Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ziese-Lecy 1 Round 4

Last time Sim Rachel gave me the silent treatment because I called her a sim. The kids did well. Erika & Elizabeth have gone off to college. Little MJ got some puppy love and grew to a child. Eleah was born and Rachel discovered she was pregnant again. They also adopted 3 dogs, East, West and North.

Me: My Rachel you must have gone to the salon again.
Rachel: Yes, I did. You like?
Me: Very much so. I think it's my favorite so far. How's the pregnancy going?
Rachel: It's all right. It should be over soon.

Me: Looks like it must be chilly. Oh, way to go MJ! All of Rachel's kids are so smart.
Rachel: Would you expect any less?
Me: No.

Me: Ah looks like MJ has his friend Xara over again. I'll be excited to see how they do once he becomes a teen.

Rachel: Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Sweet, baby time!

Rachel: Meet our son, Ian.
Me: Hi Ian, you're named after my brother. So Rachel you think you're done having babies?
Rachel: I'm not sure.
Me: What about the letter from the former Mayor?
Rachel: I haven't read it yet.
Me: Well, you should do it now then.
Rachel: Runs to read The Letter.
Rachel: Oh my goodness! I can see why everyone is so upset. That settles it, we're done having kids. I'll try to breed the dogs instead.
Me: Good plan.

Rachel: So we are going to use safer WooHoo practices from now on.
Marty: That's all right with me.
-Dream date WooHoo occurs-
Me: What the heck? I just heard chimes. Darn that Risky Woohoo! I think it's broken.

Me: Why would you donate?
Rachel: *sobbing* I don't know!
Me: I'm sorry Rachel.

Me: Oh hey there Eleah. You sure do love the puppies too don't you?
Eleah: Luvy da puppies.

Me: Looks like Marty made the right decision.
Rachel: Hey.
Me: Sorry I didn't mean it that way.

Me: Yippee for West!!!

Me: Looks like you're doing better Rachel.
Rachel: Yes, definitely! That's what a dream date will do for you.
Me: How many did you have at the beginning of this week?
Rachel: Well I had 15 rose bouquets from Marty so, that should be about right.

Rachel: Honey you want to play before you grow up?
Eleah: Yeh! Weeeeee!!!

Me: *Singing* Happy Birthday Eleah!!!

Me: My, oh my another beautiful girl. These two can't produce an unattractive kid.
Eleah: Thanks!

Rachel: Oh no!
Me: Yeah you're gonna have another baby, that makes 7.
Rachel: But what about the detrimental effects?
Me: It was an accident. Nothing you could do.

Elizabeth: Oh my goodness, it is so great to meet you!
Me: Great to see you again Elizabeth!
Elizabeth: What the heck was that?
Rachel: Oh, nothing. Nice to meet you.

Eleah: Hi daddy. How was work?
Marty: It was fine dear. More importantly how was your first day of school?
Eleah: Good daddy.

Me: MJ is it really your birthday already?
MJ: Sure is.

Me: Handsome. So what is you focus in life?

MJ: Family.
Me: And your life time dream?
MJ: Raise 20 puppies or kittens.
Me: I figured it would have to be considering how much those dogs loved you last week. Note to self give extra puppies or kittens to MJ.

Me: Um Marty, do you really think that bathing the dog in the yard in the middle of winter is the best idea?
Marty: It's OK, it's not that cold.
Me: This is so not realistic!

Rachel: Happy birthday baby.

Me: Oh Ian, what a big smile, but a tux? And powder blue at that.

Rachel: Say Bottle.
Ian: Bo.
Rachel: Close honey.

Me: Oh look Xara is back.
MJ: Um say Xara you sure a re pretty.
Xara: Oh MJ.
Me: look like it's going well.

Me: Ah, a 2 bolt couple! Yes!

Me: Oh......

Me: Sweet! MJ is matched up.

Me: You two must be in the middle of another date?
Rachel: What else would we be doing?
Me: Time is running out.
Rachel: What do you mean?
Me: Oh, sorry, nothing.

Me: Leaving?
Rachel: no.
Me; Oh, excuse me.

Me: MJ sure is a great brother to help Eleah with her homework.

Rachel: OK, say Bottle.
Ian: Bottle.
Rachel: Great job!!!!

Me: Oh my, look whose back. It's the blog hog Wen!
Rachel: I invited her over. We're friends now.
Me: Oh, sorry.

Rachel: Look over there.

Wen: Over where?

Rachel: Hehe, you missed

Rachel: All right you got me.

Rachel: we're still friends right?
Wen: Of Course.

