Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dante House 1 - Round 4

Happy Hands
Last time at the Dante house, Lily and Oak grew from toddlers to children and Pine grew to a teen. He looked for love and left at the end of the round for college. Liza worked toward her LTW of Chief of Staff but was halted when her husband Howie passed away at 70. She quickly asked her friend Kennedy Cox to move in hoping he would make up the necessary friendships she needed for her promotion. He did not.

Rachel: HI there Kennedy. How does it feel to me in a real house and with a family.
Kennedy: Eh, all right I guess.
Rachel: Wow I would think all you "townies" would be really excited to be featured.
Kennedy: Ah, sure then. It's um great.
Rachel: The kids are home, thank goodness. Oh congrats on the promotion.

Rachel: Congrats on your first A+ Lily!
Lily: Why thank you mame.
Rachel: What a polite girl.
Me: Hard to believe she's a Dante.
Rachel: No kidding.

Rachel: Oh boy, Oak! An A+ for you too!!!
Oak: Sure thing lady!
Rachel: Nice job.

Rachel: Wow the twins sure do get along well. So many of the kids around her won't even play Red Hands with their own siblings. You sure they'll Dantes?
Me: Yeppers.

Rachel: Congratulations Liza! looks like you picked up those friendships you were missing.
Liza: Yeah we made friends with others at their houses this past week.
Rachel: Well good going.

Oak: Ahhh!!!! Oh, hi dad.
Howie: Bah, hi son.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Boy you sure are climbing that ladder! You might make it before your birthday after all.
Liza: That's very unlikely as it's tonight.
Rachel: Oh, well I'm sure you'll get it before you retire then.

Rachel: Hey where's the cake?
Liza: I didn't want a party or a cake for that matter. My other kids weren't coming back anyway. We've made amens since they were younger but we're not close like other families.
Rachel: That's too bad.
Liza: Why? It's not like it matters anyway.

Howie: Boo!
Lily: Ahhhh!!! Oh hi dad.
Rachel: So nice how Howie visited both his children.
Me: I don't know that nice is the word I would use.
-The Next Night-

Rachel: Looks like the twins' birthday.

Rachel: Happy birthday Lily!
Me: You know she is actually quite pretty.
Rachel: Shh. So what do you wish for?

Lily: A life of Pleasure

Lily: And 50 1st dates would be awesome!
Me: *Sigh* the only Pleasure LTW I don't like.
Rachel: Well that's great dear.

Rachel: Happy Birthday to you too Oak!

Rachel: so what do you wish for?
Me: Not romance, not romance.

Oak; A life full of WooHoo would be awesome!
Me: *sigh* Not WooHoo 20 sims, Not WooHoo 20 sims

Oak: And I'd love to WooHoo 20 sims.
Me: Great.
Oak: What's that?
Rachel: Nothing. Well, umm, good that you know what you want.

Rachel: Kennedy are you OK? I just saw Howie scare you.
Kennedy: Ah yeah, I'm not a wuss.

Kennedy; Ahhh!!!! *pees himself and cries like a little girl*
-the Next Day-

Me: How do you bowl in the snow?
Rachel: It's easy. Look.
Me: So, not realistic.
Rachel: What do you mean realistic?
Me: Nothing. Nevermind.

Me: At least the bad bowlers are extra funny to watch.

Rachel: There you go! I knew you could do it!
Liza: Thank you Rachel. I was a little concerned when I hadn't made it by my birthday but hey, here I am.

Rachel: whatcha doing Lily?
Lily: Making a snow angel.

Lily: See?
Rachel:Very nifty.

Rachel: eek! Looks like Kennedy and Liza are taking things to the next level. Let's see what Lily's up to.

Lily: so can you get me a date? I really want to go on my first date.
matchmaker: Of course, for a price.
Lily: Here's 20 bucks. What does that get me?
Matchmaker: Not much.

Lily: Hey I can't even see him!

Lily: I don't know. Look at his nose.
Matchmaker: Look at your's. Have a good date.
-Awhile later-

Rachel: Where'd whatever his name is go?
Lily: Home. I need another first date.

Rachel: Hi there townie guy of no consequence.
Townie Guy: Hi there weird lady that talks to everyone.
-a while later-

Rachel: Where'd the second whatever his name is go?
Lily: Home. I need another first date.
Me: Ahh it's Paul Morreli.
Rachel: Paul who?
Me: I was having fun with boolprop when I was adding townies.
Rachel: You did bool what when you were whating?
Me: Nevermind.

