Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ziese-Lecy 3 Round 7

French Fry Head
Last time Erika achieved her goal of working 6 pets to the top of their careers with training help from her husband Xuane. Elizabeth and Jupiter's twin daughters, Flute and Piccolo, grew to toddlers then children thanks to all the nurturing from all four adults.

Rachel: *Looks around* I guess everyone is out right now.

Rachel: Way to go Sophie!

Rachel: Oh honey, I love the new hair do.
Elizabeth: Thanks Mom. Do you know Parker and Cedar? I thought I'd introduce them to the girls since they'll be adults at the same time.
Rachel: I do know them. Good idea sweetie.

Rachel: Nice going Xuane.

Rachel: Oops.

Rachel: Speaking of making friends, looks like Piccolo is making friends with Desmond Ribeiro.

Rachel: Um kids, this might not be the best time to say good bye. Erika and Xuane are, um, busy.

Rachel: Seriously? Glue would not work!

Flute: Yes!
Rachel: Hi sweetheart. Great job on the A+! I love hair and the cute jacket.
Flute: Thanks Grandma.

Rachel: Great job to you too sweetie! I love your hair and jacket too.
Piccolo: Thanks Grandma.

Flute: What's that?
December: Where?
Flute: *giggle*
Rachel: Oh dear. She's cheating again.
Me: Yeah turns out she's mean.
Rachel: But she's my grand daughter.
Me: Elizabeth and Piccolo are mean too. Sorry.
Rachel: *gasp*

Rachel: Great job honey!
Elizabeth: Thanks Mom.
Rachel: *under breath* She seems nice to me.

Me: Doable.

Flute: Hi daddy. You look funny.
Jupiter: I know.

Rachel: Nice job again Xuane.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Hey nice job Sophie.

Rachel: Nice going Jupiter. Does this mean no more French Fry head?
Jupiter: Yes.

Rachel: You're on fire Xuane!

Rachel: Thanks for one more shot. *giggle*

Rachel: More friend making.

Rachel: Um Picollo.
Piccolo: Yes Grandma?
Rachel: You need to only use the inside bath tub at least til you become an adult. It isn't so horribly wrong then. Hey guy! Stop looking, NOW!!!

Rachel: Oh honey you're going to have a baby!
Erika: I know, I can hardly wait.

Rachel: Nice job Jupiter.

Rachel: Time for me to go girls. Have fun.

Points: 4
3 for money
1 for Elizabeth's Top of Career


jungfrun68 said...

No effects of the freezing of Flute from the other lot, I see. Good for you, I was worried that we would have a Social Services visit here!

ASimWen said...

And one's on the way...hahaha!

ciyrose said...

The girls are both so pretty. LOL....I loved the "mean" conversation.

Chrissy Brown said...

The girls are beauties! :)