Thursday, March 01, 2007

Vega House 4 Round 3

Population Explosion
Last time Aracely graduated from college and bought the little house she could afford. It was so meek she couldn't afford windows. She invited her college boyfriend Joe Knight over, they feel in love and he moved in. They adopted two dogs, Boo and Otis. Everyone got jobs and worked on needed skills. Aracely and Joe got engaged but did not marry. They did however have a baby, a daughter, Vodka. They opened a venue business and the doggie's woohoo entertained the customers. Boo was pregnant at the end of the round.

Rachel: Hi there Joe and little Miss Vodka. How's it going?
Joe: Just great! Today's our wedding day! Aracely is down at Amelia's Closet right now picking up a dress and other clothes.
Rachel: Oh great! I'll chill 'til she gets back.

Rachel: Oh look, it's our new resident Blog Hog, Ruby.
Ruby: hey, I'm not as bad as Wen.
Rachel: Not yet at least.

Rachel: Oh hey Aracely I see you're back and what a lovely dress.
Aracely: Why thank you Rachel. Looks like the guests are arriving now. Time to get this show on the road.

Rachel: Such a lovely ceremony.

Rachel: *sniff* I'm such a sucker for weddings.

Rachel: Oh look Joe's son even brought Vodka out for the party.

Rachel: Man Joe you sure are grinning ear to ear.
Joe: Of course. I'm a happy man. I finely have a woman to love in my life again and she'll be mine forever.
Me: Man you would think he was a family sim.

Joe: I love you my Vodka.
Me: Oh no!
Rachel: What?
Me: They need to hire a nanny or one of them will miss the honeymoon.

Me: Crap too late.
Aracely: Well since I'm stuck here I might as well clean up this pee puddle.
Rachel: In your wedding dress?
Aracely: It's stain resistant.

Rachel: Do you really think playing with a dog in your wedding dress is the best idea? Paw prints and all.
Aracely: It's fine.

Rachel: You are not going to change a diaper in your wedding dress?
Aracely: It's fine, I'm really that good.

Rachel: Oh Joe, how nice of you to rejoin us. How was the honeymoon?
Joe: Good, restful.
Rachel: You could have at least stayed home and let your wife go on the honeymoon.
Joe: I didn't realize she wasn't coming until the limo pulled away. I was yelling for her as we drove off.

Joe: I hope everything was OK around here honey.
Aracely: It was, don't worry about it. We can have a little private time here as a honeymoon.
Rachel: What a great idea!
Aracely: *Clears Throat*
Rachel: Oh excuse me, sorry.

Rachel: All right lady so you don't show up in time for Aracley to go on her honeymoon and now instead of taking care of the baby you're out here dancing! Terrible nanny! Time to get out the notebook!

Rachel: It's puppy time!!! And that's bath water, not pee.

Rachel: Awe, they're all so cute. A girl, Molly and two boys, Milo and George. let's just look at how cute they are.

Rachel: Oh boy and it's Vodka's birthday! *singing* Happy birthday dear Vodka!

Rachel: Hi there sweetheart.
Vodka: hhhhhhhhhh

Rachel: Nice job Vodka!

Rachel: Hi there Milo. Aren't you a cutie little puppy.
Aracely: Would you like him?
Rachel: I would but the house is full.

Joe: Come on honey. One foot in front of the other. There you go.

Rachel: Awe!!!

Rachel: what you're selling the puppies?

Joe: We need the room. We thought it would be cool to breed the dogs for some extra cash.

Rachel: Bye Molly.

Rachel: Bye Milo. At least we know they are going to good homes.

Rachel: Looks like that next batch of puppies is on it's way!

Aracely: Woooo!!! Now you can use the potty like a big girl!

Rachel: And bye, bye to George. We'll see you all in your new homes!

Joe: I know you're upset the puppies are gone, but it's OK, there are more on their way.

