Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rosada 4 Round 5

Revolving Door
Last time Adrian was trying to figure out what to do with himself since reaching his LTW. The elder twins, Rogue and Logan, grew to teens and moved to college. Rogan is back now with her fiancee (who she met last week) , Pie Ziese-Lecy in toe. The younger twins, Kent and Dusk grew to children, but they were the last. Ariana discovered she was pregnant again and a son, Parker was born. Having a little one around gave Adrien something to do along with gardening. At the very end of the week he was struck by lightning while flying a kite. It's OK, that's just why he looks charred.

Rachel: Wait, what's going on? Whys Johnny being given up for adoption?
Ariana: Well you see Rogue wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens so Johnny needed to go so we had to room. It's OK, I just want my little girl to be happy.
Rachel: Well all right then, I understand that.

Rachel: Nice going Adrian!

Adrian: Thanks Rachel!

Rogue: Hey Logan. Listen I heard you weren't able to find a woman in college.
Logan: Yeah, so?
Rogue: Sooo, I have a couple ladies I'd like to introduce you to.

Rogue: Logan, this is Butterfly Cooprider. Butterfly, this is my twin brother Logan Rosada. And Logan this is Eleah Ziese-Lecy. Eleah this is my twin brother Logan.
Rachel: I hope he takes a liking to one of these ladies.
Rogue: I hope so too.

Rachel: Welcome to your new home Kirby! Oh boy, he's chasing his tail.
Me: They didn't say he was a doofus for nothing.

Rogue: It sure is nice to be able to sit down and play cards with this nice guy. Wouldn't it be nice to spend more time with him?
Eleah: I'll bet 5. What was that? Sorry.

Kent: Hi there, nice ta meet cha. I'm Kent Rosada.
Arial: Hi, I'm Arial Vega.
Rachel: Well perhaps Kent will have better luck than Logan.

Rachel: Ah yes, looks like Adrian is still hard at raising his son while Ariana keeps working.

Rachel: Helping out with some gardening?
Rogue: Yeah, we want everything just so for the wedding once Mom and the twins get home.
Rachel: Oh wow, today's the big day!??!
Rogue: Sure is.

Rachel: It's Rogue's wedding day, I bet you're excited! I mean, nice going Ariana!
Ariana: Thanks and yes, I am excited.

Kent: Dad, Dad! I got an A+!!!
Ariana: Nice going son.

Kent: So then I throw it to you and then you throw it back.
Me: Ah Janeane Caligula, another possible mate for Kent.
Rachel: Wedding time!!!! You both look SO nice!
Me: Shhh, it's watching time.

Rachel: Lovely ceremony! Oh and look Pie's dad and twin sister made it.

Rachel: Yay cake! I mean time to cut the cake.

Rachel: She fed him so nicely.

Rachel: Um Cucumber, why are you taking a bath at your Aunt and Uncle's house? And uh, why not wait, 'til your cousins have left the room?

Rachel: Awe, first dance.

Rachel: Awe first. . . never mind, excuse me.

-The Next Day-

Rachel: Wow a triple birthday! This is crazy!

Rachel: Happy birthday Parker! Welcome to childhood!
Parker: Yipee! W00t!
Me: oh no, not w00t.
Rachel: Ah and the twins. Happy birthday Dusk!

Rachel: Dusk you are quite lovely. What are you looking for in life?

Dusk: Lots and lots of friends.

Dusk: And I really want to be a sweet rock star.
Rachel: Sounds like fun. You'll surely have lots of friends.

Rachel: Happy birthday Kent! Holy crap Parker can jump high!

Rachel: Such a handsome young man. What are you looking for in life?

Kent: A life of pleasure sure would be nice.

Kent: And I think Celebrity Chef would be a pretty fun life.
Rachel: Ah you both want to be famous. I hope you can both do it.

Rachel: oh no Adrian! Did you get fired?!?!
Adrian: Yay. I'm sad now.
Rachel: I'm sorry.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Hey congrats to you Ariana!
Ariana: Why thank you Rachel.

Rachel: Wya to go Pie! Don't you look cute in your uniform?
Pie: Thanks Grandma.

Rachel: Well Dusk is headed off to college. I guess that means it's . . . wait, it's Wednesday.
Dusk: Yeah. Rogue needs more room for more animals. Plus I'm ready to go.
Rachel: That's nice of you and great job on the scholarships!

Adrian: Yes! I'm a gardening master!
Rachel: That's the spirit.

Rachel: Welcome to your new home Binny! He sure is cute.

Rachel: Looks like Adrian is making the most of his time from working.

Rachel: Hurray, one dog raised, 19 to go! Kirby has some interesting markings.

Rachel: And it's time to be moving on. Wait why are Samuel and Suzi going?

Ariana: I thought I'd be OK with giving them up to make room for more puppies, but I'm not.
Rogue: Remember the deal Mom. They're just going for now. They'll come back home before you know it.
Ariana: *sniff* OK.

Rachel: Welcome home Josie.
Me: Finally a genius. I knew there had to be some out there.

Rachel: Great job again Pie! You're so handsome with your hair out of your eyes.
Pie: Thanks Grandma. I'll consider cutting my hair.
Me: Remember Rachel, he is related to you, which means he's stubborn, so don't hold your breath.

Rachel: Yes Tex, you'll joined a new family. He really is smart.

Rachel: Good! I'm glad the puppies are getting along.

Ariana: I found treasure!
Rachel: Sweet!

Rachel: Great job again Pie! You might want to reconsider the light bulb hat though. Not the best look.
Pie: OK Grandma.

Rachel: Now Kent is leaving for college. It must be. . . Friday!?!?! I guess they need more room. Congrats on the scholarships Kent!

Ariana: First the dogs, now my babies are leaving!!!

Rachel: Welcome Ally! Wow I'd say she's hyper!

Rachel: I guess the house is full now.
Rogue: Sure is.

Rachel: Wow! I have such an amazing grandson! Say, what about that hat?
Pie: I'll consider it Grandma.

Rachel: Back at it Adrian and climbing the ladder! Nice going!
Adrian: Thanks! I'm feeling much better. I hear I have a grandson on the way! Hurray more to do around the house!

Rachel: My grandson is SO smart!
Me: It's the end of the week now.
Rachel: How do you know?
Me: The calendar. Says it's Monday.
Rachel: Oh, well see ya guys next time, when I'll finally get a great grandbaby.

Points: 10
1 for Top of Career for Ariana
9 for money