Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rosada House 1 - Week 4

4 Teens in 1 House
Last time Aquamarine & Zachary enjoyed their time with their existing 4 babies. Navy & Royal, the first set of twins, were toddlers and became children. Metro and Ultramarine, the second set of twins, were infants and grew all the way up to children as well. They also welcomed a third set of twins Scarlet and Burgandy, bringing them to 3 boys & 3 girls. Yep, that's really it.

Rachel: Hey Aqua looks like you're doing the usual.
Aqua: Yep, all day and night and I LOVE it!!!

Rachel: Zachary, how are you doing with all the kids?
Zachary: I love it! Lots of opportunities for friends.
Rachel: That's a good way to look at it.

Rachel: Oh hey the kids are back and it looks like Metro is getting some help with his homework.

Rachel: Oh wow, it's the little one's birthday!

Rachel: Burgandy, is a redhead, who knew.

Rachel: So is Scarlet. Look at those bags under her eyes. I hope she grows out of those.

Rachel: You know it's so great how Zachary steps up and helps out with the babies.

Rachel: Now we have a big homework session while Aqua helps Ultra with her homework.

Navy: Mary Mac, Mac, Mac

Royal: And we pat, pat, pat.
Rachel: These two are too cute.

Aqua: You're such a big girl Burgy now you can walk.

Ultra: Yes!!!
Rachel: Wow, first A+, you go girl!!!

Metro: Sweet!
Rachel: Awesome an A+ for you too!!!

Rachel: Oh look at all the kids doing the smustle! How cute!

Rachel: Oh boy, it's the first twins birthdays! Make a wish Royal!

Rachel: Quite a handsome young man. And what do you want out of life Royal?

Royal: A life of pleasure would be awesome!

Royal: And I'd love to have 50 1st dates.
Rachel: That should be interesting.

Rachel: All right make your wish Navy.

Rachel: Handsome as well. Navy you got your great grandpa James' chin I see.
Navy: Yeah, well.
Rachel: So what do you want out of life?

Navy: A life of knowledge.

Navy: And I'd love to be a Criminal Mastermind.
Rachel: Hum, interesting choice.

Rachel: Looks like Zachary is up to it again.

Rachel: Well Royal looks like you have a couple ladies you're compatible with.

Royal: Oh that feels really good California.

Royal: You know you sure are lovely.
Me: Anybody notice the thinking caps? Yep, they were them all the time.

Rachel: Navy, whose this?
Navy: This is Adrastia Caligula, she just walked by. She's pretty cool.

Rachel: Wait Royal I thought you were hitting it off with California?
Royal: She's a possibility, but I want 50 1st dates, so I'd rather not break her heart. I'll get those out of the way first.
Rachel: I see.

Rachel: Well that looks like that went all right. You going to call her again?
Royal: I doubt it.

Rachel: Ah Mirabella Morrelli.
Royal: We had a good date.

Rachel: How's it going Ultramarine?
Ultra: Pretty good. I love playing the piano and painting.
Rachel: Very cool.

Rachel: Oh Zachary you've taken up floral arrangement I see.
Zachary: Yes, it's a nice pass time. It relaxes me.

Rachel: Wow, it's the little one's birthdays again!

Rachel: The bags look much better. You're quite pretty Scarlet.
Scarlet: Why thank you!

Rachel: Burgandy, you are so lovely too.
Burgandy: Thanks lady.

Rachel: Ah I see you've taken up floral arrangement as well Aqua.
Aqua: Oh yes, I just love it. It brings in some extra cash too.

Rachel: Oh No Zachary!!!

Rachel: I'm so sorry and from being nice.
Zachary: I know, it's terrible.
Rachel: Buck up man, you did the right thing.

Rachel: Holy cow, it's the second set of twins' birthday again.

Rachel: Another handsome young man. So what do you want in life Metro?

Metro: A life of pleasure.

Metro: And I'd really like to be a celebrity chef.
Rachel: Very cool man!

Rachel: Wow look at those flames! I mean happy birthday Ultra!

Rachel: Oh Ultra, you are so pretty.
Ultra: Thank you.
Rachel: And what would you like out of life?

Ultra: Being popular would be awesome, just like my dad.

Ultra: And I'd like to be a celebrity chef too.
Rachel: Cool, maybe you and Metro can have a show together.
Ultra: That would be cool.

Rachel: Looks like Aqua is in charge of studying.

Rachel: Looks like Royal is back to getting some more first dates. It's Kate Ribeiro this time.

Rachel: Oh and Aqua is back at the floral arranging.

Rachel: Ah and Salla Skywalker, I believe. How was that date?
Royal: Good, but I've gotta keep rolling along.

Rachel: Oh hey Navy, you having a good time with Salla?
Navy: Yeah, I think she's really pretty and cool.
Rachel: Well that's wonderful.

Rachel: Zachary you got a new job?
Zachary: Yeah, I decided to go with Journalism since music didn't turn out too well.
Rachel: Cool and congrats on your promotion.

Rachel: Oh hey another date. It's Temperance this time, she's been trying to get into one of these families.

Rachel: Shh, looks like things are going well between Navy and Salla.

Rachel: Oh no, what just happened?
Metro: Well I thought Royal's date with Temperance was over and I liked her so I flirted with her. Now he's pissed!

Royal: You cheating hussy!
Rachel: Like you're one to talk Royal. You have a date with one girl after another.
Royal: Stay out of it lady.

Rachel: Awe, really well.

Me: Oh boy, my very first flaming bag of poo!

Rachel: Looks like Navy has found a future wife.

Rachel: Ah Vanessa Maripossa.

Rachel: And look who passed by at the same time, Vanessa's brother Copper. what do you think Ultra?
Ultra: He's way hot and nice.

Rachel: Wow things are going REALLY well, really fast.

Rachel: Libby Ribeiro this time.

Rachel: Oh hey Temperance is back to see Metro this time.

Rachel: Looks like she's in.

Rachel: So's Copper.

Rachel: Hey, what's going on?
Royal: I applied for scholarships and then instead of reviewing them, I decided to leave right away.
Rachel: Oh, OK. See you soon man.

Rachel: $6,500, excellent job Navy!

Rachel: Nice job for you too Ultra!

Rachel: Good job for you too Metro!
I guess that means it' time to move along. See you guys later when this house will be a lot quieter.

Points: Just 1 for money