Rachel: Kennedy, don't you know it's winter?
Kennedy: Yeah, so?
Rachel: Nothing nevermind.

Rachel: The date must not have gone very well, but come on Lily, that's no reason to put his head through the chess table.
Lily: It was the best so far.
Rachel: You've got a funny way of showing it.

Rachel: Congrats Kennedy! What's that on your head?
Kennedy: It's the Happy Hands hat.
Me: Wen loves this thing so I thought I'd tried it out with Kennedy.

Kennedy: *Pees himself again and cries like a little girl*

Rachel: Oh dear.
-The next day-

Rachel: Hey nice job Kennedy! Looks like that Happy Hands thing is paying off.
Kennedy: Sure seems to be.

Rachel: Oh looks like Oak is asking for a date.

Me: Sariss Skywalker. Hum, this could be good for his gene pool.

Rachel: Oak, you blew it.
Oak: Small fish. I can't wait to get to college!

Rachel: I'm getting really worried about Kennedy. He was doing fine and then suddenly, not so much so. Now he can't decide if he wants to sleep or eat more. Maybe he should take that helmet off.

Kennedy: I'm very hungry.
Rachel: I know I told you to eat like 6 times but all you ever do is complain how hungry and tired you are.

Kennedy: I'm fading.
Rachel: Don't be all melodramatic.

Rachel: Ouch, watch out for the cabinet.

Rachel: Holy crap! He wasn't joking! Quick someone do something.
Lily: Huh?
Rachel: *To me* you, you do something.
Me: *Yawn* what? *in an unconvincing tone* Oh, um someone please save Kennedy. *Looks around* No one seems interested.

Rachel: Great, now The Reaper is taking him! It's all your fault!
Me: You could have saved him you know.
Rachel: Oh, um, he was sort of a jerk.
Me: Yeah. It was an accident. His needs dropped suddenly and I did try to get the guy to eat but he wouldn't. I don't think he would have wanted any heroic measures taken. Not using the Noodle Sulver ever again though.
Rachel: Sure.

Rachel: Nice job Lily.

Rachel: You too Oak. Well I guess the time must be up since the kids are getting their scholarships.
Me: It is indeed.

Points: 3
1 for TOC for Liza
2 for $

I find this family hard to play, always have. I think it's because they were all so mean in the beginning so I never got attached to them. Lily is growing on me and she's the heiress to this house. Writing this was a lot more fun than playing them.


ruby said...

In that case I'm sure reading it was a lot more fun as well *g*
Congrats on TOC and oops with Kennedy, he really is a jerk! LOL
Lily isn't so bad looking ... go figure!

Bubbs said...

LOLOL!!! Howie killed Kennedy!! HAHAHAA! Too funny. BTW- you take happy hands off as soon as they get helps. Great update! Love seeing Howie's kids growing up.

PRMami said...

Lily sure did turn out pretty - maybe she'll get a nose job eh?

Well Kennedy Cox went at least having a go with Liza lmao

Kerry said...

"Look at his nose..." "Look at yours!" Teehee!

I loathe Kennedy, too--I was glad to see him with his head in the cabinet! No sympathy for him here.

You know, it bugs me when ghosts scare kids they had great relationships with. I wish there was a gentler appearance if the sim had a high relationship with the ghost, or if the "scaree" is a kid.

Anonymous said...

that was great Rachel! :D Kennedy is a bit of a .. weiner LOL go Howie! the kids are really cute :D thanx for sharing ~Melissa

ASimWen said...

Oh Rachel..what is the mattah??? You have had another accidental death in just a few entries. I know.. Howie was getting back at you for Hedwig going...going....

Heh....but because it was Kennedy who passed, it seems to me Howie did you a favor. I couldn't believe it when you moved in Kennedy last time.

If Howie was still alive, he would have desereved a gold star. lol

Charity said...

Aw! Those are some tough LTWs! Well, time consuming at the very least!
Love the snow-bowling! LOL at the date-with-head-in-a-snowbank!
Poor Kennedy - I love your comments while he's dying!
Great update! Hopefully they'll all grow on you more!

Galena said...

I always had hoped Lily would grow into her nose, but it just got bigger as she did. She's still a good looking sim despite that. Oak however may need some help, especially with getting 20 sims to woohoo.

ciyrose said...

Go figure the unattractive boy would go for Romance and 20 people. Lily is actually kind of pretty in her own way. Outside of the nose, her other features are rather fetching.