Saturday, March 10, 2007

Vega House 1 - Round 4

Last time Andre finally moved in with Coqui and they had a lovely wedding. Andre wanted 10 kids and Coqui was happy to help him out. Jupiter became a teen and headed off to college. Little Pluto grew to a child. Little Neptune and Mars were born and Coqui found out she was expecting again. Andre only needed one more baby to have 10 children but this house needed an heiress so out came the cheesecake.
It's been brought to my attention that I leave thinking caps on sims all the time, so watch for it later. Oh and this is one of my favorite families!

Rachel: Hey there Coqui. Making some cereal. Um, holy crap the milk is hovering.
Coqui: Hey there. Yeah let me get that milk.
Rachel: So has the pregnancy treating you?
Coqui: Ah all right I guess.
Rachel: I'll let you eat.

Andre: Hey there Rachel
Rachel: Hey Andre. How are you?
Andre: I'm great! My 10th baby is on it's way!
Rachel: So do you think it'll be a girl? I mean you have 8 sons and 1 daughter.
Andre: Well i hope so, we want to hand the house down to a daughter. We'll see. If it's not a girl, well, we'll have to see.

Pluto: Dad!!!
Rachel: Yippee A+ for Pluto!!!

Rachel: Looks like your friend Shaunna is over again. But hey, whose that?
Pluto: That's Natalie she came over with Shaunna.
Me: She's one of the Toddler Mania girls.

Rachel: Andre you sure do love doing all the parenting stuff don't you?
Andre: Most definitely! I can't get enough of my kids.

Pluto: So i have this toy plane and it's cool.
Natalie: Cool little man.

Rachel: Every time I turn around Andre is doing something with one of his kids. He's really a great father.

Rachel: i know that look

Coqui: Another son. Meet Mercury

Rachel: OK Coqui, it's really not the best idea to lay an infant on the ground during the winter. It could start snowing any minute.

Rachel: Oh I see.
Me: On a note, that blue is her custom necklace blinking. I just had to have her go to the mirror and necklace showed up correctly again.

Rachel: Did you get an heiress?
Coqui: nope, another boy, Uranus.
Rachel: That's too bad, the not getting a heiress part. Both boys are adorable. Where's Andre?

Rachel: Sleeping! He misses his 10th & 11th children being born because he's sleeping!
Coqui: He took care of the other little ones all day so it's OK.

Rachel: Oh good you're finally getting Mercury in from the cold.
-The following day-

Rachel: Awe hey there Mars. Looks like we have another dog lover just like my boy MJ. Every time I can't find Mars, he's cuddling Hannah.

Rachel: Bad Nanny! Bad Nanny!
-Two Seconds Later-

Rachel: Um, good nanny.

Rachel: Andre congratulations both for the promotion and for reaching your Impossible Want of having 10 kids!
Andre: Well thank you Rachel. But really I didn't have to do much. It was almost all my late wife Ginger and my new wife Conqui, except Jupiter of course. I take full credit for him.
Rachel: Even so you raised your first 5 kids all by yourself and now you've been instrumental in raising the rest.
Andre: No big deal. I loved every minute.
Rachel: Well it didn't look like it the first week here, but I'll take your word for it.

Rachel: Congratulations to you too Coqui. Just a few hours after getting back to work you have another promotion, just like last week.
Coqui: Well thank you. They realize how much they need me when I'm gone.

Rachel: Look it's Lynn! And she's not shopping. Quick someone go greet her!

Rachel: Good job Pluto. Why don't you talk to her some?
Pluto: I would but that Deb lady won't shut up.
Rachel: *chuckles* don't say shut up dear, it's not nice.

Rachel: well I guess Deb did stop talking. Now she's bathing the babies. It's so nice when neighbors help out.

Rachel: Looks like the twins' birthday.

Rachel: happy Birthday Mars! You definitely take after the Vega side of the family.
Mars: Ahh thanks lady.

Rachel: Happy Birthday to you too Neptune! You take more after the Holiday side. I like it when I can actually tell.
Neptune: Ummm, thanks I guess.

Rachel: Wow a 3 way birthday!

Rachel: Man Pluto you sure are a handsome lad. Possibly the most handsome guy in Prosperity Point so far, except my sons of course. Watch out ladies. Wait, what do you aspire to?

