Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vega 4 - Round 7

Mr. Popular
Last time Aracely joined Joe as an elder. Vodka and Ricky welcomed a third son when Lager was born. He has since become a child and been seen everywhere. Turns out he's very nice and very outgoing. Did I mention, everywhere? His older, twin brothers, Kool-Aid and Pop also grew up and visited a lot but not as much as Lager. The family dog, Boo passed away and a new dog, Andrea, joined the family. Puppy Elizabeth was later born. Every did well at work and Aracely started building robots.

Rachel: Where did all these kids, wait, girls, come from?
Lager: Just a couple of my friends.
Rachel: But why only the girls?
Lager: Girls are fun.

Rachel: Sorry Vodka.

Rachel: At least you're doing well at your career.
Vodka: Is the arch set up yet?
Rachel: What?
Vodka: For the wedding.
Rachel: *looks around* Yeah, I guess it is.

Rachel: I totally forgot you two weren't married yet.
Vodka: Yeah, that's what happens when you're always pregnant. Now if you don't mind.
Rachel: Certainly.

Rachel: Yout wo sure are sweet.

Rachel: What wedding would be complete without a pillow fight?
Vodka: None.
Me: Kindly ignore Aracely in the background. I didn't even notice her in the background.

Rachel: ?

Rachel: Bye guys.

Rachel: Sweet!

Rachel: Way to go Vodka!
Vodka: Thank you, thank you.

Kool-Aid: Twirl me Grandma.
Aracely: Sure dear.

Rachel: A little homework time.

Rachel: Wooh! Nice going Ricky!
Ricky: Why thank you Rachel.

Me: Doable.

Rachel: Lager's running. This is not surprising.

Lager: Dad! I got an A+!!!!!

Ricky: Wooh!!!

Rachel: Nice going Joe.
Joe: Thanks.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Pop! Lager I thought you were going to bed.
Lager: Right after this. Wooh!

Rachel: Pop, you are a handsome lad. What do you want in life?

Pop: Romance please.
Rachel: Oh boy.

Pop: Yeah, I'd like to be a celebrity chef.
Rachel: Well that's not so bad.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Kool-Aid!

Rachel: *mouth agape* Lager how are you jumping that high when you're about to pass out from exhaustion?
Lager: It's my brother's birthday. I'm excited.

Rachel: Another handsome young man. What do you want in life?

Kool-Aid: Exactly the same as my brother.

Rachel: They might not be identical in loks but they are in aspirations.

Rachel: Looks like Pop called the Gypsy. Good idea.

Rachel: Looks like this is going well. Are you going to ask her to come to college with you?
Pop: No. I just don't feel it.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Jack!

Rachel: Looks like it's Kool-Aid's turn.

Me: *waves at Nicole Anderson from the pass a sim from back in the day*

Rachel: Good job girl.

Rachel: Nice.

Aracely: OK, pay attention Pop. You're getting chocolate everywhere.
Pop: Sorry Grandma.

Rachel: Ricky, that's the pet bath, only for dogs.
Ricky: Why?
Rachel: Cause it is.

Rachel: Way to go boys! I'll see you at college or someone else's house before then.

Points: 5
4 for Money
1 for Ricky's Top of Career

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vega 3 - Round 7

Shy Guy
Last time Rosario and England were so madly in love and aged up to elders. Canada and Fog's son, Mexico, grew up to be a child. They welcomed a second child when Australia was born. She's a toddler now. Everyone did well at work and the dogs grew up.

Canada: Say Momma, Momma.
Rachel: Talking not going so well?
Canada: Not yet but she'll get it.
Rachel: I know she will.

Rachel: Looks like the nursery rhythm is more her cup of tea.

Rachel: Whose your friend Mexico?
Mexico: This is Messara. She's fun.
Rachel: Looks like you guys are good friends. I wonder if you two will go to college together.

Canada: OK, so you just open up the belly...
Mexico: The horror!

Rachel: Sorry Canada.

