Friday, December 25, 2009

Vega 2 - Round 7

Confident Kid
Last time Aston and Temple aged to elder. Lucida and Sleet welcomed a second child, Gina and their son, Benguiant, grew to child. Little Gina is also already a child and has been spotted all over town. Otherwise there was just a lot of hobby work going on.

Rachel: Hey kids. How goes it?
Gina: Good. I'm winning.
Benguiant: Uh no, I'm winning.
Rachel: Have fun kids. It's almost time for school.

Rachel: Nice job Sleet.

Rachel: Way to go Mark!

Rachel: You too Kimmy!

Rachel: Looks like the kids are home and they brought friends.

Rachel: I don't really know that Rose (Dante) looks all that impressed but I guess she is.

Rachel: Why are you twirling M&M?
Gina: Cause he's pretty.
Rachel: *scratches head*

Rachel: OK. Try letting him lead this time.

Rachel: Working on the next promotion Aston?
Aston: Yes but she just won't roll over.

Rachel: Oh shhhh, homework time.

Me: I've never seen a sim slide down the banister before. Cute!

Gina: Sweet A+! I knew I could do it!
Rachel: I knew you could too.

Rachel: Great job! Looks like you learned how to roll over.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Benguiant!

Rachel: You sure are a handsome young man. You look so much like your dad.
Benguiant: Gee thanks.

Rachel: So what do you want in life?
Benguiant: Fun, just like Mom but I'm not sure how yet.

Rachel: Time for the next trick.

Rachel: Wooh! Nice job!

Rachel: Nice going Mark.

Rachel: Nice.

Rachel: Holy cow! Sweet!

Gina: Look at the awesome snow man I made.
Rachel: He is pretty wicked.
Gina: I know.

Rachel: Great work Benguiant! I'll see you at college.
Benguiant: See ya.

Points: 8
All for money


Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Wait, kids can slow dance with each other? Every time I read your blog I see something new that I'm missing! Anyway, great update as always.

Rachel said...

It's actually the "classic dance" not slow dance

ASimWen said...

Nice update. :) I love seeing Sims slide down the spiral staircase. I saw the paperboy do it one time when he was influenced to come in to somebody's house and clean. lol

ciyrose said...

The kids sure are cute here. I love the classic dance, how cute!