Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Letter

Dear Prosperity Point Residents,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone to our town. It amazes me how quickly our small town has grown. The growth of this lovely town is however what concerns me. There are members of this community that are having 6, 7,8 or more kids despite not being family oriented people. This sort of rampant reproduction can have detrimental effects on our environment along with massive over crowding of the schools and increases in crime. It is my belief that we need to take actions now before things get too out of hand. I have noticed the much more responsible use of Cheesecake for the making of twins, which is very helpful. I am however going advice all inhabitants of Prosperity Point to moderate yourselves when it comes to reproduction. I know you all want your female heir to carry on the household and family name. Here are my suggestions at this time:

1. Those who are not family minded should stop having children once they have had a daughter.
2. Those who have 3 boys should not continue to try for a girl.
3. Only family minded people should use cheesecake to have twins.
4. Consider breeding pets instead of having more children.
5. Keep multiple generations in each house.
6. Consider having siblings returning from college move in together to decrease the temptation of over reproducing.
7. We will have a Gardening Club starting soon, focus your time on that.
8. Consider building robots, toys, or arranging flowers to occupy yourself.
9. Keep in mind that the more children you have the less career opportunities you will have and therefore, the less money.

I understand that accidents can happen at any time and that some people need a certain number of children to achieve their dreams in life. Just please be responsible. This is only an advisory letter at this time, however I feel if we continue down this road I will need to make this mandatory.

Thank You,
Phillip J. Crumm
Mayor of Prosperity Point


ASimWen said...

Hahahaha! Love the letter. Almost sounds like 'Big Brother' hehehe

My Boaz's Ruth said...

I see why he isn't mayor anymore.

PRMami said...

OMGawd! LMAO no wonder he's not Mayor anymore sheesh!

Kerry said...

We got to read the letter! We got to read the letter! Finally! At the risk of making myself seriously unpopular with the sims of Prosperity Point, I think the Former Mayor made some sense. *Pompously* Unbridled reproduction can lead to a bad end....

ruby said...

I'm with kerry, the guy made sense... which is probably why he isn't mayor anymore (giggle)

Anonymous said...

ROFL that is priceless ! please dont allow any elected officials IRL read that :o ! now.. did you type that with a straight face? I know I have a hard time keeping a straight face typing stuff like that , I'm just curious lol ~Melissa (Lissabry)

LaylaSims said...

I love the letter. It really sounds like something a politician would say! LOL I also found this really interesting because I have spent the weekend pouring over a site called Simmerville at and they literally have laws like this in their hoods. Take care, LaylaSims

ciyrose said...

Oh yay, we got to read the letter. I was hoping. Too funny...but he did make some good points.