Sunday, January 06, 2008

Vega 4 - Round 5

Last time Aracely and Joe wondered if Vodka would be their only child. As of the end of the week she is. I wonder if that will continue? Speaking of Vodka, she grew up to a lovely teen, dated Ricky Flanagan and left for college with him. They have both returned thanks to the accelerated plan called, Rachel Can't Remember Who Needs to Graduate When so Everyone is Going through in one Week. Aracely & Joe continued breeding dogs. Their dogs, Otis and Boo have by far the most off spring and grand pups of any dogs in Prosperity Point. The one pup that stayed at the house, Jack, is now an adult and looking to procreate as well. All dogs continue doing well in their careers as do the sims.

Rachel: *Looks around* Hum, for as busy of a house as this is I can't seem to find anyone. I wonder where they all are?

Rachel: Looks like Joe is at work.

Rachel: OH No! I'm so sorry Joe!!!
Joe: It's OK. I guess the life of crime isn't for me. I'll earn my $100,000 some other way.
Rachel: I'm sure you will.

Rachel: Hey I found Ricky & Vodka. . . Oh, sorry.

Ricky: Now that I've taken your innocence, how about we get engaged?

Vodka: Oh yes Ricky! You're so romantic!
Me: Just in time too.
Rachel: What do you mean by that?
Me: Oh, nothing.

Rachel: Way to do the right thing Boo!

Rachel: Great job Jack!

Rachel: Nice job too Aracely!
Aracely: Why thank you. I just couldn't be out done by my dogs you know.
Rachel: Makes sense to me.

Rachel: Speaking of which, looks like training for the next promotion.

Rachel: Boo, Otis, you both aged so gracefully.

Rachel: Oh I almost forgot about Zoey. She is having Jack's puppies!

Rachel: Oh, make that puppy. Welcome Zachy.

Vodka: Oh goodness!
Me: See, this is what I was talking about.
Rachel: Ah. *turns to Vodka* Congrats Vodka! So do you think your baby will be an only child too?
Vodka: Depends if I get lucky enough to have a girl right away too or not.
Rachel: Well, very good then.

Rachel: Looks like you found a new job Joe.
Joe: Yeah, I'm not sure if medicine will be as lucrative as crime but it's honest work. I think I'm better at honest work.
Rachel: I hope so.

Rachel: Ut-Oh! What!!!!! They're taking the dogs!!!!
Ricky: No, don't take them!!!!! Why do we seem to be the only one's who are noticing this is happening?
Rachel: I don't know.

Rachel: Woo!! Way to go Aracely!!!

Aracely: *grumbles* I can't believe someone let my dogs be taken.

Rachel: Welcome back Jack!!!!

Aracely: I missed you Otis.

Rachel: And here comes Boo! Wait, what about Zoey?
Aracely: We forgot that if you breed a small and large dogs the puppies all look exactly like the mother. Nothing against Zoey, but we're looking for a large dog to breed Jack with now.
Rachel: Makes sense.

Vodka: Ahhhh!!! Thank goodness this pregnancy is over! It's been a killer!!!!

Rachel: I guess we know why now. Cheesecake?
Me: Nope.

Vodka: Welcome my darling baby boy. I'll call you Pop.

Vodka: Darling can you hold your son?
Ricky: Sure, but why?

Vodka: I'm having another!!!!

Vodka: Welcome little one. Aren't you a pretty violet like Grandma Aracely. You're colorful, like. . . Kool-Aid. That's what we'll call you by colorful baby boy, Kool-Aid.

Rachel: Enjoying being a grandpa again?
Joe: Yes, it's great!!! As much I love being a grandpa to Kora's kids, I love it even more when I'm in the same house.
Rachel: That's understandable.

Rachel: Way to go both of you!!! I guess the babies staying up half the night hasn't effected your job performance.

Rachel: Wow, it's the twins' birthday already!!! Happy Birthday baby boys!!!

Rachel: Looks like Koo-Aid is taking after Grandpa Joe.

Rachel: Look at how adoringly Ricky is looking at Pop!

Rachel: Looks like Pop takes after Ricky's side of the family.

Aracely: Woo, potty training!!!
Rachel: Some people get so excited about the smallest things.
Aracely: Hey, I'm looking forward to no more diapers to change.
Rachel: I see your point.

Vodka: Oh boy!
Rachel: Hoping for a girl?
Vodka: Yeah, I really don't want to have to go through pregnancy a third time.
Rachel: Well, I hope this one is better for you than the last.

Rachel: Go team Toddler Training!

Rachel: This is too cute!

Rachel: Nice job Jack! So when will he be looking for a new mate?
Aracely: Well with the baby on the way, he's going to have to wait until one of his parents pass, unfortunately.
Rachel: That's sorta sad.

Rachel: Nice job Joe!
Joe: It's a good birthday present.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Joe!!!

Rachel: I think you're more handsome as an older man than young one.
Joe: thanks.

Rachel: Looks like Aracely agrees.

Rachel: Well that brings us to the end of another week. See you all next time!
Points: 11
2 for Pop & Kool-Aid
1 for Aracely's Top of Career
8 for money

*Note* The dogs were taken for starving despite the full food dish in the back of the yard, Jack decided not to eat. I figured he was OK, there's food right there, and bam, taken! Ricky was the only one who remembered them being taken so I had Aracely adopt them back. I'm guessing Ricky would not have been allowed to.


ASimWen said...

**GASP!!** Ricky took Vodka's innocence??? Well, with a name like Vodka... Twinsies? Are you sure Joe didn't slip some cheesecake in somewhere, as much as he likes being a grandpa? :)

WHAT~~~~ !!! The dogs were taken? How did that happen??? I am glad you could get them back.

SirenPrincess said...

Oh no! How did the dog's get taken? I don't know what you could, except maybe not feed them. I also didn't know you could adopt them back. Did it have to be a different family member, or are they not as strict with animals as they are people?

I can't believe you got natural non-cheesecake twins, and I can't even manage to get cheesecake twins. Still, no girl. It was need how the twins were the different skin tones.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

And Rachel's love for Kool-Aid is immortalized. Natural twins again? I don't think Prosperity Point wants you to get control of your population. That sucks about the dogs being taken, but at least you got them back.

Anonymous said...

awwwww!Poor dogs being taken, that happenned to me recently too cos one was starving cos he'd just been brought, took the womrat and bird too. Not that I'm bitter. Natural twins though! Yeah! I can't remember the last time I had natural twins, it's cool how they got different skins though.

Kerry said...

Oh, poor doggies--I'm so glad Aracely got them back. The babies are really cute--like everyone, I love their different colors. Hope Vodka will be able to get her daughter, this time, though!

Go, Joe--he really does make a great elder.

Bubbs said...

Shame Ricky Shame! Taking her innocence...

Otis and Boo are getting old? *sigh* At least they had a lot of puppies. Wait, why did they take the dogs?? :( *sniff*

OMG - natural twins! Kool-aid is cute with grandma's coloring. :)

ciyrose said...

Cute cute cute babies! I love that they have different skin tones. So sweet. The poor dogs, getting taken. At least you got them back. Joe is an elder!!?? I feel kind of sad about that. I realized that I have made it through 2007. Go me! Only 3 more years to get through. lol