Thursday, April 26, 2007

Te Waiata Round 4

Shop at Home
Last time Grandma
Hine moved in to help out with the kids. She met Madalyn Jonas who she quickly fell in love with and asked to move in. Mango and Strawberry grew up to be quite lovely children. Pania and Danton both achieved their Lifetime Wants when they were both promoted to Celebrity Chefs. Pania found out that risky Woohoo had struck again and soon gave birth to another beautiful daughter, Kiwi.

Rachel: Welcome to your new home Tammy. Looks like you made the trip over from Santos' house just fine.

Rachel: Looks like you've got a boyfriend on the way Tammy.

Rachel: Welcome to your new home Spot. I wonder if you'll live up to your name when you grow up.

Rachel: Welcome home Strawberry. Oh looks like you've broke home your first A+! Way to go!

Rachel: Looks like you've got an A+ too Mango.
Mango: Yes I sure do.
Rachel: Well Congratulations to you too!

Rachel: Good job Madalyn!

Rachel: Tammy, girl, playing with the neighborhood wolf might be a little too friendly.

Rachel: These dogs are funny. They are watching Danton use the energizer.

Rachel: What's this? Oh, it's Kiwi's birthday. Happy birthday sweetie!

Rachel: Another cutie pie.

Kiwi: Pup pup.

Rachel: Well Spot, you're cute and all but you don't have any spots. Oh well.

Pania: Come here to momma.
Rachel: You know Pania you really are a great mother especially considering your aspiration.
Pania: Well you can't let that define who you are.

Rachel: what's going on Danton?
Danton: Oh we decided to start selling the toys I'm making and the robots Pania is making. Since we've both achieved our life long dream of becoming Celebrity Chefs we thought it would be a good use of our time.
Rachel: Good plan.

Rachel: Oh look the dogies are both heading for the doghouse, this can only mean one thing.

Me: Oh look simself Jodi came by to shop. I wonder what she bought?
Pania: Simself?
Rachel: Oh ignore her, just concentrate on ringing up the customer.

Mango: I wish I grow up big and stong.
Rachel: And handsome?
Mango: And handsome.

Rachel: Smile Mango. You grew up to be all those things.
Mango: What about the bags under my eyes?
Rachel: They give you character. Don't worry you'll have the ladies beating down your door if that's what you want.

Mango: I really just want one lady to share my life with and have a family with.

Mango: I'd like to spend my whole life with just one woman.
Rachel: How wonderful Mango. We'll be looking for someone for you. Maybe one of my daughters or a grand daughter.
Mango: we'll see.

Strawberry: I wish I can grow up to be smart and beautiful and find love.

Rachel: Well you're definitely gorgeous Strawberry. What are you looking for in life my dear?

Strawberry: A family, just like Mango.
Rachel: Wonderful! what about a life time dream?
Strawberry: Um, I just don't know yet.
Rachel: That's OK.
-The Next Day-

Pania: One last thing before you can grow up into a big girl. You need to learn to talk honey.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Kiwi!

Rachel: Oh Kiwi, you are just lovely.
Kiwi: Thanks lady.

Rachel: Hey Pania is that your first Servo?
Pania: Sure is.
Rachel: So are you keeping it?
Pania: Nah with Madalyn and Momma Hine, we've got plenty of help around here.

Rachel: looks like there's no room anyway, cause we've got puppies!!!

Rachel: Awe just one. Little Thomas. Welcome to the world!

Rachel: Looks like Kiwi had a good first day at school. Shhh.

Rachel: Mango, you can't just wait to meet someone you had to call the matchmaker?
Mango: Uh yeah, I want a first kiss something awful.

Rachel: Ah, Faith Anderson. You know she just ended up dancing over at the Rosada house.
Mango: Shh, I'm on a date here.
Rachel: well then... wait what's that?

Rachel: Danton! Some celebrity chef you are!
Danton: Ahh!!!!

Rachel: You too Strawberry?
Strawberry: Hey there's a real shortage of eligible guys here. At least I have good reason to ask for a blind date.
Rachel: This is true.
Strawberry: Can you do something for me?
Rachel: What's that?
Strawberry: Get Madalyn to stop looking at me like that.
Rachel: I'll try.

Rachel: Oh wow, it's William Ryan. The Ryan's have good genes I hear.
William: who told you that?
Rachel: *looks at me* Her, normally I ignore her, but she seems to know a few things.

Rachel: How's your date going Mango? Dancing I see.
Mango: we're having fun. Not a lot of chemistry. I think I'll keep looking, but we'll be friends.
Rachel: Everyone else is doing everything they can to get into one of these families, but not Faith.
Faith: I'm picky leave me alone. I want in, but just with the right person not just to get in.
Rachel: Sounds good Faith.

Strawberry: Um I think you're ah cute.
Rachel: Be a little more convincing Strawberry.
Strawberry: I'm just nervous, be nice.
Rachel: Sorry.

Rachel: Hine, I see you maxed another skill. But maybe you should put some clothes on to work on the next one.

Rachel: Oh, they're dancing.

Strawberry: I think I really like you William.
William: Thanks Strawberry, I uh, like you too.

Rachel: What? You're putting Thomas up for adoption?

Danton: Yeah, he'll go to a good family. We want to have more puppies so Thomas had to move on.
Rachel: All right. I'll make sure he goes to a good family.

Danton: Yep, we've got more on the way right now.

Rachel: What an interesting gift William. Hope to see you at Sim State. Speaking of which...

Rachel: $4,000, nice job Strawberry!

Rachel: $4,750 nice going Mango! See you kids at College or around the hood. We'll see if we can find you someone you aren't related to Mango, that's the real trick.
Points: 4, all for money. That little business did really well I guess.