Monday, March 05, 2007

Holiday 1 Round 4

Old Dogs
Previously Venice returned from college and was handed the family house by her dad Andre when went off to get married. She invited her friend Leeland over and told him all kinds of lies about his wife. She proceeded to bed him, Quavi, and Cal. One of these many encounters left Venice pregnant, but which one is the father? She also got herself two dogs to breed, not thinking about having all those puppies running around. At the end of the week she got 4 puppies and 1 baby, a girl named Monica.

Rachel: What are you doing Venice? Running all over the place?
Venice: Spree had the puppies upstairs and the food is all downstairs. With so many puppies I need to run them all downstairs before anything happens to them.
Rachel: *To self* It almost sounds like she has a heart *To Venice* Sounds like a good idea.

Venice: *Humming quietly to Monica*
Rachel: You're a natural.
Venice: Whatever. I can't even stand this, this, thing.
Rachel: Nice. Well did you figure out who the father is yet?
Venice: Yeah I got the paternity test back. Hopefully I can give it to him.
Rachel: You're going to give your daughter away?
Venice: What am I going to do with it?
Rachel: Her.
Venice: What?
Rachel: Her, not it.
Venice: Ugh. He's on his way over now.

Rachel: Hi Leeland. What are you... Oh.
Leeland: What?
Rachel: Go talk to Venice.

*Slurp, slurp*
Venice: I have something for you.

Leeland: What the? What is this?
Venice: She's yours, take her.
Leeland: What!?!? Mine? But you said. You told me how Kricket tricked me into having kids. Now you're handing me this, this...
Rachel: Baby.
Leeland: Baby and telling me she's mine. I don't want her. *Hands Monica back to Venice* I'm leaving.
Venice: Great, now I'm, stuck with her. She cries all the time and smells. Ugh!
Rachel: She's you daughter. Oh, you have a visitor.

Rachel: Hi there Quavi. Venice is on her way, she had to put something away. That's what she wanted me to say.
Quavi: Um, hi.

Venice: Hi there baby. How about you and I *voices get too quiet to hear*

Rachel: Didn't she learn anything?
Me: Nope

Venice: *Hums a little song to Monica*
Rachel: So is she growing on you?
Venice: Ahh, no. I can't get her to stop crying. Quavi and I almost couldn't woohoo last night she was crying so loud. I had to tell him it was the TV.
Rachel: *Rolls eyes* Almost huh? Have you seen downstairs by the way? Your puppies are peeing all over the floor and you're too busy to do anything about it.

Venice: I think 4 is too many to handle by myself.

Venice: take good care of her Quavi. *under breath* If only it were that easy to unload the rug rat.
Quavi: What?
Venice: Oh, she's a good dog. She's named after my late mom.

Venice: I think I had best put Max and Spot up for adoption. I'll keep the parents and Zoey.

Venice: Happy Birthday little cutie, I mean stinky baby.

Rachel: She's a cutie Venice. She has your smile.
Venice: So?
Rachel: It lights up the room.

Rachel: Please tell me that isn't a pee puddle.
Venice: All right, it's not.
Rachel: It is, isn't it?
Venice: Yeah.

Rachel: Where's a mop? Oh there it is.
Venice: Wee, weee
Monica: hehe

Venice: Hi, I'm in need of your services.
Rachel: What are you doing?
Venice: Getting a date. What does it look like?

Rachel: So what's your dates name?
Venice: Does it matter?

Venice: Not again!
Rachel: I won't say I told you so. I'll think it, but I won't say it.

Venice: *thinking no one sees her* Say Momma, momma.
Monica: Momma.
Venice: Very good! You're such a smart little girl, aren't you? Yes you are.

Rachel: Oh look Zoey grew up too! No signs of pink fur though. Shucks.

Rachel: Awe I love the puppy love!

Rachel: Wait what's going on? More puppies!!!

Venice: Meet Freddy and Snaps.

Rachel: Did you just tell them to try for more puppies?
Venice: Sure, why not? Who am I to deny the doggie woohoo?

Venice: Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Here comes baby number 2.

Rachel: Well I think it's pretty obvious who this one's father is.
Venice: Uh yeah. Guess i can't pass this one off as Leeland's too huh?
Rachel: No. So, whadya have?
Venice: Nother girl, Phoebe.
Rachel: Well she's cute
Venice: If you say so.

