Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Simmers 1 - Round 5

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Last time Wen welcomed her son Vincent home along with his love, Amethyst. The two married once they moved into the new, larger house. Wen's daughter, O'Keefe, grew to a teen and started looking for love, but alas wasn't successful until she left for college and was very close to graduating. That was when she got to know Scorpian Cooprider and they hit it off right away. They have returned to the house together. Wen discovered she was pregnant with a third child and quickly married her boyfriend Bacillus. The only problem is the baby, DaVinci doesn't look anything like Bacillus. But then who is the baby daddy?

Rachel: Wen, what's wrong you look upset?
Wen: It's nothing.
Rachel: Well it looks like your future son-in-law will fit in. . .

Scorpian: I just love womrats. They are so much fun.
Me: He really does. It's like a moth to a flame.
Wen: I think I had better teach him the song.
Rachel: Sounds good.

Rachel: Wen, what are you doing?!?! Don't drink that!!!
Wen: It's OK Rachel. I just need a few more days.
Rachel: What for?
Wen: To give Bacillus a child of his own.
Rachel: What he knows?
Wen: Not exactly but the yellow eyes are hard to write off. I just feel bad about it.
Rachel: So when do we get to know who the DaVinci's father is?
Wen: Somethings are better kept to myself.
Rachel: Humm, grr. . .

Rachel: Good luck kids!

Rachel: Welcome home Vincent. Congrats on the promotion!
Vincent: Why thank you Rachel. I think we're ready to go now.
Rachel: What do you mean?
Vincent: Amethyst and I really wanted to help my mom out right out of college. She had a rough time with Dad passing and then Brendan kicking us out. We had to make sure she was OK. Now I'm making enough money to go off and start our own house and Mom has Bacillus and O'Keefe is back home.
Rachel: I'm very glad you made sure she was OK.

Amethyst: Yep we're getting our own place now. I really want to start popping out kids and there just isn't room here.

Rachel: Traffic Jam on the bridge! Hey move it people Vincent and Amethyst just want to get to their own house!

Bacillus: This looks like a nice cat, Misty. I think we'll take her.
Rachel: Cats Bacillus?
Bacillus: Yeah, Wen loves them! She's been bummed lately so I wanted to cheer her up.

Bacillus: Oh and this Dave looks good.
Rachel: Are you sure about Dave? He's a very aggressive cat.
Bacillus: It'll be fine. Wen will give him lots of love.

Wen: Over here. Over here. Oh you're such a cute kitten!
Rachel: Enjoying your present?
Wen: Oh the cats are so wonderful. I'm so lucky to have Bacillus.
-In the little side house-

Rachel: Hey guys, oh excuse me.

Scorpian: O'Keefe you have made me the happiest man in the world. Taken me away from my family and showed me what a real family is like. I want you to be my family forever. Will you be my wife?

O'Keefe: Oh Scorpian!

O'Keefe: Yes, of course I will. I love you!
Rachel: Congratulations guys!

Rachel: Looks like operation get Bacillus a baby is working out.
Wen: Going as planned.

Rachel: Happy Birthday DaVinci! Hum I wonder if we'll get a better clue as to who his father is now?

Rachel: Well DaVinci you sure do look a lot like your mother.
Me: You really can't tell?
Rachel: What? It's hard!
Me: It's pretty obvious to me.
Rachel: Yeah but you already know.
DaVinci: Hey what are you and the big voice in the sky talking about?
Rachel: Oh, nothing son. Happy Birthday.

O'Keefe: Oh boy!
Rachel: Congratulations O'Keefe! I guess it's going be a busy house with two little ones running around.
O'Keefe: It'll certainly be interesting to have a sibling the same age as my child.

DaVinci: Mom, when I finish my homework can I play with the Womrats?
Wen: Of course dear.

Rachel: You like the womrats just like your mom huh?
DaVinci: Yeah. Oh, oh! I want to sing you something!
Rachel: Well I have already. . .

*singing* Womrats are nice. Womrats are fun. Better treat 'um nice or they'll bite your thumb.
Me: I could not keep this kid away from them.

Rachel: Congratulations Bacillus!
Bacillus: Thank you Rachel. Life couldn't be better! I have my second child on the way and a woman I love.
Rachel: I'm so happy, you're so happy.
Rachel: Happy birthday Misty! Wow aren't you multicolored?!?!
Rachel: Nothing to say here, but isn't he cute when he's concerned?

