Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prosperity Point Needs Your Help

Hi all,

I hope I didn't alarm you. Nothing is actually wrong with Prosperity Point except that I just added like a bizillion lots! Anyone who reads my blog knows that each house has crazy naming schemes which makes it a lot easier to know who is related to who. Well with all these new lots I need some more naming schemes and I'm looking for suggestions. You can find the current one's here They need to have names that will sound good for each gender but don't need to be (and it's best if they aren't) regular people names (that's what I like to name dogs and cats). My favorite example of crazy names is the vegetables one, it's one of my favorites of them all. OK, so give me a theme and a couple cool examples to try to convince me to use your's. :)



Kathleen said...


How about names from books or movies that are different.


P.S. Thank you for the Sim Tee Shirts.

Galena said...

This would involve knowing the series, but Harry Potter, Discworld, or Shakespearean names.

I thought about planet moons but that would probably go with the Vega House.

You could go with foods that are not dessert too for another house.

I'll keep thinking.

Anonymous said...

I named my Asylum inhabitants after Oscar-winning movies. My playable's name is Amarcord (bad movie, cool name)

ciyrose said...

I know has been forever ago, but I figured you will, eventually, need more naming conventions....

Tribes of people? Indian tribes would make good names over all. Apache, Mayan, Incan etc. There are plenty that could work for both genders.