Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ribeiro 3 Round 4

A Lot of Birthdays!
Last time Zeno and Bethany expanded their family. First they adopted an elder cat, Baxter. Then they welcomed twins, Rem and Sarah (after the band REM and the singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan). Zeno worked his way up to Celebrity Chef and Bethany made it to Criminal Mastermind thus fullfilling her lifetime want. Just in time too, because she found out she was pregnant again and she told Zeno she would have as many kids as he wanted. This could be a big mistake.

Rachel: Oh no this sure is a bad way to start the week with this family.

Me: Look kitty's get cat nip thrown up for them to go after, so funny.

Rachel: Oh boy, we have another baby on the way!
Bethany: What's this WE stuff about?
Rachel: Oh sorry you.

Bethany: We have another boy, Live
Rachel: After the band Live?
Bethany: Of course.

Bethany: EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Must be twins!

Bethany: And another son, C. Crows.
Rachel: C. Crows, that's an unusual name.
Bethany: He's named after the band Counting Crows. I thought Counting would be a weird name.
Rachel: Yeah and C. Crows is so much better.

Rachel: So two more sons Zeno. How do you feel about that?
Zeno: I couldn't be happier.

Rachel: Oh wow what an interesting looking cat.
Zeno: This is Cleo. She's our new cat.
Rachel: Welcome Cleo.

Rachel: Oh looks like Jewel is home from school and look who she has with her, it's Uranus Vega. I wonder if these two will have any chemistry when they get older.

Rachel: Looks like Bethany likes Cleo!

Rachel: Who is this Zeno?
Zeno: This is Cymmi. He's our new kitten. We're hoping to breed him with Cleo when he gets older.

Rachel: Well he sure is cute.

Rachel: *clears throat* Happy Birthday dear Sarah!

Rachel: Such a cutie pie.
Sarah: Thanks lady!

Rachel: *clears throat*
Zeno: That's OK Rachel, you don't need to sing.
Rachel: Oh I don't mind. *singing* Happy birthday dear Rem!

Rachel: Well happy birthday Rem!
Rem: Thanks!

Rachel: Looks like Sarah loves Cleo too.

Rachel: And Rem likes to play with her a lot. It's very cute really.

Zeno: Sit up Cleo. Good girl!

Rachel: Looks like the twins get along well.

Rachel: and we have our first kitty haunting.
Me: First of many.
Rachel: What's that?
Me: Oh nothing.

Rachel: Wow, it's the younger twins' birthday already. *clears throat*
Zeno: You really don't need to sing.
Rachel: I don't mind.

Rachel: Live most definitely takes after the Sylvaen side of the family.

Rachel: *singing* Happy
Zeno: You really don't need to sing.

Rachel: Another cutie!

Rachel: Hey you, dude! What are you doing? Bring that cat back now!
-Guy left with Cymmi but he showed up at the edge of the lot again-

Zeno: OK Live go tinkle for daddy like a big boy.

Sarah: Mommy, where's Zimbabwe?
Bethany: Um, Africa?

Zeno: Great job Crows!

Rachel: Way to go Bethany!
Bethany: Thanks! I really thought it was impossible but I did it!!!

Bethany: Come here to Mommy Crows.

Rachel: And we have a cat lover, little Live.

Bethany: Up we go!

Jewel: YES!
Rachel: way to go Jewel an A+!!! How are you going to celebrate?

Rachel: Wait this is how you're celebrating?
Jewel: yeah, I like cleaning.
Rachel: All right.

Rachel: Oh, what's that Zeno?
Zeno: Oh I didn't tell you. I quit my job and got a job in education. This is my reward for doing so well. We can learn anything from it.

Rachel: Speaking of learning. Jewel you aren't practicing lying are you?
Jewel: No *zap*
Rachel: Better keep practicing.

Bethany: Say mom.
Crows: Mom
Bethany; Good boy!

Rem: Mommy, what's the continent that's also a country?
Bethany: this one I know Australia.

Rachel: Cute snowman Sarah.
Sarah: Thanks but I'm really cold.
Rachel: Well the school bus is here. You should warm up at school.

Rachel: Wow A+ for Rem already! Great job buddy!

