Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dante House 2 - Round 4

Last time we found out that Destin had gotten a dog on an outing, an elder named Baby. Sasha, being a cat lover, headed out and got 2 cats, Dave and Sophie in the hopes of breeding them. Sophie was a wonderful cat who learned several tricks. Dave on the other hand, was not. He was mean and very aggressive so no kittens last week. The twins grew to toddlers and October started making eyes at all the older ladies. They then grew to children. May, who is very shy only made friends with Ian Kaufman who has been swept up Dolphin Cooprider since. Sorry May.

Rachel: Baby! No, not baby!!!
Destin: It was her time.
Rachel: I'm sorry for your loss.

Rachel: Oh congrats Sasha! I have bad news though, Baby passed away.
Sasha: Oh boy!!
Rachel: What does that.... Hey come back....

Rachel: Oh I see you wanted another cat.
Sasha: Yep, I'm getting two again in hopes between the four I can get kittens.
Rachel: Well that's a good plan.
Sasha: This is Clive.

Sasha: And that's Fay.
Rachel: They sure are colorful. I hope they have kittens.

Rachel: May, where's you jacket? It's winter! Oh, sorry, congrats on the A+!
May: Thanks lady! And it's not cold out when I run real fast.

Rachel: Um Fay...

Rachel: Oh no, I'm sorry Sasha.

Rachel: Cool, looks like the new kitty's are getting along well.

Rachel: Now there's a sensible boy with his winter jacket on. Oh and hey, congrats on the A+ little man.
October: Thanks bunches lady.

Rachel: Looks like it's been snowing for awhile. Oh and more importantly the new cats are going into the pet house together! Kittens!!!

October: Snow!!!!!

Rachel: Looks like another reason to celebrate, a snow day!!!

Rachel: Wait a minute, Fay just got preggers last night, how is she having the kittens already?
Me: That's what we call a glitch. At least it isn't a bad one.
Rachel: Oh, OK.

Rachel: Two boys! Tux and Tim! Very colorful.

Rachel: Wait where's Dave going?
Sasha: We decided to put him up for adoption. we're hoping another family can handle him cause we just can't.
Rachel: I'm sorry to hear that, but we'll see ya Dave.

Rachel: You look happy October.
October: Yes mame. Tux is such a cutie little kitten.
Rachel: I agree. You know your parents can't keep all the cats.
October: *little sad* I know, but they'll go to good homes.
Rachel: Yes they will.

Rachel: Congrats Sasha, you're almost there!!!

Rachel: What Sophie is going?
Destin: Yeah, we're giving her to your daughter Erika though. She wants to get 6 pets to the top of their careers. Being that Sasha is already partly trained we thought she'd be good for Erika.

Rachel: Erika dear, that's the wrong cat.
Erika: I know, but I like him too.

Rachel: Tim too?

Destin: Yeah, we thought Tim would be good with Jupiter. He lives with his fiancee Elizabeth and Erika and her fiancee.
Rachel: I see.

Rachel: More kittens!!!

Rachel: Yippee!! Great job Destin!!!
Destin: Thanks, I couldn't be happier, unless I had 20 pet best friends.
Me: Good luck with that buddy.
Destin; What? Did you say something?
Rachel: Nope, I think it was the wind.

Rachel: Oh boy! Happy Birthday October!!!

Rachel: You're very handsome October. A real combo of the Dante and Vega sides of the family.
October: All right, thanks.

October: I want a life full of knowledge.
Rachel: Great!

October: And I want to be the ultimate adventurer!
Rachel: Wonderful!

Rachel: Happy birthday May!!!

Rachel: Wow, if you had red hair you'd look exactly like your aunt Venice.
May: Umm, thanks.

May: I'd like a life of pleasure. Not as bad as Aunt Venice.
Rachel: This is true.

May: I'd really like to be a great gamer!!!
Rachel: Sounds like fun, I hope it pays well.