Wen: Why did I decide to this again! AHHhhhhhh!!!!

Wen: It's a girl! Welcome baby girl, Dali!
Rachel: Awe she isn't blue like her daddy.
Wen: It's OK, she's still beautiful.

Rachel: How are you enjoying being a father?
Bacillus: What do you mean? I already was a father.
Rachel: I mean of an infant again.
Bacillus: I see. It's great! I just love little ones.

Rachel: Oh just in time I guess. Happy Birthday Wen!
Wen: Thanks, it's a . . .
O'Keefe: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Rachel: What the?

Rachel: Baby time? Right now? Your mom is trying to celebrate her birthday.
O'Keefe: Sorry, no going back now.

O'Keefe: It's a girl. We'll call you Monet. Sorry about stealing your thunder Mom.

Wen: It's OK dear. I know how it goes.

O'Keefe: Meet your first grandchild Mom. This is Monet.
Wen: She's beautiful.

Rachel: Nice going Scorpian! Hey get your butt inside, you're a father!
Scorpian: Yay!!!
-The Next Day-

Rachel: So I guess we're just a couple of old ladies now.
Wen:I guess so. It's OK though. It's been great and we aren't gone yet.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Dali!

Rachel: She's beautiful Wen!

Wen: Say Momma, Momma.
Dali: Gran-gran.
Wen: No honey, Momma

O'Keefe: OK so We need to be friends DaVinci.
DaVinci: Why?
O'Keefe: We're siblings and we should be friends.
DaVinci: Does this have anything to do with wanting 20 best friends?
O'Keefe: Well, I'm getting really close now and I do like you.

Wen: Come to Momma!
Dali: Momma!
Rachel: She got it!

Rachel: Looks like the cats aren't going to be mating anytime soon.

Wen: *singing* Happy Birthday first grandbaby Monet!

Rachel: OK wow!
Wen: What?
Rachel: She's gorgeous!
Wen: Yep! She's my grand daughter, of course she's gorgeous!
Rachel: Good point.

Me: Quick look at Monet's family tree.
Rachel: Wait, what about DaVinci's?
Me: Nope. You'll figure it out. Time to go.
Points: 8
2 for Dali and Monet
1 for Vincent's Top of Career
5 for Money


Bubbs said...

Not exactly but the yellow eyes are hard to write off. - LOL! I think I know who the daddy is...

Wen and cats? Won't they eat her womrats?? Or at least give them heart attacks!

Hmmm, how do we know that this baby is Bacillus's baby?? HMMM??

Oh, so Wen has enough kids now? Is she going to start adopting now? You know how she likes those babies...

What a nice family tree...where is DaVinci's??

Kerry said...

Those eyes, those ears--Wen, Wen, Wen (tsks quietly to herself).

Hmmm, that is a good question--is Dali really Bacillus' child, either?

Oh, I loved the picture of Wen and Rachel together. How cute.

Oh, I had forgotten--Monet is Leeland's grandson! Hee, hee, hee! No wonder Scorpian said that about a real family life! Heh!

ASimWen said...

Helllooooo! That is a Grreeeat update. :)I had that first thought was well, won't the cats eat the womrats??? lol

Hum, yellow eyes and pointy ears. hehehe even I don't have the nerve to do that in my game. Pixel Wen is lucky to get that close! Real Wen has to be satisfied and look through a monitor!

ROFL! That Wen makes a nice looking elder. :) Elder Rachel and elder Wen are friends. That is fitting. I like it. :)

Awww Wen's grandbaby is a cutie. :)

Oh let's not forget Wen's connection with Scorpion. Real Wen is the creator of the Coopriders...Scorpon's mother Kricket. :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

At first I wasn't sure myself, but then Da Vinci grew to a child. Wen, I'm surprised at you. But I do not question her fidelity anymore.
Monet is darling, and that pic of you and Wen is cute.

Melissa said...

Dali is gorgeous! I love how the genetics worked out there. Cats? Never thought I'd see the day ... lol. I LOVE OKeefe's hair. I just went hair shopping a week ago and didn't see that one. Do you remember where you got it?

ciyrose said...

O'Keefe's hair is beautiful! I love it. The kids are both beautiful! I'm pretty sure I know who that daddy's hard to hide those looks!