Saturday, December 01, 2007

University Round 5 Part 4

This is All so Familiar

Welcome back. Here we see Uranus Vega as he has just fallen in love with simself Lynn. As a child he kept rolling wants in regards to her so I was hoping they would have good chemistry.

Not wasting a single moment.

After becoming engaged he goes in for his first kiss.

Canada Vega graduated. She is engaged to Fog Forsythe.

Then it's Snow Forsythe's turn. She is with Ares Knight.

Before heading out she invited her brother Sleet to move in.

And Randy invited Apollo Knight.

Mercury Vega graduated. He is with Georgia Tellerman.

Apollo invited his brother Ares Knight to move in.

Sleet had the 20 pet best friends LTW so he changed aspiration.

Much better.

Apollo had the 50 1st dates LTW which I would have done in college if there weren't so darn many kids.

Ares was romance so Pleasure is a million times better.

And he got a good LTW.

Randy graduated. He is with Cheesecake Ziese-Lecy

Vodka Vega, who is apparently mad about something, graduated. She is with Ricky Flanagan.

Next Eclair invited Logan Rosada to move in.

And Logan invited Quita Skywalker.

Miss Eclair Ziese-Lecy graduated. She is with Apollo Knight.

Quita was a romance sim, knowledge is much better.

Not Apollo, Fog graduated. He is with Canada Vega.

And Lucida Vega moved in.

And then this happened. So I had to redo everything since I had saved which was all of part 4. *Sigh*

Uranus Vega graduated. He is with Lynn.

Sleet invited Zeus Knight.

And Tomato Rosada.

Then Sleet Forsythe graduated. He is with Lucida Vega.

Zeus, with his Charlie Brown t-shirt, invited in Burgandy Rosada.

Apollo, what are you doing?
Apollo: I'm changing it to fall. We have got to get going and there are still a lot of us that need to graduate. Dang it, I want OUT!!!

Oh no, the house was so busy the birdie passed away. I swear I feed her. Do they only live so long?

Doesn't he look happy? Apollo Knight graduated. He is with Eclair Ziese-Lecy

Logan invited Jasper Rosada in.

Ricky Flanagan graduated. He is with Vodka Vega.

Oh no! Jasper had the 20 pet best friends but this so much worse!

Lucida Vega graduated. She is with Sleet Forsythe.

Tomato invited Kiwi Te Waiata to move in.

And she invited Live Ribeiro in.

then she graduated. She is with October Dante.

Next Ares Knight graduated. He is with Snow Forsythe.

Quita invited Centepede Cooprider to move in.

Logan Rosada graduated. He is single.

Quita invited C. Crows Ziese-Lecy to move in.

Centede had 50 1st dates LTW.

So much better.

Quita Skywalker graduated. She is with Zeus Knight.

Speaking of which Zeus Knight graduated. He is with Quita Skywalker.

And that finally brings us to the end of this turn with university. Yay, we finally get to go back to Prosperity Point. There are still about 10 kids here but they just arrived and will graduate next time.

Points: 63
73 graduates with 4.0s. if someone would like to recount, go for it.
-10 for changing the weather once for the sake of my sanity.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

My head is spinning. So many kids and loves and use of the word "college." I think I kept track of them all. And to think this is Gen 2/3. All those Holiday boys are so hot! Almost makes me wish I was hanging out in Prosperity Point. You deserve kudos for making it through all those kids.

Bubbs said...

Yeah! My girl is moving into a family! YEAH!!! I can't wait to see all of these back in the hood. :)

ASimWen said...

:) :) Heh I shall never complain about having more then 20 in Uni at a time. Which I usually do. lol

Anonymous said...

oh my. So many kids to get through uni. Must have been a nightmare. Can't blame you for changing the weather. And to think you've done all that and you'll have to go through it all again soon. Atleast mine is staying small *touch wood*, playing uni drives me nuts.

Galena said...

All those kids wow. Very glad you got through it. Especially with the crash.

There seem to be a lot of singles are you planning to pair them up or let them be single?

Melissa said...

Wow, Rachel! I am impressed. And such good looking sims, too. Your neighborhood is huge!

ciyrose said...

Great job! What a huge population explosion this is about to make. I know I had no chance of keeping all of them straight, so I'll just have to wait and see them back in the hood. Seems like you had quite a few single sims still. Including Monica....who is upset...what happened???!!! Lynn finally made it...good job Lynn!