Jewel: Ahhhh
Rachel: There's Baxter again.

Rachel: And again. That's one mean cat ghost.

Bethany: Then you come over here and grab the finished candies off the line.

Rachel: Miss Karoline Bach, I really don't think Woohoo is the best subject to talk to a toddler about.

Rachel: Yeah have a snowball fight with your friend Bethany instead, much better idea.

Rachel: There you go Sarah! An A+ for you!!!

Rachel: Wow congrats Zeno!

Rachel: I've been asked not to sing, so make a wish Jewel.

Rachel: Wow Jewel, you sure grew into the Sylvaen cheeks and are really quite pretty.
Jewel: Thanks.

Jewel: Well I'd really like a family just like my dad.

Jewel; And raising 20 puppies or kittens would be really cool!
Rachel: 20 huh? 10 isn't enough?
Jewel: No, 20.

Rachel: Looks like you've been shopping and to the salon. I like it a lot.
Jewel: Why thank you Rachel.

Rachel: Happy birthday C. Crows.

Rachel: He looks a lot like his dad for sure.

Rachel: And happy birthday Live!

Rachel: You look a lot like your Uncle and my son-in-law, Velo.

Crows: Didn't I grow up well?
Ruby: Well yes you did little guy.

Rachel: Studying all around!

Rachel: And live is playing with the cat again.
Me: Please don't want 20 pet best friends when you grow up buddy.

Rachel: Speaking of growing up, Cymmi had a birthday.

Rachel: Looks like Bethany is using her always excellent mood to build robots...

...and make friends for Zeno's promotion.

Rachel: Cool the cats are playing together!

Zeno: You know it's been a long time sweetie, so what would you think about a date?
Bethany: A date would be awesome!

Rachel: Wow Zeno another top of a career! Nice job Zeno!!!

Bethany: Oh no!!!
Rachel: Looks like that date from the other night paid off.
Bethany: Well we were planning on being done but it's all right.
Rachel: But wait I thought Zeno wanted a lot of kids?
Bethany: He did but he knew it would be hard on me and that whole letter from the former mayor, it just made sense.

Rachel: Nice job Jewel! That's some good scholarship money!
Jewel: thanks Rachel! I'll see you in college!
Rachel: All right, well bye for now!

Points: 7
2 for Little Live & C. Crows
3 for Bethany's Impossible Want of Maxing all Skills
1 for Top of Career of Zeno
1 for Money Change


Melissa said...

Great family ... interesting names. And VERY interesting cat that Cleo is. Cool to see how Cymmi grows up.

ASimWen said...

Woo! Pretty pastel colored cat! I see you are switching from dogs to cats. :)

Twoyys4me said...

Shame about Baxter dying right at the start- but back with a vengeance I see!
Great update- loved all your birthday singing. :)
Cleo looks really cute- I can't wait to see the kitties she has with Cymmi.
Great that Bethany had time to max her skills inbetween having all those babies!

Mao said...

I love that one of the bands you chose to use as a name was "Live"! I love Live. :D

Cleo is adorable! So fluffy. Jewel really grew into her features. She's quite a pretty teen.

PRMami said...

Whoa another full house lol -so dead pets can scare too eh? Interesting.
Jewel is a pretty teen and all the kids are good looking - Congrats Bethany on maxing all your skills

Kerry said...

Yes, Jewel looks great, which gives me hope for Live--Live really scares me so far, I'm afraid! I haven't had a pet ghost yet, it's interesting to see what happens.

Charity said...

How cute! I wondered what Grimmy did for cats when they died!
Funky cat! She's almost as big as Sarah!
Man! I wish my kids celebrated things by cleaning!
The ghost cat under the bed reminded me of Pet Sematary, but looking back (12 years) I think it was a creepy kid under the bed. Oh well, still makes me shudder.

ruby said...

Yeah I'm back! Oh sorry *ahem*
Jewel grew up lovely. Nice job on the scholarships
Congrats on the IW! she's a skillin' machine!
I love Cymmi! He's such a spaz cat LOL Cleo sure is a fluffy girl and huge compared to the kids

ciyrose said...

Jewel really became quite's amazing sometimes how they grow into their features so well. Cleo is a very cool looking cat.