Monday, March 12, 2007

Ribeiro 2 Round 4

Now I've Seen Everything
Last time Abigail Ribeiro and Jan Tellerman continued their romancing ways both of each other and of others. Abigail discovered she was pregnant. She soon gave birth to twin daughters (thanks to some cheesecake she ate at another house) Florida and California. Jan's daughter with Komeii Tellerman, Georgia grew up to a lovely child. She was very upset when she heard her mom woohooing with Abigail and went and dyed her hair a bright pink. Florida and California had a couple birthdays and grew to children as well. We were left with wondering if either of the ladies were pregnant.

Rachel: Oh hey, who is this? Ah it's Janey which Jan got from Ariana Rosada last week. Hi Janey.

Rachel: Jan what are you doing down here at Planetary pets?
Jan: Getting a friend for Janey. This is Bobby.
Rachel: Here there Bobby!
-Jan goes to work-

Rachel: Abigail, Abigail.
-Lando leaves-

Rachel: Abigail, Abigail.
-Nolan Leaves-

Rachel: Hi there Jan. You got another promotion I see. Congratulations.
Jan: Why thank you.

Georgia: Haha, you missed me.

Georgia: Haha, got you!
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Great job Abigail. What's going on in the kitchen?

Rachel: Was someone playing not foot with the nanny again?

Rachel: Yes, Bobby I know the nanny a blaze is in your way, just hold on.

Nanny: Oh thank you dear fireman for putting me out. I don't know what happened.
Fireman: Baked Alaska?
Nanny: No, not this time.

Rachel: Planting a garden Jan?
Jan: Yeah working on it. Planting and mulching like I was advised to do.

Rachel: Nanny fire again!?!?!

Nanny: Oh thank you fireman. I keep overheating and spontaneously con busting!
Rachel: that's just weird.
Me: Yeah, seems to be a Seasons glitch.

Florida: So your mommy loves our mommy but we aren't sisters or anything. I do like you though.
California: Yeah, me too. Maybe we could be like sisters.
Georgia: OK.
-The next morning-

Rachel: How do you really feel Bobby?
Jan: Bad dog!
-That afternoon-

Rachel: Looks like things are progressing Jan.
Jan: Yes they are. It's time to really start planting some stuff.

Florida: Mom, Mom, I got an A+!!!
Abigail: That's good dear.

Georgia: Mom, Mom I got an A+! Mom!
Rachel: Congratulations Georgia.

Rachel: No A+ for you yet California?
California: No, but I'm having fun so Mom can help me with my homework later.
Rachel: Good idea.

Rachel: Oh hey, it Jan's friend Don.

Rachel: I guess he's Abigail's friend too.

Jan: OK honey 5+5 is?
California: Umm, 10?
Jan: Very good!

Abigail: All right what's 5x5?
Florida: 25!
Abigail: No dear it's 10.
Florida: Nutah that's 5+5 Mom.
Rachel: Maybe that chair through her leg and abs is distracting her.

Rachel: Oh look Janey grew up. Eeekk don't growl.
-That afternoon-

Rachel: Oh boy you got your A+ now too!!! Way to go!!!

Rachel: Nice job Abigail!!!

Rachel: Oh boy it's Georgia's birthday!

Rachel: You grew up quite lovely Georgia. So what do you want out of life?

Georgia: A life of love and romance.
Rachel: Like your Mom?
Georgia: Ahh yeah.

Georgia: And I'd love to be a Professional Party Guest.
Rachel: Well that;s better than your Mom's dream?
Georgia; What's that?
Rachel: I'd rather not say, but it's not good.

Rachel: Ahh California don't you think you should take your homework inside to do it.
California: I'm OK.

Rachel: making some candies?
Georgia: Yeah, there are no hot boys around here so I thought I'd work on some skills for scholarships.
Rachel: Oh so you're going to go to college.
Georgia: Ah yeah! There are a lot of hot men there!

California: Yippee!!! No school!!!

Rachel: Looks like the dogs are getting along well.

Rachel: Very well apparently.

Rachel: Working on more skills?
Georgia: Sure am! had to warm up some too.

Rachel: Awe man! You didn't even have $20,000!

Rachel; Yeah I'd be sick too if I lost my family $20,000

Rachel: At least someone is bringing in some money.

