Friday, April 06, 2007

Cooprider 1 - Round 4

Good Father?
Last time Kricket's cheating husband Leeland was caught in the act with Venice Holiday and promptly kicked out of the house. During the break up Kricket discovered she was pregnant, Butterfly was born shortly afterwards. Leeland showed up at the house almost everyday to see his kids and play poker. The twins, Grasshopper and Scorpian didn't take the break up well but still grew to children well. Kricket took her relationship with Quavi Simmers to the next level and soon invited him to move in. She then found out she was pregnant again. They have also received two dogs while on other lots.

Rachel: Hi there Scorpian. Who is that?
Scorpian: This is Ginger, she's our new puppy. Uncle Quavi's friend Venice gave her to him.
Rachel: His "friend" Venice, huh?
Scorpian: Yeah, she's a nice lady I think.
Rachel: I think there are a lot of things your mom hasn't told you.

Rachel: Oh and look whose here again. It's Leeland.
Leeland: I just came to see my kids.
Rachel: Yeah right you were hitting on Kricket pretty hard the last time we were at your house.
Leeland: Whatever lady, I'm going to see my kids. *walks over and sits down at the poker table*
Rachel: Yeah, see your kids, right.

Rachel: Looks like we have an all around study session, I'll come back.

Rachel: Oh boy, baby time!!!

Rachel: Whatda have?
Kricket: It's a boy, Centapede.
Rachel: Centapede, interesting. Well he looks adorable so far.

Quavi: Want to WooHoo?
Rachel: She just had a baby, give her a break.
Kricket: OK, I need a dream date.
Rachel: Oh, OK then.

Rachel: Oh look Ginger has grown up. Ashe looks just like her mom.

Rachel: Speaking of Birthdays. Happy Birthday Grasshopper!

Rachel: Oh and look whose here again.
Leeland: It's my kids' birthday. *walks over to bar to have a drink*
Rachel: well Grasshopper you sure grew up lovely, what are you looking for in life?

Grasshopper: Fortune would be great!

Grasshopper: And I plan to make my fortune through Law.
Rachel: Good plan.

Rachel: Happy birthday Scorpian!!!

Rachel: A handsome lad. Wait where'd your dad go?
Scorpian: Home, he was tired.
Rachel: Some father. *sigh* So what are you looking for Scorpian.

Scorpian: Fortune as well.

Scorpian: But I plan to get mine through practicing medicine.
Rachel: Sounds good too.

Rachel: Well Quavi it looks like you're a good father to one of your children.
Quavi: Shhh, Kricket doesn't know about my daughter with Venice and I plan to keep it that way.
Rachel: I have a hard time keeping that from her. Do you think you can be faithful to her from now on?
Quavi: Ahhhh... yeah!
Rachel: That's believable, but I'll give you a chance.

Rachel: Way to go Butterfly, you're first A+!!!

Kricket: You and Cade should go try for puppies now.
Rachel: Cade?

Rachel: Oh Cade, you're other dog, from your sister. Yay puppies!!!

Rachel: Wow it's already Centapede's birthday!
Me: Man all these kids have long names.
Rachel: huh?
Me: Nevermind.

Rachel: My oh my, he's so handsome!!!

Kricket: Straight to the potty for my handsome little boy.

Kricket: and some walking lessons while he's still awake.

Rachel: Looks like you're still being a good father Quavi. Have you seen you know who?
Quavi: No mame. I only have eyes for Kricket.
Rachel: We'll see.

Rachel: Oh hey it's Cooper Kaufman. What do you think Grasshopper?
Grasshopper: He's dreamie.
Rachel: Cool. How 'bout a date?

Rachel: Looks good for a first date.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Nice job Quavi!

Rachel: Woah Centapede, she's talking about going to school and you're talking about getting married! Getting ahead of yourself a bit I think. Besides she's already involved with someone else.

Rachel: Puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: I will name them Garlic and Cinnamon before anyone else can name them.

Rachel: And Cade is a good daddy.

Rachel: And it looks like the poker table is making for a good business. Two young women almost froze to death 'cause it's still outside, but apparently that didn't cost stars.

Quavi: Say Bottle.
Rachel: Yeah if he talk about getting married with California Ribeiro I think he can say Bottle.

Me: Gratuitous toddler smuggling pet shot.

Rachel: oops.

Rachel: Happy Birthday little man!

Rachel: Still the spitting image of his dad, except the hair color.

Rachel: Butterfly stop throwing that ball so hard.
Butterfly: Why? It's fun!
Me: I was wondering why she would throw the ball so hard, then I looked.

Me: It all makes sense now. Scorpian is just as mean, like their father. Grasshopper is quite nice.

Rachel: Hey Cooper's back!

Rachel: Oh boy a first kiss for Grasshopper!

Rachel: I would hope Cooper would get a customer star after a date like that.

Rachel: Grasshopper don't look so pissed, you just got better at gardening.
Grasshopper: So, I want to earn some money.
Rachel: You will eventually don't worry.

Rachel: Ahh and I see what Centapede has been up to since his birthday.

Rachel: Speaking of birthdays, it's our mean little beauty's birthday.

Rachel: I foresee many broken hearts in her wake. So, Butterfly, what do you want out of life?

Butterfly: Fortune too, but I'm not sure how I'm going to get it yet.
Rachel: You have time to figure it out.

Rachel: Good job again Quavi. You're almost a Professional Party guest!
Quavi: OK.

Rachel: Huh, I wonder who Kricket is talking to? She's been on the phone a lot this week.

Rachel: Must be about time to leave, 'cause it's scholarship time. way to go Grasshopper.

Rachel: Not bad Butterfly for just being so much younger than your siblings.

Rachel: Awesome job from you Scorpian!

Rachel: Yep, I was right time to go. Bye!

Points: 3
1 for Centapede, 2 for Money

I wonder if Quavi can keep his hands to himself? Looks like Risky WooHoo didn't strike at this house.


ASimWen said...

*Whew* Movin' right along...Naw...Quavi can't keep his hands to himself, that is for sure. He wants lots of kids. :)

Beautiful Centapede...nice mixture of both parents. :) He will grow up to be a heartbreaker!

Spinn said...

Too bad that you're not feeling well, but bether for us readers that you can't work out.. So.. if you could get well enough to sim and blog but not well enough to work out?.. ;)

ruby said...

Centapede is quite handsome.. of course with his father's genes...
Odd ending picture tho, Centapede's pose he looks like he's standing on one of the puppies!

Charity said...

Isn't Leeland the doting father. Poker and booze!
That Centapede sure is a cutie! Love the Quavi ears!
Haha - Butterfly is a meanie! It's kind of funny when they whip the ball so hard at the other person, then the other person just keeps playing catch instead of getting mad and quitting, like a normal person woud.
That's one way to get stars! Date the clientele!
I'm curious to see who Kricket's been chatting up! Can't wait till next round!

Twoyys4me said...

wow what a full house! Centapede is so cute. It was so funny to see Leeland appearing all the time.
Another fabulous update. :)

ciyrose said...

Wow...the kids are all so beautiful and handsome in this house! Fun update, can't wait to see what happens with Quavi.

Chrissy Brown said...

Wonderful sims ;) and Quavi seems to be a good daddy to Centapede :)