Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rosada House 2 - Round 4

Expect the Unexpected Again
Last time Danielle and William started giving local townies much needed makeovers for free. Carrot and Zucinni grew to children and Danielle soon found out that Risky WooHoo had struck again and she was expecting. William served up some lovely cheesecake 'cause he's a family sim and this family needed a girl. Soon twins Squash (boy) and Tomato (girl) were born.

Rachel: Hey tots! Looks like your parents must be at work 'cause i see one of those horrid nannies over there. I'll just hang out and play with you two for awhile.

Rachel: Welcome home William. Congrats on the promotion and I have to say your tots are so well behaved.
William: Well thanks on both accounts.

Rachel: Ah looks like Danielle is home as well and giving some more makeovers.

Rachel: Caitalin seems pleased.

Rachel: So does Ashley.

Rachel: William is such a wonderful father, he just loves these kids.

Rachel: Wow it's time for your birthday already Zucinni! Seems like just last week you were toddlers.
Zucinni: It was last week.
Rachel: Oh! Well, Happy Birthday!

Zucinni: I would love a life of Romance.
Rachel: Ugh and what's your dream?

Zucinni: To be a celebrity chef!
Rachel: Well that's good at least!
Zucinni: Hey!
Rachel: Sorry.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Carrot!

Rachel: That's a funky hair do.
Me: Yep and he's keeping it too.

Carrot: A life of Pleasure would be awesome!

Carrot: And I'd love to be a Professional Party guest.
Rachel: Sounds good.

Rachel: Oh boy Danielle has a couple more victims, I mean neighbors, in the chair.

Danielle: Oops, let me try again.

Ivy: I love it!!!

Rachel: Wow and it's the twins birthdays now!

Rachel: Miss Tomato you are just lovely.
Tomato: Thanks lady.

Rachel: Squash you are a handsome fella.
Squash: Ahh, thanks I think.
-The Next afternoon-

Rachel: Looks like a whole bunch of friends came over for a huge water balloon fight. Now remember it is winter so don't stay out too long. Guys, guys! I swear they never listen to me. Don't come crying to me when you get frozen.

Rachel: Wow another promotion! Nice work William!
William: Thanks Rachel. Were the contractors here today?

Rachel: Yes, they were. They added the second story onto the house you asked for.
William: Wonderful! My ever growing family needed more room.
Rachel: Ever growing? Are you trying to tell me something?
William: Oh no, we're done having kids. I meant growing up. The younger twins can't sleep in our room anymore.

Rachel: Shhh, homework time.

William: Man I had a very long hard day.
Danielle: Me too. This at home date is going great! Um Rachel can we have some privacy?
Rachel: Surey.

Rachel: Congrats Danielle!

Rachel: Way to go William! You finally made it to the top of your career! You're Captain Hero!
William: Shhh!!! Keep it down I don't want any of the Criminal Masterminds around here to find out, but thank you.

Rachel: Another water balloon fight, how fun. Remember what I said before kids. Kids! No one listens to me.

Rachel: Zucinni whose this?
Zucinni: This is Natalie Nettles. She came by some when I was little. We're a date so if you don't mind, you're sort of messing up my mojo.
Rachel: Oh sorry.

Rachel: Carrot what are you doing? Isn't California slated to be with your cousin Royal?
Carrot: Hey you snooze you loose. He wanted to play the field, he never even asked her on a single date. I like her too.
Rachel: Fair enough. Not like he even had a crush on her really.

Rachel: Looks like Natalie will be heading to college with Zucinni.

Danielle: Oh boy!
Rachel: Was that a good Oh Boy or a bad Oh Boy?
Danielle: An unexpected Oh Boy. I've been hit by Risky WooHoo twice now!
Rachel: I guess the universe just wants more pink babies. Just stay away from the cheesecake when you visit people.
Danielle: OK.

William: All right now if a boy tries to flirt with you, what do you do?
Tomato: Heeya *kicks the bag*
William: Good job!
Rachel: What are you doing William?
William: Have you seem my beautiful little girl? She's going to need to protect herself from all those boys that are going to start coming around soon.
Rachel: Ah, sounds good.

Rachel: Oh look Natalie's back.

Rachel: Holy crap where'd a teen get enough money to give a freaking hot tub as a gift?
Natalie: After school job.
Rachel: Likely, all right.

Rachel: How cool Zucinni is helping Carrot with his cleaning skills so he can get one more scholarship.

Rachel: Looks like he got it. Nice going man!

Rachel: Excellent job too Zucinni!

Well I guess we know what that means, time to be moving along. See you all next time.

Points: 4
3 for Money
1 for Top of Career for William


Bubbs said...

Nice looking house! I like it.

HAHA! Ricky Woo-hoo has hit again. :) Yeah more pink babies!!

Charity said...

Townie makeovers are great! I like to put in a little surprise here and there :)
Aw, he's Romance. But hey - Celebrity Chef is doable!
Hey! I want Wanda's skin! She'd fit right into my neighbourhood :)
Crazy sims and their water balloon fights - who has water balloon fights in the middle of winter?!
Great looking house!
Ooops! Darn risky Woohoo!
Man! Natalie is pretty AND loaded!

Twoyys4me said...

Great update.
Love the new house, very stylish.
Even more babies? oops... :)
'you're ruining my mojo'.. love that line!

Melissa said...

Fabulous! Your challenge is really moving along.

ruby said...

House looks awesome, nice job!
Love Carrot's hair! Er, the carrot top... *cringe* doh that was bad...
Good week you had .. and yeah another pink baby!

ciyrose said...

Wow...another baby. I love the house, it's great. Great job on all these scholarships. I have yet to figure out how to get that many scholarships. I'm getting better, but my goodness!