Rachel: Glad you're feeling better Abigail.
Abigail: Thank you.
Me: I wish I could get better that fast. I had a cold for 13 days and now I have a sinus infection.
Rachel: Nobody cares.
Me: Fine then.

Rachel: What are you up to California?
California: Momma Jan was tired so I told her I'd pull weeds for her.
Rachel: Well that's very nice honey.

Rachel: You know I think it was good idea to cancel school today.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: What? Now Jan is losing them money! You all don't have any money to pay the maid now.

Lucy: Hehe, I'm taking your toilet as payment!
Rachel: That's just weird.

Rachel: There you go, much better Abigail!
Abigail: Thanks I try.

Rachel: Oh boy, here come the puppies! Wait the snow is too deep I can't see them.

Rachel: There's Joanie.

Rachel: Some of your veggies are ready already?
Jan: Yep the cucumbers are.

Rachel: There they both are. Cuties.

Rachel: Looks like all that gardening is paying off.

Rachel: Oh boy, it's the twins' birthday!

Rachel: Wow you are beautiful California!
California: Thank you.
Rachel: What do you want in life?

California: Being Popular would be great! I haven't decided on a dream yet.
Rachel: That's OK.

Rachel: Florida, you have very lovely eyes, we might want to try some different hair in college. What do you want in life?

Florida; Romance like my Mom.
Rachel: Oh boy. dream?
Florida: I'll get back to you.

Rachel: Abigail, where are you going? it's Sunday night.
Abigail: I'll be right back. There's something we seem to have put off too long.

Rachel: Ah clothes shopping.

Abigail: Do you like my new shirt? It's from Just Lynn's shop.
Rachel: I love it, but is that really all you went shopping for?
Abigail: Of course not.

Rachel: Ooohhh it's a wedding!
Jan: Just the immediate family, nothing major.

Rachel: You both look lovely.

All Three Girls: Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: What's Joanie doing out here?
Me: Apparently she's out here to watch. *shrugs*

Rachel: So what made you two decide to finally take the plunge?
Abigail: I'm just one day from elderhood and I just wanted to look good in my wedding photos.
Rachel: Interesting reason.

Rachel: Way to go Georgia!!! We'll see you at Sim State!

Rachel: Good job Florida! Quite good considering how much younger than Georgia you are.

California: I didn't do too well.
Rachel: You were only one point away from another one. You just ran out of time. It's OK.
California: All right, thanks!

Rachel: Well that's it for this house. I guess no one was pregnant.

Me: Did I tell you who the father of Florida and California is? I don't remember, let me know. Anyone that watches Friends should understand now what the title means.
Points: Just 1 for $


PRMami said...

whoa another full house.
Omgawd I can't believe that dog just lifted his leg and peed on the dining table - bad dog!

All three girls grew up very nice

I watched Friends back when it was airing and it's been awhile don't watch reruns here unless it's Charmed lol so I have no idea what the Friends take is on the title

Get better soon

Bubbs said...

OMG - SNOW DAY!!! Too cool! Love the pupies. I really like the shirt. :)

ruby said...

The girls grew up nice .. and they ladies did look wonderful in their wedding dresses

Bobby is a rascal LOL

Rubywyld said...

I loved all the snow pics... and No School! :) The girls all grew up beautifully...I swear I dont' know how you do it sometimes...the kids, careers, PUPPIES! You are good!

Melissa said...

I agree ... you're really good. All those puppies. The Snow Day is cool. It takes me forever to get thru a round and I installed Seasons while I was doing Uni - had 4 VERY full houses to play (1 left) so I haven't made it back to the neighborhood yet.

lissabry said...

I love the kids conversations throughout this lol and OMGs Californias hair is gorgeous!! Jan and Abigail got married so their pics would look better huh? ROFL I guess I've heard excuses just as bad IRL hehe great update :D ~Lissabry

Charity said...

Eek - those woohoo faces are scary - every time!
OMG! LOL at Bobby peeing at the breakfast table! I've never seen them lift their leg before!
Hey! You got a snow day! I haven't had one yet!
Haha! I hope that toilet that Lucy took wasn't flushed!

ciyrose said...

LOL....I had to re-look at the title, but that's funny. Fun update...silly dog.

Chrissy Brown said...

California is a beauty! and funny title & update :)