Sunday, March 11, 2007

Vega House 1 - Round 4 Pt 2

Welcome back. I think I should have said that I had actually finished playing in part 1, just hadn't written it. Oh well. Let's see what I did. We'll pick up exactly where I left off.

Rachel: So you decided to go for a girl of your own huh?
Coqui: Sure did.
Rachel: You do know how badly the odds are stacked against you right? Out of Andres 11 kids, he has 1 girl and out of your 10 kids, you only have 2 girls.
Coqui: I think that means we're due for one then right?
Rachel: I hope so.
Me: Side note, I just had them WooHoo but with Risky WooHoo she could be pregnant. And I only let them try once.

Rachel: So Pluto, what do you think of your old friend Natalie?
Pluto: I think she's wonderful! Beautiful and everything! (2 bolts)
Rachel: That's wonderful!

Rachel: Wow for the mother of 10, you sure do look amazing!
Coqui: Thanks.
Rachel: So Coqui you think you're pregnant?
Coqui: I hope so. We really don't have extra time here.
Neptune: Mom, I need help!
Coqui: Sorry honey.

Rachel: Pluto you're such a good son to help with your brother's birthday.
Pluto: No big deal.

Rachel: Awe Mercury sure is a cutie pie.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Uranus!

Rachel: Another adorable boy!

Rachel: Wow even helping with potty training!
Pluto: I might as well start practicing now.

Rachel: Another promotion! Great Job!!!
Coqui: Wonderful!

Rachel: Mars didn't get his homework done yesterday?
Andre: No it is crazy around here with all these kids. He'll finish it all now.

Rachel: Sweet, you're pregnant!
Coqui: Now we just have to hope for a girl.

Rachel: Looks like you finished your homework.
Mars: Sure did! Then it snowed, so I wanted play!

Mars: Ta-dah!
Rachel: Very nice Mars.

Andre: Awe man, I burned it.
Rachel: What's that?

Coqui: Some cheesecake. We figured this is our last chance at a girl, so we might as well double it.

Rachel: What are you doing Pluto?
Pluto : Looking for finger prints. This is a really cool thing my dad brought home from work.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Looks like Coqui has been using her maternity leave to build robots. Silly Emmet Dante, don't try to steal the paper when there's a sentry bot around.
Coqui: Yeah, I want to earn $100,000 and selling robots actually bringing in decent cash.

Rachel: Wow another batch of birthdays.

Rachel: Mercury you sure do take after the Holiday side of the family.

Rachel: It's your Birthday Andre! Oh my how fast time flies.

Rachel: Still a handsome man Andre.
Andre: Well thank you.

Rachel: And finally Uranus.

Rachel: Another one that takes after the Holiday side.

Coqui: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Rachel: Moment of truth.

Rachel: So?
Coqui: Another boy, meet Earth.
Rachel: Ah Andre, stop playing with Hannah and hold your sun.

Rachel: Here come the second one! Girl, girl, girl, come on girl!

Couqi: It's a girl!!! Meet Venus.
Rachel: Yipee!!!!!!!
Andre: Yes!!!!!

Andre: Now the family is complete.
Rachel: 13 kids is enough for you Andre and 12 for Coqui.
Andre: Sure is.

Rachel: Andre, so how's fatherhood and elderhood treating you?
Andre: Ahh, just wonderful! Now I just need 2 more kids to get married and my life will be complete. Oh and 20 grandkids would be great!
Rachel: Well considering how many more kids you have, I think 2 of them will get married. AS for 20 grandkids, I bet that one happens too. You have like 13 grandkids already, I think.

Rachel: How are things going with Natalie?
Pluto: I love her.
Rachel: Awe.

Natalie: Ouch.
Pluto: Sorry!

Pluto: So do think maybe you'd want to go steady?

Natalie: Yes!

Rachel: So are you two glad you decided to have not one, but two more babies, so late in life?
Coqui: Yes, definitely!
Andre: Ahh, nakie baby! Ah, yes, most definitely.

Uranus: So then I'll move this guy here.
Lynn: You can't do that.
Uranus: Yeah I can see.
Rachel: So Lynn, I can't help but notice you've been around here a lot this week. What gives?
Lynn: Well, there are a lot of boys in this house and ah, I want into this story some how. So this house gives me better odds.
Rachel: Good plan, I think.

Rachel: Working on your charisma for another promotion?
Coqui: Sure am.
Rachel: You know Coqui, you've been pregnant so much I actually forgot what your regular PJs
Coqui: Me too.

Rachel: Well it must be time to go. Nice job on the scholarships Pluto. So is Natalie going with you?
Pluto: Thanks. Ah yeah Natalie's coming with me. I can hardly wait!

Me: Awe man, I so don't want to leave this lot. It's going to be two more weeks before the twins go off to college. You know I hope Andre and Coqui survive long enough to have Venus move back and take over the house.
Points: 8
4 for Mercury. Uranus, Earth & Venus
1 for $
3 for Andre's Impossible Want of 10 kids
looked like.


KraZyKidZmum said...

Hooray, You finally got the girl :-).

I really miss playing this family, cos I have been playing them so many times in different hoods.

Bubbs said...

Is my simself going to marry into this family? Hehe, she seems to enjoy herself around there with all those boys....hehehe.

Yeah! Finally a girl!

ruby said...

Whew you got your girl! Thank goodness!
what a busy household, oooh I can't wait to see Pluto grown up *fanning self*

Anonymous said...

WOW! talk about a full house I love it! :D I was holding my breath for that last girl lol what a great family :) ~Lissabry

PRMami said...

OmGawd! That's a full house!!
Good lord!!!

Anyways Andre just became an elder today too ! LOL I was kind of sad to see him get old but eh? that's a Sims life right lol

I have decided only one or two children max per household unless their is a sim who has a LTW involving kids - just waaayyy too much work for me lol

Good update!

Spinn said...

Wonderful to find that they finally did get the heire! I have the Vega's in my lotbin, but I havn't played them yet. It's getting harder and harder not to, though. :)

Kerry said...

Yeah! Hurray! Yippee! Good decision!

When you have kids this gorgeous, it's okay to have twelve or thirteen of them!

Melissa said...

I second Kerry's comment ... heehee. Congrats on getting the heiress. I was holding my breath while reading!

ASimWen said...

Congratulations on the lil' gal!

Charity said...

Phew! 13 kids! At least you finally got that little girl!

ciyrose said...

YAY...a girl.. I was really nervous there at the end. Glad it finally happened. All those boys are sure handsome...and he's an elder now? Time sure does fly.

Chrissy Brown said...

Yay a girl :) and Andre an elder now...?
PS. The boys are handsome :)