Pluto: I would love to have a family of my own some day, just like my dad.
Rachel: The whole package. Let me see if any of my daughters need a boyfriend.
Pluto: ah thanks. I'll keep them in mind.

Pluto: Anyway, my dream is to be Captain Hero and protect my family and all the families of Prosperity Point.
Rachel: That's wonderful Pluto.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Hey looks like you brought home Nicole Kaufman from school today. She's one of Natalie's sisters.
Pluto: Yeah, she's nice, but I think we're just going to be friends. Not the best chemistry (1 bolt).
Rachel: Well friends are good.

Rachel: And who is this?
Pluto: Tabitha Tibbles. There's potential there (2 bolts)
Rachel: Well that's good. Just potential though, nothing serious yet?
Pluto: Not yet, remember my friend Natalie? She's on her way over. I want to see if there is anything there now that I'm a teen too.
Rachel: Good idea.

Coqui: Well dear we didn't get an heiress. What do you think do you want to try one more time?
Andre: I'm happy with the 11 kids. Having an heiress isn't really all that important to me. If it's something you want to do, I'll stand behind it and you know I would love to raise them.
Coqui: It's a hard decision. I'm nearing elderhood. Really my time is up to have babies but I did hear of this green stuff I can drink that will give me a couple more days to get pregnant.
Andre: Like I said it's up to you.
Me: I'm doing something I've never done. I'm ending this entry in the middle of the week 'cause I'm tired and need to go to bed to try to finally get over this stupid cold. I have a lot of pictures and a decent amount of text to write so I don't want this to get super long. So you'll have a cliff hanger until tomorrow (if you read it right away) when I will finish writing the entry and post it. So will Pluto have chemistry with his friend Natalie or will he pick something up with Tabitha? Will Coqui drink the Elixar of Life allowing her to have another baby or will they try to adopt a girl or will they decide to quit now? I guess the real question is will I give in to my natural desire and do something I didn't plan to do in this challenge and give a sim EOL or follow my guidelines (as describes in the letter) and have them be done? This house already has 7 sims, 2 of which are still infants and 1 dog but thanks to Pets, there is still room for 2 more. What to do?

FYI- a note thanks to Sarah's comment.
His other daughter is an adult (Venice) and has taken over the Holiday house. The men take the women's laast names in my hood so his other daughter is a Holiday, and her Vega daughters are already married and established in their own homes. So this house needed an heiress or it will be passed down to one of the remaining boys.

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Sarah Schreffler said...

Hrms. I'd stop here. You did say he had 1 daughter already right?

Felicia said...

Let them enjoy their golden years without diapers! They've done more than their fair share in that department. Since Pluto is a family sim, he can adopt before he gets married. :) Or maybe you'll luck out and one of the boys will be abducted as a teen.


PRMami said...

Oh my goodness - boy do I feel like a proud momma :)

Thank you!

Anyway, Andre had his 10th child in my game last night too - another boy I just think Andre is wired for boys lol and his new baby Jace looks just like Uranus and Mercury as a matter of fact they look like his last 3 kids that he had wow!

Pluto is a handsome looking chap and family too wow!

Omy gosh I love Andre & Coqui's bedroom set - it's so neat that they have magazines to read at night really cool!

Wow it would be nice to see them have a biological daughter have you tried Andre to 'try for baby' sometimes that works to get a girl

ruby said...

Ultimately the choice is naturally yours, I'm Mami ... go for a girl & cross your fingers!
The boys sure are growing up handsome and you may be right, Pluto sure is a looker!

ruby said...

LOL just read my comment.. uh, no I'm not Mami, I'm with Mami ... sheesh!
I'm sure you figured that out tho

have I mentioned how much I love this family??

Kerry said...

Hmmm--with this many, one more couldn't hurt, right? I think Pluto looks a lot like his dad. Nice update--I'm eager to read the rest of it!

Bubbs said...

I showed up!!! She is a quiet one. Will they ever get their girl heir???

Melissa said...

Heiress! Heiress! Heiress! lol


ASimWen said...

I agree! Heiress!

ciyrose said...

That's quite a question. But...with 11 kids already I say go for the heiress. Of course you've played this so long ago my opinion hardly matters. :)