Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Vega House 2 - Round 5

Don't Steal Her Thunder
Last time Temple and Aston worked on raising their two daughters, Lucida and Arial, along with their skills and getting job promotions. Lucida grew to a lovely teen and started dating Sleet Forsythe. The family dogs, Trixie and Milo worked at their jobs and managed to create a couple puppies. Lucida went off to college and is already back. Unfortunately Sleet couldn't move right in because Trixie is once again pregnant so the house is full.

Lucida: Oh Sleet I'm so glad you could move in.
Sleet: Me too baby.
Rachel: Wait, I thought the house was full?
Lucida: It was but we put the puppies up for adoption. Mom and Dad are fine with in, they'd rather see me happy and still in the house.

Sleet: I can't possibly wait another minute. Lucida, will you marry me?

Lucida: Of course I will!

Rachel: Congratulations kids.

Temple: Now shake. Good boy.
Rachel: Working on some tricks Temple?
Temple: Yeah, Milo needs to learn to shake so he can get a promotion. So did you hear Lucida's engaged?!?!
Rachel: I did! How wonderful.

Arial: Mom, look I got an A+!!!
Temple: Way to go sweetie! Now go get into your pretty things, your sister is getting married.

Rachel: Congrats on the promotion Trixie, but it's wedding time.

Rachel: They look so nice.

Lucida: I Lucida take you Sleet. . .

Rachel: Wait puppies, in the middle of the ceremony! Talk about stealing her thunder.

Lucida: With this ring I thee wed.

Rachel: Awe they look so happy.

Rachel: Yes, yes, welcome puppy, Cori.

Rachel: And the bride and groom break out into a customary pillowfight.

Rachel: Ahh, young love.

Rachel: Yum, cake!

Rachel: Oh what a lovely room you guys have.
Lucida: Thanks. The contractors just finished.

Lucida: Mom, do you mind?
Temple: Sorry dear, I just wanted to see the new light fixtures.

Sleet: Alone at last.
Me: Wow with all the dreamdates these two had and they waited for their wedding night. So sweet.

Rachel: Sorry boy.

Rachel: I guess we need more room again. Bye puppies, see ya around.

Lucida: Oh goodness!
Rachel: Congratulations Lucida!
Lucida: Thanks, we're very excited.

Rachel: Hi again Arial. Happy birthday!

Rachel: Another beautiful daughter. So what are you looking for in life?

Arial: Romance. With these looks I can have any boy I want.
Rachel: But you won't, right?

Arial: *Chuckles* Nah, I want the fame of a celebrity chef.
Rachel: Thank goodness.

Temple: Roll over.
Rachel: More training I see.
Temple: Yep.

Rachel: Congrats on the promotion boy.

Rachel: Opps, sorry Sleet.

Rachel: Hey you did it Aston! You made it!
Aston: Yes, thank you.
Rachel: You don't look too happy?
Aston: I'm a Dante by blood, this is excited.
Rachel: You make a good point.

Rachel: Well hey you got promoted anyway! Way to go!
Sleet: Thank you.

Rachel: Wow another life long dream! Nice going!
Aston: I would have thought it was impossible but I did it. Hey, what's that noise?

Lucida: AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Rachel: Baby time!

Lucida: Wow, did you just come out of me?

Lucida: It's a boy. Meet Benguant.
Rachel: Hi Ben.
Lucida: Benguant.
Rachel: Sorry.

Lucida: Look Dad, a grandson.
Aston: Wow, I'm so excited.
Rachel: You sure don't look it.
Aston: Dante, remember?
Rachel: Oh yeah.

Rachel: Temple is helping Arial with some skills.

Rachel: Congrats to both dogs!

Rachel: Speaking of congrats! Puppies!

Rachel: A boy and a girl. Mark and Maggie.
Temple: These two will have to be their last. I'm afraid Trixie is getting up in years.

Temple: That's why only Maggie is going.
Rachel: See ya around girl.

Aston: Bang. *Chuckles*
Rachel: Wait was that. . . a laugh?
Aston: Perhaps.

Arial: OK, so I want him to be handsome and kind and most importantly ripped.
Gypsy: This is Meer.
Arial: I guess he'll do.

Rachel: way to go Lucida!

Rachel: Babies grow so fast. Happy birthday Ben!
Lucida: Benguant.
Rachel: Right, sorry.

Rachel: What a cutie!

Temple: Come to Grandma Temple. Come here big boy.
Rachel: Enjoying being a grandma?
Temple: Even more than being a mom.

Rachel: I guess Meer is an OK date then.
Arial: Yeah decent enough date.
Rachel: So will he be coming to college with you?
Arial: *laughs* Ah in a word, no.

Lucida: Oh boy!
Rachel: Well actually let's hope for a girl.

Rachel: Way to go Sleet! That was fast!
Sleet: Thank you. With a loving wife and supportive in-laws, it was a breeze.

Me: Just for fun. Sorta hope the next kid has one of the other family skin tones. Oh well.

Rachel: Nice going on the scholarships Arial! See ya at Sim State! I guess that means it's time to go.

Points: 14
3 for Aston's Impossible Want of Maxing All Skins
2 for Aston and Sleet's Top of Careers
1 for Benguant
8 foir Money


SirenPrincess said...

You sure don't waste any time having them make babies, do you? j/k

Bubbs said...

What an update! We have babies, puppies, birthdays, and a wedding! Wow - this house sure is busy and active. I loved seeing the family tree. :)

Kerry said...

Okay, you _really_ want a different custom skin tone, don't you--you gave Aston three points for "maxing all skins"!

I loved all the jokes about the Dante, um, lack of light-heartedness--"I am excited--Dante, remember!"

I enjoyed the family tree, as well--it's fun to remember whom they are all related to.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

This was a busy house. I keep forgetting who's a Dante and who's a Vega. I'm a bit ashamed. Well, good to see Aston's inherited the Dante grouchiness. I thought you'd keep Maggie, so you wouldn't have the elder problem, but maybe that was just me.

ASimWen said...

Wow congrats on all the LTW's! It is an exciting moment when that happens!

Mandie said...

Awesome update! Ben is a cutie, such cute pinchable cheeks! Beautiful wedding too, and yay for more puppies!

ciyrose said...

Aston: I'm a Dante by blood, this is excited.
Rachel: You make a good point.

LOL - Loved it! Then you hit us with this one:

Aston: Wow, I'm so excited.
Rachel: You sure don't look it.
Aston: Dante, remember?
Rachel: Oh yeah.

TOO funny! Great posts, and lots going on. It was great to see the family tree. The families are getting big enough and entwined enough it's nice to see.