Rachel: Wait a minute. Those are Leeland's dogs. And Dotty just got whooped by Speckles.

Rachel: Leeland you are here.
Leeland: Yeah, I uh, thought I'd come by. Venice told me it's Monica's birthday and I uh, thought I should be here. Well, I wanted to be here too though.
Rachel: I see. It's good that she will get to know her father.

Rachel: Happy birthday Monica!!!

Rachel: Oh *Looks away for a second* Where'd she go?

Rachel: There you are Monica.
Monica: Hi.

Monica: Like my snowman?
Rachel: Very nice.

Rachel: What? Who are you giving up now?
Venice: Snaps and Zoey. We need more room for more dogs.

Rachel: Holy cow Monica. I turned my back for one minute and you look so different. Very pretty.
Monica: Thanks.

Rachel: I'm guessing someone left.
Venice: Him? Yeah, he's gone. I needed another date and I wanted someone I haven't seen in awhile.

Rachel: Seriously? She'll never learn.

Monica: *sobbing* I can't believe my mom would be on a date with another guy.
Rachel: Your father's no sain...
Me: Shh, be nice. She's just a little girl.
Rachel: I mean, I know. Why don't you play with the dog. You'll feel better.

Monica: Nice doggie. Nice Speckles.

Rachel: Great choice Venice!

Rachel: What are you up to Venice?
Monica: Planting stuff.
Rachel: Cool. What kind of stuff?
Monica: Tomatoes and stuff.
Rachel: Nifty.

Rachel: *half-heartedly* Congrats on the promotion.
Venice: Thanks! I'm SO close to my dream now.
Rachel: *Bored* Ah

Rachel: That's a lot of plants Monica.
Monica; I know. I like plants.
Rachel: So does you dad.
Monica: Really?
Rachel: Sure thing.

Rachel: Oh boy it's Phoebe's birthday and she hasn't even tried to pawn her off on Quavi.

Rachel: Another cutie.

Rachel: *To me* This is very motherly behavior.
Me: Yeah, don't say anything. She wants to keep up the front.

Rachel: Awe, another dog lover.

Rachel: Venice what are you doing out here?
Venice: Uh, Monica's plants needed to be weeded. She's sleeping. we put a lot of money into this green house, or i wouldn't care.
Rachel: I see. Well it's time to go. I look forward to seeing you next week.
Venice: All right, whatever, later.

You know I don't really want to leave this lot. I wonder if Venice will warm to her kids or if she already has? Will she keep sleeping around? Will Kricket Cooprider find out that not only did her ex-husband have a baby with Venice but her new live-in boyfriend did too?

Points: 6
1 for Phoebe
5 for $ thanks to the good chance card


My Boaz's Ruth said...

Poor Kricket :(

ruby said...

*laughing* That girl never learns. Good looking daughters too, I hope one of them is romance... *w*
I love how she tries to be indifferent

PRMami said...

Omygoodness your Venice is so 360 degrees from mine! WOW!

Is she that coldhearted towards her poor children?

Poor kids - I guess they would be better off getting adopted by someone who truely wants them.

The girls are so cute though. Venice the town tramp has lots to learn.

Kerry said...

That was a, um, prolific update! Babies and puppies, oh my! I think Venice is more attached to the girls than she wants anyone to know.

Bubbs said...

LOL!!! This was a great update! She really is a true romance sim, huh? Doesn't want the babies but at the same time wants to teach her thinks. Hope her girls don't turn out to be like their mama!!!


Twoyys4me said...

Great update... lol. Will Venice ever learn?! Leeland that meanie not wanting his beautiful daughter... All those puppies too- and Gardening to boot- a fun round in this house!

Anonymous said...

Im glad Venice seems to be coming around some I was feeling bad for baby Monica :-S such cute puppies and babies! and a another great update :D ~Lissabry

ASimWen said...

Hehehe another gorgeous child fathered by Quavi. :) I love the kids he makes.

charity said...

Poor Venice, pretending she doesn't like those babies - I think she likes them, but doesn't want to ruin her Romanc reputation!
That's a ton of pups!

ciyrose said...

Aww...poor little babies growing up with her. Although she probably does kind of like them...just doesn't want anyone to know.