliette Ribeiro is next. She is the youngest of Aimee and Xuan's children. She's in love with Neptune Vega. Neptune is one of many sons of Andre and Coqui Vega. Finally Sawyer Ribeiro was born in Prosperity Point but conceived elsewhere. He is Juliette's half brother and has a twin brother, Ford.

Rachel: Hey kids! Welcome back from college. Holy crap what are you all wearing?
Mary: This is what the college gave us. Don't you like them?
Rachel: Ah no. Why are Sawyer and Juliette fighting?
Neptune: Stupid brother-sister stuff.
Rachel: Let's go shopping Mary.
Mary: OK

Rachel: Wait this is the pet shop.
Mary: Yeah, I already went to the clothing store. See?
Rachel: Nice. So buying a dog?
Mary: Yep, this is Kim.

Rachel: And her little friend?
Mary: This is Darren.
Rachel: They're both adorable.

Rachel: Oh and they're getting along very well.

Neptune: Juliette, I love you. Will you marry me?

Juliette: Oh yes!

Rachel: Looks to be a double wedding. How nice.
Me: Shh, it's watching time.

Juliette: *thinks to herself* Come on Sawyer, it's my turn now. Get out of the way.

Rachel: Hurray! Two weddings done!

Rachel: Woh! Sawyer, that might be a little hard there.

Rachel: Cake time.

Mary: I want a baby, Baby.
Sawyer: OK.

Rachel: Did you hear the chimes?
Mary: I heard some music.

Rachel: Did you guys hear music?
Juliette: I heard something.
-A Few Days Later-

Mary: Hurray!
Rachel: Baby on it's way.

Rachel: Bad Kim! Bad girl! Stop that!

Rachel: Hey congrats! Wait, why are you guys in your undies again?
Neptune: I would very much like 50 dream dates and Juliette wouldn't mind. So we're always on a date.
Rachel: I see, carry on.

Rachel: Speaking of babies, puppies!!!

Rachel: Welcome to Prosperity Point Brent and Jaime!

Rachel: How have the dates been going?
Juliette: Just dreamy!
Me: That was just cheesy!

Rachel: Congrats on the promotion Sawyer. You don't look very happy.
Sawyer: This job is getting in the way of me making friends with pets. All I really want is 20 pet best friends.
Rachel: Well, that's all fine and good but Mary can't be the only one holding down a job what with the dating crazed and babies on the way.
Sawyer: I suppose you're right.

Rachel: Speaking of which. Baby!

Mary: It's a boy!

Mary: We'll call him Leo.
Rachel: A very nice name for a handsome baby boy.

Mary: Whose momma's big boy? You are.
-A few hours later-

Juliette: Baby number two!

Juliette: It's a girl. we'll call her Amber.
Rachel: Pretty name. Hum Amber and Leo, something seems familiar about these names.
Me: I'm not telling the naming theme for this house. You'll have to figure it out on your own.

Rachel: Um, excuse me, mailbox. You make a better door than a window!

Rachel: Go show Neptune his daughter.

Juliette: Honey can you hold Amber please?
Neptune: Sure, but why?

Juliette: Hey I thought I told you to hold Amber while I had our other child, not set her on the ground!

Juliette: It's another girl! We'll call her Cali!
Rachel: Wait a second *counts household members* There are now 11 people or pets here. I thought there could only be 10.
Me: Me too.
Rachel: Cheesecake?
Me: Nope. Glitch?
-Later that day-

Rachel: I see you got a job and are doing well Juliette?
Juliette: Sure am. All that dating can get a little old after awhile.
Rachel: Gee, I know what you mean.

Rachel: Look Sawyer and Mary actually got to have a date.
Mary: Yeah he decided to stop playing with every dog or cat in town and concentrate on me even if it is just for one night.

Rachel: Mary, why are you crying?
Mary: Sawyer rejected me for woohoo.
Rachel: What?!?!
Me: Actually she got stuck in the car and they couldn't woohoo.
Rachel: Likely story.
-Later that day-

Rachel: Looks like you had good day at work.
Mary: Yeah and I thought I'd bring Sawyer these roses to say I'm sorry for over reacting.
Rachel: How thoughtful.

Rachel: Birthdays all around!

Rachel: I can see the Holiday in this one.

Rachel: She looks just like her mother, except for the hair color.

Rachel: Red hair, but definitely takes after his mom.

Rachel: You're selling Jaime?

Sawyer: Yeah, all these toddlers around. The house is just too crowded. Plus she'll have a good home.

Rachel: I think you're right. Jupiter is such an animal lover.

Rachel: Brent is a cutie puppy!

Rachel: Looks like you've found something to keep yourself busy while Juliette is at work and you can't have a date.

Neptune: Sure have. Say daddy.

Mary: And I'm more than happy to help out. Raising kids is the best thing in the world.

Rachel: Wow it's that time already! Let's see how you all did.

Rachel: Wow 25 dream dates! You're half way there!

Rachel: 6 pet best friends and several friendships. Nice start my man.

Points: 11
8 for money
3 for Leo, Amber and Cali (Do you know the naming theme?)

Not that you can tell from this post, but Mary was ignored through most of this round because all the dream dates and befriending pets took a lot of time and attention.