Monday, January 07, 2008

Dante 3 - Round 5

Pet Genetics Rock!!!
Last time Kayla and Benjamin continued breeding their dogs and moved on to the next dog generation when they picked Baxter to remain in the house and carry on the family. To that end they adopted a true mut, Adda. Kayla and Benjamin's son, Emmett grew up to be a very handsome teen and left for college at the end of the round. He and the eldest son, George have both graduated and are in their own house now. Their youngest son, Biff, was born and grew all the way to a child.

Me: By popular demand, I bring you dog and sim family trees, at least partial

Rachel: Happy birthday Abbey! You sure are a lovely doggie even in your golden years.

Rachel: Kayla, what are you doing and why are you wearing those ridiculous glasses?
Kayla: Oh, I heard on some podcast thing that if I wear these things and give the dogs treats and stuff, they'll like me a lot more.
Rachel: Hum, interesting. I hope it works.
Kayla: Seems to be so far.

Biff: OK, so if I divide 4 by 2 I get 2.
Kayla: That's right sweetie.
Rachel: Homework time. Not the most fun, but it is sweet.

Rachel: Wow Kayla, now THAT is an outfit!
Kayla: Oh, ah Benjamin and I, ah. . .
Rachel: Say no more. What are you doing now?
Kayla: Teaching Grimalkin to shake for his promotion.
Rachel: How's it going?
Kayla: Good I think.

Rachel: Oh no!

Rachel: Adda! Didn't anyone ever tell you it's not nice to fight with your mother-in-law?

Rachel: Welcome home Grimalkin and Happy Birthday boy!

Rachel: Congratulations Kayla!!!
Kayla: Why thank you Rachel. I couldn't be happier to be able to protect all of Prosperity Point.

Rachel: Awe brotherly love.
Biff: Guess what Emmett! Guess what!
Emmett: What little bro?
Biff: Abbey and Adda fought and guess what Emmett. Guess what!
Emmett: What?
Biff: Adda won! She was like boh-ya! And she kicked some rear end!
Emmett: That's funny Biff.

Rachel: Nice job Benjamin!!!
Benjamin: Thank you very much.

Rachel: Yay! It's puppy time! Hey do some of you other dogs think you could move out of the way so I can see the new puppies?

Rachel: Thank you! Welcome Bonnie and Bobby! I wonder what these two will look like? Do you think maybe they could stick around long enough to grow up?
Me: We'll see.

Rachel: What are these crazy dogs doing now?
Benjamin: Waaaaaatchinnnnng mmeeeee energizzzzzzze.
Rachel: Dogs are strange.

Kayla: Bad Adda! Bad girl, get back in this bath!

Rachel: Not another fight!

Rachel: Well good job trying to take on the wolf Abbey. Sorry you lost girl. Nice effort.

Kayla: Wowie!
Rachel: Hey congrats Kayla! Do you think you'll finally get a girl?
Kayla: Probably not. No one seems to be having girls around here right now, plus with the track record of having all boys, it's not looking too likely.
Rachel: Well you never know Andre had a girl after like 8 straight boys.
Kayla: I am NOT having 4 more kids to get a girl!

Rachel: Great job boy!!!

Biff: Yes, I got an A+!!!
Rachel: Nice job!!!

Rachel: Oh look Abbey and Adda are getting along. Maybe they. . .

Rachel: *sigh* Nevermind.

Rachel: Abbey, maybe you should stop picking fights.

Rachel: Woo, way to go!!!!
Benjamin: Thank you Rachel.

Benjamin: Now I can finally get into my field of choice, slacker!
Rachel: That's great. . .
Kayla: Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: What's that?

Kayla: The Baby's coming!!!!

Kayla: It is a girl!!!

Kayla: What a beautiful baby girl with your grandma's red hair and green eyes. we'll call you Jennifer.
Rachel: Wait which grandma?
Benjamin: Both, actually.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Hey they did get to grow up! Wow Bonnie! You look awesome!!!