Rachel: Oh and look who stopped by. Since Wen hasn't been around in awhile I see Lynn is trying to take her place as the blog hog.
Lynn: What can I say, everyone loves me.
Rachel: I see.
-The next morning-

Rachel: Hey Monica, what are you doing here?
Monica: Mom (Venice) brought me over. Uncle Destin said we should play some catch. Mom never does anything fun with me or Phoebe. She's too busy playing with men.
Rachel: Oh, I'm sorry dear. So glad you have your uncle.

Destin: Sorry I missed your birthday. I thought you'd like this.

Monica: Thanks Uncle Destin.

Rachel: May I see you're looking for love.
May: Yeah, now that Ian is gone and I don't know any other boys.
Rachel: So what do you think of Jayne here?
May: Ehh.

Rachel: Whoa, it's getting hot. Thank goodness the cat is pregnant or I'd worry there would be a little one on the way very soon.

Rachel: Speaking of the pregnant cat!!!

Rachel: All blue kittens!!! I wonder if it's because they were on a blue floor? hehe. 2 girls and a boy this time!!!

Rachel: Destin, what are you doing?
Destin: Making pancakes.
Rachel: What are the cats doing?
Destin: watching.
Me: That's a new one on me. I saw these three had pancakes as what they were doing and I checked and they were watching. Too funny.

May: I'm trying again and this time for $5,000
Rachel: Wow, what did your parents say?
May: Nothing, shhh.

Rachel: Oh hi, it's Braden Caligula. Kalliope's brother. So what do you think of our VERY expensive date?

May: Wowie!!!

Rachel: Not bad.

Rachel: Happy birthday Tux!
Me: I love that my pets now carry genetics from both of their parents. That was annoying.

Rachel: Ahhh!! What? You're putting the new kittens and Tux up for adoption?

Destin: Yeah. We want others to be able to enjoy these wonderful kittens. Bye Tux, we'll miss you.
Rachel: *sniff* Bye cats.

Rachel: At least new kittens are on the way.

Rachel: What are you doing Destin?
Destin: Trying to catch fireflies.
Rachel: How's it going?
Destin: Not well.

Rachel: Oh I see Braden's back.
May: Yeah, we really hit it off.

Rachel: So now that you are best friends is Braden going to go to Sim State with you?
May: He hasn't gotten his letter yet, but we hope so.

Rachel: Catch any fireflies?
Destin: No, I thought I'd try gardening instead. It's going much better.
Rachel: Well that's good.

Rachel: Wait did you just get a new job?
Destin: Yeah, it's time. I want to be a celebrity chef, much less dangerous than Captain Hero.
Rachel: true.

Rachel: It's that time already? Hum. Congrats October!

Rachel: Way to go May!!! See you guys at University!!!

That's all we've got here.

Points: 2
1 for money
1 for TOC for Destin


Bubbs said...

I hope you know, this cracked me up...
Lynn: What can I say, everyone loves me.
Rachel: I see.

HAHAHA! Love the pretty colorful kittens. :) You know Wen should be the one to give away the wormrat cages....she just loves them wormrats....

Twoyys4me said...

lol.. great update, colourful kitties indeed! loved the shot of them watching the cooking.
Braden is a cutie- love those freckles- so much action in your blog- love Lynn- the 'blog hog'. LOL

ruby said...

golly you are one kitten makin machine! whew!
wait a tic.. everyone may love Lynn, but I thought *I* was vying for the position of blog hog *giggle*

Well done! The kids grew up good looking and wowzers, what a difference §5k makes!

ASimWen said...

OOHhh love them pretty kitties!!! (Cat lover here) So they are going out all over the neighborhood eh? Good move.
Yeah, SimWen outta give away the womrats. She is gettin' too old to deal with all those rodents. heh

Sally said...

Great blog - I love the way you talk with your Sims. *Note to self* I must read more blogs as they're way more fun then working...

ciyrose said...

The twins sure grew into their looks. Very nice.....and the kitten's are all very cute. So funny that they were watching him make pancakes. What was going on with your pets genetics?

Chrissy Brown said...

October and May are beautiful :) and awesome update ;o)