Monday, March 05, 2007

Lancaster 1 Round 4

Last time Brendon Lancaster and Hedwig Busto returned from college to live with Brendon's grandfather James and his wife Wen and two kids, O'Keefe and Vincent. Wen was obsessed with Womrats and even sang a little song. Brendon adopted a son and daughter, Cougar and Puma, to carry along the Lancaster name. At the same time Hedwig got pregnant. Unfortunately James' time was up and good old Grimmy came and took him away. Wen was very upset and Brendon took the opportunity to basically kick her and his great aunt and uncle out of the house. James wasn't happy and began haunting with a vengeance. Just before leaving the lot Hedwig gave birth to a son, Tiger Busto.

Rachel: Hi there Brendon. How are you?
Brendon: I'm good. It's finally quiet around here. No more Womrats running in their cages all night.
Rachel: Um yeah, no one here is very happy with you kicking Wen and the kids out of the house.
Brendon: Well, it's my house, not hers so I don't care.
Me: He's going to regret that.
Rachel: What do you mean?
Me: You'll see.

Rachel: So what are you doing now?
Brendon: I don't want winter, I'll pick, hummmm.... Summer.

Rachel: Hey kids!
Puma: Duck lady!
Rachel: I'm not a duck lady. *Splash* Oh, I see.

Cougar: Awe man, she got me too!

Rachel: Oh hi Hedwig. How was work?
Hedwig: It was good. I'm so close to my dream of being a business tycoon.
Rachel: Oh that's wonderful!
Hedwig: I just need a little logic and creativity and I'm in. So I'll be stargazing tonight.
Rachel: Good idea.

Hedwig: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Hedwig: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Hedwig: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
Rachel: James leave her alone!

Hedwig: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Hedwig: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
Me: Yes those were all separate scarings.

Hedwig: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
Rachel: Hedwig, quick get to the energizer!

Hedwig: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
Rachel: Hurry!

Hedwig: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
Rachel: Oh no! Get in Hedwig! No don't get out!

Hedwig: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!
Rachel: Come on, stop jumping out!

Rachel: Brendon, why are you crying?

Rachel: NOooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Quick Brendon, beg!

Brendon: Please don't take her! I love her so much! please don't take her from me.

Grimmy: Pick.
Brendon: Left.

Grimmy: Dang (or something stronger, he is the grim reaper)
Brendon: Haha, beat ya!

Hedwig: Yes!!! Oh Brendon thank you for saving me!
-Hedwig turns around-

Hedwig: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Brendon: Pllleeeease don't take her!!! I just got her back!

Grimmy: Moo ha ha, you chose unwisely.
Brendon: Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Bye Hedwig. I guess it really was your time to go.

Rachel: Hey kids how's the homework going?
Puma: Pretty bad. That whole Daddy's fiance Hedwig dying thing took up a lot of time. We can't get our homework done now.
Rachel: Tonight then. I'm sure your teacher will understand.

Brendon: *Sobbing* Why? Why would my grandpa scare my love to death?
Rachel: You kicked his wife out, dah.
Brendon: What? So you're saying this is MY fault?!?!
Rachel: Oh, umm, no, not at all.

Rachel: So how is single parenthood going?
Brendon: It's really hard! No time for myself.
Rachel: Maybe once Tiger gets older. Oh and you need to make sure to help Cougar and Puma with their homework tonight. Their grades are slipping.
Brendon: Got it.

Rachel: Oh hey O'Keefe. What are you doing here?
O'Keefe: Cougar and I are friends. Even though his dad is a real jerk! Mommy is here too and Sweets (the cat).

Rachel: There you are Wen.
Wen: Hi, I had to tag along with O'Keefe to visit my husband.
Rachel: Umm, OK. Just don't hang around long. Maybe leave before the sun goes down.

Rachel: Um Wen, it's dark out. Time to go home.
Wen: It's OK, Cougar and I are just playing some chess.
Cougar: Yeah, I like great grammy Wen.

Rachel: Whose your friend Brendon?
Brendon: This is Stormy Skywalker. She's pretty new around here.
Rachel: I see.

Rachel: Oh boy it's Tiger's birthday!

Brendon: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Holy crap the sentry bot has gone crazy!!!

Brendon: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brendon: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Shut it off!!!

Brendon: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brendon: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Cougar shut it off.
Cougar: On it!
Rachel: Oh thank goodness. I hope that repairman comes very early in the morning.

Brendon: Take two.

Rachel: You know, for a Busto, he's not half bad.

Brendon: Say dada.
Tiger: Mama
Brendon: no, say dada.

Brendon: Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Where's that repairman?

Rachel: What took you so long? These kids don't need to lose their other parent!

Rachel: Hey something is going right for you Brendon!
Brendon: Yeah thanks!

Rachel: Well I think we know how the sentry bot don't broken last time. Sweets, get away from the sentry bot. I know he deserves it, but stop it. Oh, I guess Wen must be here again.

Wen: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Are you happy now Wen? You got to see James again.
Wen: Yeah, he was just saying hi.
Rachel: Sure he was.

