Friday, March 02, 2007

Dante 3 - Round 3

Seasons Greetings
Last time Kayla and Benjamin (Ribeiro) Dante returned from college and bought a house. They got married and tried to get pregnant but couldn't. When trying to adopt a pet, Ben (or me really) accidentally adopted a child instead and little George showed up the next day. They did manage to adopt two dogs as well. At the end of the Kayla finally got pregnant.

Rachel: *looks around* Hum, no one is here. It's getting sort of cold though, this is weird.
Me: Welcome to winter!
Rachel: What's that?
Me: Ah dear, just wait.

Rachel: Nice job girl!

Rachel: Ah here we go. Hi George. I see your friend Jenn is here.
George: Yeah.
Rachel: Kids are so informative.

Rachel: Playing some catch Jenn?
Jenn: Yeah.
Rachel: Adults are so informative too.

Rachel: Another doggie promotion! Nice job boy!

Rachel: There you are Kayla. I couldn't find you before I suppose you were probably sleeping.
Kayla: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Oh, looks like the baby is on it's way!!!

Kayla: Hi there baby!

Kayla: A second son. meet Emmet.
Rachel: Hi Emmet.
-The Next Afternoon-

Rachel: An A+! Great job George!!!

Rachel: Who is your friend?
George: This is Nicole Kaufman.

Rachel: Burr Kayla I can't believe your out here. It's SO cold!
Kayla: Put on a jacket silly.
Rachel: Oh *spins* that's better.

Rachel: Sweet.

Rachel: Ah and Lynn even stops by. So unusual when it isn't a store.
Lynn: What are you trying to say?
Rachel: Nothing, just observing.

Rachel: OK Kayla, what are you doing now?
Kayla: Nothing

Rachel: What the heck is going on? What is this white, wet stuff falling from the sky?
Me: Be cool, it's just snow. You'll be fine. Kayla wanted to have some snow this winter.
Rachel: Ah so that's what you're talking about.

Rachel: It's sort of pretty.

Rachel: What is this winter man?
Kayla: He's a Snowman. I just made him. It was fun!

Rachel: Oh, hey looks like we have a birthday.

Rachel: What a happy little boy our Emmet is!

Rachel: Um, hey guys, do you really think it's a good idea to let a toddler out in the snow in an Hawaiian shirt? I mean the stuff sort of seems cold.

Rachel: Oh no Kayla! That was the wrong answer.

Rachel: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Me: what's wrong now?
Rachel: what is that?
Me: A penguin. They aren't scary
Rachel: You sure?
Me: Yes, look.

Me: See he's talking to the snowman. It's all good.

Rachel: Oh hey George. Haven't seen much of you this week and now it's your birthday.

Rachel: Not half bad.

Rachel: Looks like George has his friend Jenn over again. what are they doing?
Me: It's called a snowball fight.
Rachel: What? are they mad at each other?
Me: No it's a game.

Rachel: Oh my goodness are you all right Jenn? That one gotcha right in the out bread box.
Jenn: I'm fine.
-The next Day-

Rachel: George, you brought Libby home from school with you.
George: yeah, we're friends.
Me; Hum I wonder if this simself will hedge out Jenn to be the light in George's eye?

George: Libby you sure are pretty.

Me: Interesting.

Me: Progress

Me: Signed, sealed, delivered, he's her's.

Me: Ah and Jenn starts working on a friendship with the brother.
Rachel: What you going on about now?
Me: Nothing, sorry.

Rachel: All right, now that I'm back in charge. Looks like Emmet is learning to talk.

Rachel: Oh the peegin is back.
Me: Penguin.
Rachel: Whatever.

Rachel: Awe are Libby's leaving flowers for George. Shouldn't that be the other way around?
Me: Sometimes.

Rachel: Um Ben, when the snow is waist deep, using the bubble blower isn't the best idea.

Emmett: Emmett uv da puppy.

Rachel: And you're not the only one Emmett. Shield your eyes.

Benjamin: Come on walk for daddy.

Kayla: So what do you think, should we try for a daughter, an heiress?
Benjamin: I'm fine with the two.
Kayla: Me too.
Rachel: Awe so no daughters for you two?
Kayla: Not planned at least.

Rachel: What on earth are you doing George?

George: I'm planting some tomatoes. The former mayor suggested it, in his letter.
Rachel: Oh, I see. I haven't read the letter yet.

Rachel: wow and little Emmett is already having another birthday!

Rachel: Handsome. You look like your dad but with your mom's coloring.
Emmett: Um, OK.

Emmett: Wanna play some red hands Jenn?
Me: Looks like her plan is going well.

Rachel: Emmett what are you doing to your brother's plants?
Emmett: Pulling weeds lady.

George: Whatever am I going to do without you at college with me. Please say you'll come to.
Libby: I will.
Me: And Libby's in.
Rachel: Hey wait I thought you weren't having more kids?
Kayla: Wasn't planning on it but that WooHoo sure can be Risky sometimes.
Rachel: A lot it seems really.

Rachel: Not bad George. So I guess we'll be seeing you at Sim State.
George: yes, mame.
Rachel: Well I guess it's time to move on. See you next time.

Points: 1 for Emmett
Do you know the naming scheme in this house?
Funny Picture: An "empty" bed


My Boaz's Ruth said...

*sigh* I was rooting for Jenn.

PRMami said...

Wow Jenn really wants to become a 'playable' eh? I'm sure she'll get 'in' soon enough.
So puppies are on their way eh? And Risky Woo Hoo works with Seasons? Sweet!

ASimWen said...

Glad to know about the Risky Woo Hoo. I had taken it out...back in it will go! Great update.

Kerry said...

I really enjoyed this update--particularly "What is this winter man?" when she saw the snowman. That was cute--and her fear of the penguin, too. Wow, it would be weird to see winter after generations of nothing but summer!

Rubywyld said...

Great update, I love your pictures Rachel... and I get a kick out of how you dialog with yourself...(snicker) Thanks for the Risky Woohoo info too.

Casey said...

great update! so funny, lol. im hopefully getting seasons within the next few weeks, so the photos are great!! naming scheme, ay?? ok, my guess... back to the future characters, lol


ruby said...

Oh Yeah, its Libby! *waving hi* I can't seem to get her to work for me. She's so adorable and lucky girl, she's in!
Emmet is adorable.

KraZyKidZmum said...

Yay me! I made it and grown up too, and I got a boyfriend wow I may be too young but my simme can do anything.
I haven't played seasons yet but Dad is fixing it and I cant wait to see the penguins.
luv Libby
Note from Mum: Libby was so happy she got the 1st comment, we've just figured out how.

Charity said...

Hey - you made a normal snowman. Every time I try I get this evil looking one - I wonder if it has to do with personality?
Heehee, Emmett is up to his neck in snow!
What a busy house!

ciyrose said...

Aww...Libby is in, and cute! Peegin...LOL...that cracked me up. I wonder if they will get a girl.