Rachel: Bobby you look awesome too!
Me: And this is the moment that I realized I like pet genetics better than sim genetics! Who would have thought these dogs would turn out so beautiful?!?!

Rachel: You aren't sending the dogs away are you?
Kayla: No, registering their breeds actually.

Kayla: Stay!
Rachel: Look it's Baxter, the dog we never see.

Rachel: More teaching the dogs for their jobs.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Rachel: Oh my goodness, you're adorable!!!

Kayla: Say bootle. Bot-le.
Jennifer: Nah!
Rachel: She's SO cute I can hardly stand it!

Rachel: Looks like the training paid off.

Kayla: Up you go.
Rachel: She's SO cute on her tiny little legs.

Rachel: Shhh, this is rare. We never see this in Prosperity Point. A family sitting down to dinner together. Jennifer is sleeping.

Rachel: I thought Abbey would have learned by now.

Rachel: Oh wow, not Abbey at all. Even though Grimalkin is old he can still put his granddaughter in her place.

Rachel: Happy birthday Biff! Blow out the candles and make a wish.

Rachel: Just as I thought.
Biff: What?
Rachel: You're very handsome. So what are you looking for in life?

Biff: Family!
Rachel: I hope you have a big one.

Biff: And I want to be Captain Hero just like my mom.
Rachel: That's wonderful.

Rachel: Way to go Bonnie!

Rachel: Wait, what? Now they're going?!?!?
Kayla: Well, we want these two to have more puppies. Plus then someone else can adopt and breed them.
Rachel: All right, good point.

Rachel: Wow and he's a good musician! Do I have a granddaughter or someone to set this boy up with?

Rachel: I guess I know what this means, time to go. Nice scholarships Biff! wait, what's going on outside?

*chimes ring*
Rachel: Puppies!!!

Points: 6
1 for Jennifer
2 for Top of Career: 1 for Kayla, 1 for Benjamin
3 for money


SirenPrincess said...

Yeah for the podcast tips making in. :-) The dogs are real pretty.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great update. The dogs are beautiful and so are the kids. lol!
You could send Bonnie to live in the Cove. She would make a wonderful wife for Hopper.

Kerry said...

Wow, that must have been a busy week. I felt a little dizzy, all those dogs, dogfights, and puppies. Bonnie and Bobby really are pretty, though. Do you think the glasses helped with the adoption process?

Bubbs said...

I love the doggie tree! Awesome doggie tree there Rach! *pats Rachel on the back* :)

Mean Adda, mean! Beating up on the elder doggie like that. And running from you bath? Bad Adda, bad!

Kayla, I agree with you. Not worth it having a ton of boys to get to the one girl. At least she had the girl! Yeah Kayla!

Registered the breed? Does that mean we can download these dogs??

Infinity-Nevermore said...

That doesn't mean we can download the dogs, but I like the idea. Rachel should share. Did the glasses work?
Congratulations Kayla. She didn't have so much bad luck as Andre. I see you really Jennifer. *g*

ASimWen said...

I agree the pet genetics are interesting. I have managed a 3rd generation string in the Falls. Thanks for the idea!!!! :)

Melissa said...

Bobby and Bonnie are beautiful. I hope the next litter is just as pretty.

I also thank you for the pet breeding idea. I have a couple of 3rd gens in my 'hood, too. Oh, wait ... that's the 'hood that blew up. Oh *pouts

I guess I have to get back to it!

SpongebobTanu said...

i rarely ever get to read updates on anyone's blog anymore so i'm glad i got to read this one and enjoyed it throughly.

i've never played around with doggie genetics and those pups really did turn out absolutely beautiful.

i also love your house. if you get the chance, can you put up the floor plan?

ciyrose said...

Poor Abbey had a rough week. Growing old, all those fights...crazy. The puppies are beautiful! I do need to play around with pet that I understand what was going on before. :) Jennifer is SO adorable!!!