Brendon: Oh Stormy, you sure are beautiful.

Wen: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Run Wen, Run!!!!
-Wen runs from house-

Rachel: Oh good Brendon is finally helping Cougar with some of his homework.

Rachel: Ut-oh the sun is up and he's still helping Puma. Oh crap I hear the school bus outside!
-Cougar finishes his homework just in time. Puma does not-
-That evening-

Puma: *Sobbing*
Rachel: I know honey. You can finish your homework tonight, I know you can. Then your grades will start to up. Go play some red hands with your brother to get your fun up.

_Puma & Cougar finish all their homework-
-The Next Afternoon-

Puma: Awe.
Rachel: You're doing better. Just give it some time. It's been a rough week.

Cougar: Yippee!
Rachel: Way to go Cougar! But keep it down, let's not rub it in for Puma.

Rachel: Ut-Oh, Hedwig's back! She doesn't seem to be as vicious as James though, thank goodness.

Rachel: My how time flies!

Rachel: Hey there Tiger. You're pretty cute.
Tiger: Thanks lady.

Rachel: I feel weird.
Me: That's cause James' ghost is jumping through your stomach.
Rachel: What? Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Um meet your Great Grandfather James.
Tiger: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Brendon: Grilled cheese for breakfast!
Cougar: Yippee!!!

Brendon: Stormy will you move in with me?
Stormy: Yes, oh yes!!!

Rachel: O'Keefe you're back again!

Cougar: We're best friends!
Rachel: That's great!

Rachel: Happy birthday Cougar!!!

Rachel: So you want to be Mayor Cougar! Good goal man!

Me: *hushed* This is what has to happen if you have custom townies that are married.
Atreyu: You hussy! Kissing another man!!!

Stormy: That's it! We're done! I live here now anyway!
Me: Sorry guys.

Stormy: I'm a single woman now.
Rachel: That face is pretty scary though.
Me: Leftover from the vampire days.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Make a wish Puma!

Rachel: Ah, a life of Pleasure, excellent choice!

Rachel: So you decided not to wait to get your grades up before heading to college?
Puma: Yeah I wanted to go with Cougar. Otherwise I'd have to wait a whole nother week. We'll have enough money.

Rachel: Not bad Cougar, especially considering the week you had.
Cougar: I know. I'm happy to be leaving this house.
Rachel: Ah, yeah. Me too. So yeah that means it's time to go. see ya!
-Sim Rachel runs from the house!-

Points: 6
1 for Stormy joining the family
5 for $. How they made that much money considering the week they had is beyond me.

Hedwig's deaths were completely accidental. Her bars were full when James started scaring her. When she was at about half I had her go to energize. She would step in and then step out as James scared her again. I won't be resurrecting her as I plan to not use it unless a child or teen are accidentally killed. *sigh*

Funny Picture

I'm guessing this is a glitch related to the Pets Patch which was of course built into Seasons.


ruby said...

Wow poor Hedwig! What a rough week on the kids!
Heh, James even scared Wen.. I see she spent a lot of this week over there even tho she no longer lives there. Is Brendon trying to make amends?
Wait Stormy is an elder? Did I miss that?

Bubbs said...

RUN WEN RUN!!!! James is out and isn't happy!!! RUN!!!!

{sigh} Poor Hedwig...that's ok, her son will do fine. :) Just as long as he can survive Grandpa James's hauntings....

Funny entry, can't wait to see what else happens at this house!! I was worried SimLynn showed up and died also, but she is being her normal exclusive self. :)

ASimWen said...

LOLOL When you are trying for a scare to death you can't get it...when you aren't thinking about it, it happens!!!! Too funny!!! Loved the entry. :) ( the TShirt Wen is wearing).

Rubywyld said...

OMG I couldn't stop laughing at Brendon's episode with the Sentry Bot...I expected to see the Reaper!

And whoa...Stormy's got one set of chompers there! Very fun update!!

PRMami said...

Whoa Crapola! My goodness James is a nasty ghost! And he sure had it bad for Hedwig - Dang that's tuff.

OMG! How funny that the sentry bot kept going after Brendon!

This was a funny week ! Man it must've been rough on you

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Yah Puma, get away from your father as fast as you can!

Twoyys4me said...

Wow Grandfather James has it in for the family!
Poor Hedwig- It was so sad that she couldn't be saved twice.
Little Tiger is a cutie with his freckles.
Great update and action packed as always. :)

Charity said...

That's a wicked picture of Cougar getting hit with the water balloon!
MAN! James must have been super-ticked about Wen moving out. Poor Hedwig - she didn't stand a chance!
Heehee - I think James was possessing the Sentrybot!
Those are some good looking teenagers - even Tiger isn't too bad looking!

ciyrose said...

Sheesh....Brendon sure is getting it for the way he treated Wen. First Hedwig dies....twice, then he gets nearly shocked to death, then keeps getting scared left and right. James sure it upset. I don't blame the kids for trying to get out of the house as fast as possible.