Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ribeiro 1 Round 4

Beautiful Girls
Previously on Lost, there were a whole bunch of birthdays. The twins, Sawyer and Ford headed off to college. Sun, Libby, and Kate grew to children. Little Juliette was born ala Risky WooHoo. It was a very full busy house.

Rachel: Hum, where is everyone? Must be at work or school. Juliette's in her crib.

Rachel: Oh I guess that wasn't the right decision.
Me: It seems there is no good decision to that one.

Rachel: Welcome home Kate! And you've got your first A+! Nice job!
Kate: Gee thanks!

Rachel: And a congratulations to you too Aimee!
Aimee: Why thank you Rachel!

Kate: Water Balloon Fight!!!

Libby: Ahh! *Giggles*

Rachel: Hi there Xuan. Who is this?
Xuan: This is Max, we just adopted him.
Rachel: Oh cool. He was one of Venice Holiday's dogs.

Rachel: Looks like little Sun's birthday.

Rachel: Well I don't know about that shirt, but you are lovely Sun.
Sun: Why thank you.

Rachel: So what do you want the most if life?
Sun: I care about Family.

Sun: I'd love to have 6 Grand children.
Rachel: Well cool. I bet that will happen.
Sun: I sure hope so.

Rachel: Oh and it's Juliette's birthday too!

Rachel: Another beautiful girl. So will she be your last?
Xuan: I think so, but we thought the twins would be, so you never know.

Rachel: Hi there Aimee. What are you doing at Planetary Pets?
Aimee: Picking up a playmate for Max. This is Renee.
Rachel: She's beautiful! I love rotties!

Rachel: Dual homework session. We'll come back.

Rachel: Whose this Sun?
Sun: Some guy. He's yucky looking so what ever.
Rachel: Yucky, he looks good to me.

Kate: Let's Smustle!
Rachel: Oh Boy!!! Kate turn around honey.

Xuan: Come to me honey.
Rachel: She looks a little tired.
Xuan: She's fine.

Xuan: Say Bottle.
Juliette: NO!
Rachel: Really I think she's tired.
Xuan: She's fine.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Oh Max has grown up. Looks like his mom, just like his siblings all have.

Rachel: Excellent decision Aimee!
Aimee: Why thank you.

Sun: Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Sun! I can't believe you started a fire!
Sun: I didn't. It was that darn Nanny!

Sun: Thanks mister fireman guy.

Aimee: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: What the heck? I thought the fireman just put this out.
Aimee: He did. I started another.

Rachel: Oh look Renee is running in her sleep.

Rachel: Good idea Aimee. Work off some of that extra energy.

Rachel: Looks like everyone must be out for the day. Juliette loves her puppies.

Rachel: Congratulations to you Xuan. Getting closer to Chief of Staff all the time.
Xuan: Thanks.

Rachel: It's Juliette's birthday Again! How fast the little girls grow up.

Rachel: Still a beautiful girl. A shame she's the last. She is the last right?
Xuan: 'fraid so. Aimee is too old to have anymore kids now.

Rachel: This family is all about studying. It's sweet how they do it together.

Rachel: Good move Xuan.

Rachel: Congratulations Aimee!
Aimee: Why thank you.

Rachel: Hey there Kate. Looks like you brought a friend home from school.
Kate: Yeah this is Ares Knight. He's nice.

Rachel: Ah, it's the twins' birthday. make a wish Kate!

Rachel: Very pretty.
Kate: Why thank you.
Rachel: So what do you want most in life?

Kate: Money, baby money!

Kate: And you know the best way to money?
Rachel: Ah no.
Kate: Crime!
Rachel: Hum, interesting.

Rachel: Libby it's your birthday too.
Libby: I know.
Rachel: So what are you doing out here?
Libby: Just wanted to play with Renee quick.
Rachel: I see. Well the candles are lit. You'd better get in there.

Rachel: Well Libby you sure a beauty as well. I fore see a lot of broken hearts all over Prosperity Point.
Libby: Oh, OK.
Rachel: So what are you interested in and what's your dream?

Libby: I want a life of Pleasure.

Libby: And to be a Celebrity Chef would be awesome!
Rachel: That sounds like a great thing to shot for.

Rachel: I think Prosperity Point has some more puppies on the way. Oh boy!!!
-The Next Afternoon-

Juliette: What's 5 x 5 daddy?
Xuan: 25 baby girl.
Rachel: Awe.
Me: This is not the Xuan we all know.

Kate: Hi there. What's your name?
Guido: Guido Roma. Nice to meet you.

Sun: Yuck.
Rachel: Yuck what?
Sun: He's yucky.
Rachel: All right. You sure are picky.
Sun: I need a really good man to have a bunch of babies with.
Rachel: I see.

Xuan: And that's been you shoove the pair of pillars up next to the heart.
Juliette: OK.

Rachel: Oh my goodness! Aimee aren't you freaking out?
Aimee: No why?
Rachel: You're handling this so much better than me.

Rachel: Well it's official, no more babies.
Aimee: Yeah, but there will be beautiful grandbabies.
Rachel: Oh yeah! I forgot that. Yippee!!!

Rachel: Not bad Sun. You are the oldest though, so you had the most time. But great job sweetie!

Rachel: Good job Kate!

Libby: So not fair. I was one skill point away from tying Kate!
Rachel: It's all right sweetie. You did awesome too.

Rachel: Well Juliette you're the last child at home. How does that feel?
Juliette: It's fine. More puppy time for me and more parent time.
Rachel: Well I think it's going to be a lot quieter around here next week.

Rachel: By folks. I'll see you girls at college!
Me: Did you realize you made it through the whole week without anyone mentioning Lost?
Rachel: Oh goodness! No way!
Me: Yeah, but that's all right. It was busy. Speaking of which I need to go watch it. See you all later.
Rachel: Hey, that's my line!

Points: None, oh well.


Rubywyld said...

Rachel you and that smart hat, LOL. What a cool looking family...I love the waterballoon fight picture. Can't wait to see what sort of puppies you get with those too dogs too.

ruby said...

Those really are some beautiful girls Xuan has... oh and Aimee heh!
And you are right, this is not the Xuan we all know... even if he is just as handsome!
Gosh Sun is picky, that is a handsome boy!
I love Rotties too!

PRMami said...

Wow what a productive week you've had with these guys.

The girls are all just so lovely -

but I must ask - how the heck do you fly by with all these updates? LOL, I barely have time to play and update one sometimes two families per week - please tell me your secret! ;)

Charity said...

That picture with Libby getting hit with the water balloon is great!
Wow! That was a TON of birthdays!
I'm jealous of your ease with breeding those dogs. I've got to get to practicing!

ciyrose said...

Aww...the girls are all beautiful! Xuan really makes very pretty babies too. Sun is super picky...I hope she is able to find someone.

Chrissy Brown said...

All of the girls are so pretty :)