Rachel: Wow look at all the promotions! Great job everyone!!!!
Aracely: Do you know what this means?
Rachel: No, what?

Aracely: We get Windows!!! And a second story, but I'm most excited about the windows!
Rachel: I would be too.

Rachel: Vodka, whose your friend?
Me: That's Rom Skywalker from the shared hood.

Joe: Say Dada.
Vodka: Dada
Joe: Very good!

Joe: All right roll over buddy.

Joe: Great job!
Rachel: Looks like you're in charge of teaching Joe.
Joe: Pretty much. Aracely is busy skilling herself for her career.

Rachel: Wow, double promotions today! Excellent!
Otis: Rough

Me: Oh and look who we have here, it's a sim me, Libby.
Rachel: A Sim me?
Me: I mean a good friend. Move along. I hear party horns.

Rachel: Oh boy, another birthday for Vodka!!!

Rachel: Oh Vodka, you're such a pretty girl.
Vodka: Hehe

Rachel: More Puppies!!!!

Rachel: Darn just one this time, Jack.

Joe: Alright Boo, your turn.

Joe: Great job girl!!!

Rachel: So are you going to sell Jack too?
Joe: Not just yet. I can't let this little guy go.

Rachel: Oh no! That was the wrong decision!

Rachel: Wow, even more promotions! This family is awesome!

Vodka: Hi Daddy
Me: I just love it when the kids great the parents.

Rachel: looks like Joe isn't the only one that is attached to Jack. *to Vodka* so you love jack huh?
Vodka: Yeah, he's so cute.

Rachel: looks like homework time, we'll come back later.

Rachel: What are you doing Vodka?
Vodka: Practicing.
Rachel: Practicing what?
Vodka: Lying.
Rachel: What? Do your parents know?
Vodka: Yeah.

Rachel; This is amazing guys!
Aracely: Well thanks Rachel.
Rachel: Well I think it's about time... wait, what' that?

Rachel: Even more puppies! No way!!!

Rachel: Misty and Kirby.

Rachel: And another girl Ally! That's like 6 puppies in one week! Wowzers.
Me: Alright time to go.
Rachel; What? I want to play with the puppies.
Me: Sorry, times up.

Points: Um none. Hard to believe.


PRMami said...

Wow so many puppies!
They actaully outnumber the Sims !
Great job on all the promotions!
So is VodKa gonna to stay an only child? What happened to that baby bump in the middle of the post?

Rachel said...

Sim rachel stopped by and she had a baby bump. Is that what you are thinking of?

Charity said...

What a nice wedding - I liked the finale - cleaning up pee in your formal, lol.
Puppies! It's so cute when the mommy dogs nuzzle the babies.
What a lot of promotions!
And more puppies! That is one full lot!

ruby said...

Golly that was a lot of puppies! Whew made my head spin. They really are adorable.
BTW you did get a point.. TOC is a point, unless she already has 2.
Anyhow their daughter Vodka is adorable and congrats on all the promotions!
And yeah, simme made another appearance! *giggle* watch out Wen, I'm working on catching up to you!

ASimWen said...

Those dogs are puppy makin' machines!!!! LOL I am dually impressed. :) And great promotions!

ASimWen said...

Oh wait...I missed something.

How do you spell 'blog hog'?



Bubbs said...

Wow - when I saw the title, I thought babies...PUPPIES!!! Great job with the puppies!

Anonymous said...

sings *too many pup-pieeeees * wow you didnt know about that last batch? did they "try for puppies on their own? Aracely is beautiful :) and Vodka (LOVE the name lol) is a little cutie too :D congrats on the promotions and the puppies :D ~Melissa (Lissabry)

Melissa said...

Love all the puppies. The names are great! Still using my suggestion of for names? I love it!

ciyrose said...

So many puppies! So cute! This family is super sweet....I like them.

Chrissy Brown said...

This family is awesome! and Vodka is a cutie :)