Eleah: Yippee, wowie! A+!!!
Rachel: Way to go sweetie.

Me: Congrats Marty.
Marty: Thanks.

Me: MJ you realize Wen is here visiting right?
MJ: Oh, she is? No wonder I couldn't find her.
Me: Yeah and she moved. Aim it a little more that way, there you go.

Me: MJ is skilling outside in the snow a good idea? I think you should go inside.
MJ: *ignores me*

Me: OK, now seriously. Look at all that snow, go inside or I'm going to tell your mother. Where is she anyway?
MJ: On a dream date with dad.

Me: Good deal.

Rachel: Um you, um the baby is coming.
Me: I'm aware.

Rachel: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Meet our son, Erv.
Me: Should be your last too.
Rachel: that was the plan before too.
Me: No, um he will be your last. You can't have anymore. oh and Erv is named after my dad.

Me: looks like Xara sealed the deal.

Marty: Ian it's your birthday. You've gotta hurry up and learn to walk little man.

Me: That's a mighty big piece of cake there Ian! What a handsome boy too.

Me: Ah looks like Rachel is breeding the dogs after all.

Rachel: yep and it's Erv's birthday too.

Rachel: The spitting image of Marty.
Me: I agree.

Me: Nice job Marty! So how is your dream of maxing all your skills going?
Marty: Just need creativity now.
Me: Wonderful.

Me: Ahh, looks like yet another dream date in progress.

Me: So MJ do you mind taking care of the little ones while your parents are on dates?
MJ: Of course not. It's good practice.

Rachel: Yippe! Oh Boy!!!
Me: What's up?
Rachel: We have gone on 29 dream dates!
Me: Holy cow. You almost doubled the number in a week! Nice!

Rachel: What!?!?
Me: Yeah, that's what I was talking about before.
Rachel: But I don't want to get old.
Me: Few do.
Rachel: Will I have grey hair?
Me: Yeah.
Rachel: But you don't have grey hair?
Me: I have a few, like 20. I am only 27 though.
Rachel: *looks confused* But, but.
Me: We'll have to deal with this later.

Me: What are you doing?
Rachel: Sulking. I mean spraying the bugs in the Lemon tree, again.

Rachel: Say momma, momma.
Erv: Daughter.
Rachel: That's weird.

Me: Oh look whose back.

Me: All right the Ziese-Lecy's all step on their dates feet. Good thing she already loves you MJ.
MJ: No fooling.

Me: Oh good East is finally eating. She's been so tired so won't eat. Darn pregnancy. No, don't stop eating, crap!

Me: Nice work MJ! Same amount as your sister Erika last week.
Well it's time to move along Rachel.
Rachel: What? What about this whole aging thing?
Me: We'll deal with it next week. Come on, we've got lots of people to see.

Points: (I'm going to include $ points in here from now on)
3, 2 for Ian & Erv, 1 for the $ increase.

Will I let Sim me become an elder next week? Eek, I don't know!


ASimWen said...

Awww. Rachel is aging. And she is friends with Wen, that is the important thing.

It is really unfortunate that Wen has no fashion sense. The puffy jackets went out a long time ago. LOL

Nice update.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

I think Rachel shouldn't age until Wen does :)

After all, who will do our updates if Rachel dies?

PRMami said...

Cute update ! That hair style really looks good on her um you - ack you know what I mean ;)

Bubbs said...

Interesting letter they were Will your residents do as it asks or ignore it? I know how much they love their cheese cake...hehehe. Great update! Love the water balloon pictures! I see Wen is back to being a blog hog. Does Sim Lynn live there?

ruby said...

Oh no, Rachel is going to transition? What ever will you do??
Kids are all adorable and congrats on so many dream dates in a week! Wow!

Anonymous said...

great update! :D are you going to send MJ and Xara to college together? I love it when You can match them up as teens :D ~Melissa (Lissabry)

charity said...

Xara and MJ are cute together - they'll make pretty babies for sure!
LOL at MJ trying to spy on Wen when she's at your house!
It'll be interesting to see how SimRachel reacts to coming to grips with being a sim, lol.

Anonymous said...

I thought - OMG what did she do to get 1,000,000 points?!
Then I realized that it was Rachel and Marty's 1,000 points overlapping :)

(Sorry to be so far behind, maybe you don't even read comments for these entries anymore)

ciyrose said...

If you get eMails about comments you are probably completely sick of me by now. I was starting to wonder when age was going to catch up with everyone....lots has gone on in their little sim lives.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but if that's what you look like, you wear WAYYYYY too much makeup.