Rachel: Nice job George.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Mexico!

Rachel: Boy you sure are handsome and.. orange. You weren't a minute ago.
Mexico: Yeah I guess it really didn't fully show til puberty.

Mexico: So anyway. I want a life of fun.

Mexico: And I'd really like to be a game designer some day.
Rachel: That's nice but where did it come from?
Mexico: *Rolls eyes* Where'd what come from?
Rachel: The orange?

Mexico: Really? *sigh* OK, it's very simple. My dad, Fog Forsythe is the son of Bryon and Rose. Grandpa Bryron is a Lancaster, a very colorful family. My uncle Sleet has my skin tone as do several of great uncles.
Rachel: Thanks and sorry. It was just a surprising change.

Rachel: Wait, you like my grand daughter, Pudding?
Mexico: well, um, I'd like to get to know her but she is pretty, pretty.
Rachel: Call her!

Mexico: So, uh, I like art.
Pudding: Really? I love art! Don't you just love...
Rachel: This is going very well.

Mexico: So, um, you're, um, pretty.
Pudding: Oh thank you Mexico.
Rachel: Mexico, are you shy?
Me: Ya think?
*Several hours of flirting awkwardly pass*

Rachel: They're adorable together.
Me: Shhh!

Rachel: Eeep!

Rachel: Mexico, close your eyes!

Rachel: Aww.

Rachel: Seriously, you don't put a banner together with glue! What is wrong with these people?

Rachel: Oops.

Rachel: Nice going Kelly!

Rachel: Looks like Mexico isn't so shy with Pudding anymore.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Australia!

Rachel: What a doll.

Rachel: Why are you looking at melike that?
Australia: I don't like my haircut.
Rachel: But it's super cute.
Australia: I don't care.
Rachel: Maybe it will grow on you. No pun intended.

Rachel: Wow...

Australia: There should be no politics!
Rachel: No one here seems to like politics any more.

Rachel: The twins are sleeping.

Rachel: Yep, you're definitely a member of my family. You're weird.
Me: Her name is Pudding, of course she's weird.

Rachel: Hey Fog. I haven't really seen you this week.
Fog: Eh, I've been busy. I'm not much of a talker.
Rachel: Ah, so Mexico got being shy from you.
Fog: I guess. Um hey, I'm a little busy.
Rachel: Oh, sorry.

Fog: Good girl.

Australia: Ahhh!
Rachel: Oh dear. That's your grand parents' old dog, Booty.
Australia: The dog's name was Booty?
Rachel: It was the name the pet shop gave.

Australia: Hey, I'm Australia.
December: I'm December.
Australia: So are you going to college this time? My brother is but not me. I'll still be around.
December: Nope, me neither.
Australia: Good. Do you want to be my boyfriend?
December: Wooh, this is going really fast. we're still in elementary school. I don't know that I can tie myself down to just one girl right now.
Rachel: *watches puzzled*

Australia: So if you're gonna be around, do you want to be my boyfriend?
Desmond: Oh I think I'll be off to college this week but I'm not sure.

Australia: So if it's mostly sunny outside, will you be my boyfriend?
Croissant: The weather is really nice...wait a minute.

Croissant: *Laugh* That is funny.
Australia: Ugh, that laugh. Nope, sorry, never mind.

Rachel: Mexico, who are you giving a nuggie? That had better not be...

Rachel: is, it's your future brother in law Jello. way to make a good first impression.
Mexico: I thought he'd like it.
Rachel: You thought wrong.

Rachel: Wooh! Way to go Canada!

Mexico: So maybe some day we could get married.

Mexico: But not til after we finish college, OK? OK. Come over, let's have a date.

Rachel: Oh dear, I thought you were over being shy around her.

Rachel: Nice job Steph.

Rachel: Not half bad especially since you dated a lot.

Rachel: Awe. The couple that kisses with their eyes open, stays together?
Me: That really doesn't rhythm.

Points: 6
All for money