Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kirkendall 1 - Round 7

A Tough Winter
Last time Navy and Sariss continued raising their son, Daniel. While Temperance and Metro continued raising their son, Marius. The boys became great friends. Temperance and Metro welcomed a second son when Javert was born. He's a toddler a
lready. The adults and the dogs worked on their careers.

Rachel: It really was nice of you guys to invite us to your house.
Marius: Mom said it's never too early to start making friends.
Rachel: Your mom is right.

Rachel: Good job Tommy.

Rachel: Man these dogs are doing great.

Rachel: Sorry Metro/

Rachel: Wooh! Way to go Tommy.

Rachel: Looks like Daniel listens to Aunt Temperance too.

Rachel: Nice.

Rachel: Looks like the friend making continues.

Marius: Tag. You're it!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Javert!

Rachel: What a handsome little boy you are Javert.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Daniel!

Rachel: What a handsome guy. What do you want in life Daniel?

Daniel: Pleasure.

Daniel: And I'd really like to be a professional party guest.
Rachel: That sounds nice.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Marius!

Rachel: Another handsome one. What would you like in life?

Marius: To be popular.

Marius: And I wand to have 20 pet best friends.
Me: *hits head against desk*
Rachel: That's nice.
Me: Why? Why? Why?
Marius: What's that sound?
Rachel: Uh...thunder?

Rachel: Did your Aunt Temperance tell you to start dating too?
Daniel: Nope, this was my idea.

Rachel: Ah one of the Nettles girls.

Marius: Before you ask, Daniel suggested I start to date and I agreed.

Rachel: Watch out for her. She starts bathroom fires.
Marius: Uh, OK.

Rachel: Well I don't see her going to college with him at this rate.

Callie: I can't believe you did that.

Me: What the?

Rachel: Nice job Sariss.

Rachel: *scratches head* wasn't she on a date with Marius?
Me: Yep.
Rachel: And Daniel was just asking her to leave?
Me: Yep.
Rachel: I'm confused.

Rachel: Oh dear. Why don't these kids know to go inside when it gets cold?
Me: The problem is they keep visiting different houses where it's winter.
Rachel: This is one tough winter.
Me: Indeed.

Rachel: Be careful Javert. It's cold out here.

Rachel: Looks like he came in in time. Granted it is hard to tell with having blue skin already.

Rachel: Looks like time for another date.

Rachel: Ah Pania's sister Aroha.

Rachel: Nice job Metro.
Metro: Thanks Rachel.

Temperance: Bark, bark, bark bark.
Rachel: I'm assuming she's teaching Samantha to speak.

Metro: So you put the milk and sugar and other ingredients in here.
Rachel: Candy making lessons.

Rachel: Nice job Marius! See you at college.

Rachel: Nice job to you too Daniel! See you at college too.

Points: 2
2 for money


M.McMillan said...

I never play for points I can never seem to keep track of them.

ASimWen said...

Good god..looks like Javert is poking Marius in the side something awful in that picture....lolol

ciyrose said...

I keep hoping for a little Epone or Cosette in this house. :)