Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nettles 1 - Round 6

Bringing Up BabiesLast time Natalie & Zucinni moved back from college and adopted a couple cats. Zucinni invited his cousin Tiger to move in. Tiger called up the matchmaker and the first woman she presented was Moira Jenkins. They hit it off are she soon moved in. Natalie got pregnant and had a boy, Hamster. Since Moira is an elder, the only way this couple could have kids would be to adopt. They welcomed a daughter, Bunny.
*special note, I had a hard time labeling these pictures. The little girl is Bunny*

Rachel: Hey there Moira. Looks like you're left here to take care of the kids.
Moira: Yeah, but I don't mind. I miss being able to take care of little ones. I really love it.

Moira: Now come here Hamster.

Rachel: All together now. Awe!

Rachel: Nursery Rhythm time.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Bunny!

Rachel: A real cutie pie.

Tiger: Say Teddy Bear.
Bunny: NOOOO!!!!

Rachel: Don't get discouraged Tiger. She'll get it.

Rachel: Nice.

Rachel: Ut-oh. everything OK Zucinni?
Zucinni: Yep. Just a lightning strike.

Rachel: Firefighter and Deep Sea Fisherman, impressive.

Rachel: Kittens!

Rachel: Welcome Maegen.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Hamster!

Rachel: Oh what a handsome little guy!
Hamster: Thanks.

Tiger: OK, let's try the nursery rhythm.
Rachel: Looks like she has something else in mind.

Rachel: Way to go Zucinni!

Rachel: Nice job to you too Kristi!

Rachel: Homework time.

Rachel: Nice job again Kristi.

Rachel: Hey, it's Phoenix Rosada. You kids play nice and there might be a marriage in your future.
Me: Well that's putting the cart before the horse.
Rachel: You never know.
Me: True.

Rachel: Happy birthday Bunny!

Rachel: She's a cutie.

Bunny: Spin me Daddy! Weeee!

Rachel: Congratulations Natalie!

Me: That should be doable.

Rachel: Ouch.

Rachel: Hey your first A+! Way to go!

Rachel: *Very quietly* Congrats man.

Rachel: It's homework time. Um Natalie, maybe you should put some clothes on first.

Rachel: Oh no! Someone help Tiger!
Me: Geez you fall for this all the time! He's teaching Krisit how to Play Dead. He's fine.
Rachel: One of these times they won't be.

Rachel: Happy Birthday! YOU sure are pretty.

Rachel: Hey you kids are finally going to get married!

Rachel: What a lovely ceremony. You look great Moira.

Rachel: *applauds*

Rachel: You two are getting married too! How exciting!
Zucinni: We figured we might as well. The arch is here and all.
Rachel: How, um, romantic.

Rachel: Lovely as well.

Rachel: *applauds*

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Opps again.

Rachel: See, now this isn't scary.
Me: Pansy.

Rachel: Are you sure she's OK?
Me: *Rolls Eyes*

Rachel: Nice going Natalie.

Bunny: So do you want a pop or something?
Parker: Um sure I guess.
Rachel: I wonder if these two will have a future?
Me: Um, yeah they are, ah, ouzing chemistry.Rachel: You never know.

Me: These two on the other hand, are adorable.

Rachel: Kittens!

Rachel: Welcome little Peeler.

Rachel: Nice job Maegan!

Rachel: Bye Peeler. I hope we see you soon. Looks like it's time to go.

Points: 1
1 for Natalie's Top of Career


Anonymous said...

So happy for Moira! And the kids are really cute when they play together...I don't blame you for putting "the cart before the horse."
You probably know this, but if you pick the second aspiration reward for work, and pick chance cards as soon as they pop up, they'll almost always be favorable. (Free Time perk).

C said...

What beautiful markings Maegen has!

ASimWen said...

Hah This entry reeks of Fellowship I.....see those Busto genes loud and clear.. *ASimWen puts on sunglasses* Ouch my eyes.....hehehehe! Nice to see Moira Jenkins again.

Rachel said...

Is everyone from the Fellowship 1 (except the kids)? I didn't even realize. And I guess Zucinni the product of F1 sims?

ciyrose said...

Once again pretty cats and kids. Bunny's eyes are just beautiful. I forget how beautiful Natalie is.