Sunday, February 01, 2009

Cooprider 4 - Round 6

That's All You're Going to Give Him?
Last time new college grads, Dolphin and Ian were married, along with Natalie and Pluto. Both women found themselves pregnant at almost the exact same moment. Natalie gave birth to a set of twins, a boy and a girl, Curry and Rosemary. Next Dolphin also gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, Nutmeg and Ginger. That made 11 in the house so they said goodbye to their dogs who still had time to breed. All 4 twins have grown to toddlers.

Rachel: So how are your son, daughter, niece and nephew doing?
Dolphin: Quite well. They're learning quite quickly. A little more potty training, some talking to be learned. Nothing too major. There are 4 of us and 4 of them. We'll be fine.

Rachel: Looks like you'll be just fine.

Rachel: Way to go Ian!
Ian: Thanks but where are my babies?
Me: Ah family sims

Rachel: Nice job!

Rachel: Wait, you're getting a new dog?
Natalie: Yeah. The kids wanted a dog. We won't be breeding him.

Rachel: Well, welcome to you Maxx.

Rachel: Block party?

Rachel: I guess we know where all the cuteness came from.

Rachel: Nice job Natalie!

Natalie: No thanks. I'm doing well in my dance career.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Congrats on the promotion anyway.
Ian: Yeah, yeah but it's my kids' birthday. Where are they?

Rachel: Happy Birthday Curry!

Curry: Mama cheeks funny.

Rachel: A very handsome little boy.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Ginger!

Rachel: A sweet little girl!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Nutmeg!

Rachel: Another handsome boy!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Rosemary!

Rachel: Another beautiful girl!

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Nice job Dolphin. So what have you been working on for all these hours?
Dolphin: I'm making all the kids clothes for the future. I even made the girls wedding dress.
Rachel: How sweet.

Rachel: Putting lessons, very nice.

Rachel: Double homework time. We'll leave them be.

Rachel: Looks like everyone's homework is done now.

Rachel: What are you doing?
Natalie: Trying to teach him to speak. So far it's not going well.

Rachel: Nice job Nutmeg!

Rachel: A+?
Curry: Sure thing.
Rachel: Nice job man!

Rachel: Oh, gee, look whose playing with Ginger. If it isn't our latest blog hog, Lager.
Me: He's making friends.
Rachel: Yeah, with everyone!
Me: Perhaps he's keeping his options open.
Rachel: He's 7!

Rachel: Good call.

Rachel: Dang! You are flying up the laddar.

Rachel: Nice job Pluto!

Rachel: I'm not sure how you guys had time for hobbies, but nice job!

Rachel: A+!

Rachel: A+!

Rachel: A+! Nice going everyone!

Rachel: Nice job Maxx. Looks like you learned to speak after all.

Rachel: Dang!

Rachel: Nice job Pluto!

Rachel: Looks like the stereo is on.

Rachel: Ummmm...

Rachel: These two seem to be getting along.

Rachel: Looks like the new job is not going so well.

Rachel: Man! That totally sucks!
Pluto: At least I know how to make the comfort soup. I'll be better soon.

Nutmeg: So your mom is like old and stuff.
Dali: Yeah, well you're stupid.
Nutmeg: I wasn't saying it like it was a bad thing or anything.
Dali: Oh. Then you rock!

Rachel: You are ON FIRE!!!!
Natalie: Ahh!!!!
Rachel: No, I didn't mean figeratively.

Rachel: Run Ian!

Ian: Too late.

Rachel: Hang on!

Rachel: Welcome home.

Rachel: He does not look happy at all.

Rachel: I think some of these kids might have futures together.

Rachel: Just in the nick of time. Great job!
Natalie: Thanks! I worked really hard!
Rachel: I know.

Rachel: Really? That's all you're giving him?

Points: 7
5 for Money
2 Top of Careers (Pluto & Natalie)


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I saw a prediction for the future in the family trees!


ASimWen said...

Lots going on...nice abduction. :)

Rachel said...

Oh that isn't Rachel, Rachel in the family tree. THat's the simself who I put through Todder Mania. Real Rachel is still fine.

Kerry said...

That's good to know! Those are some very cute purple kids--and the others are cute as well. How are you going to choose a spouse for Hamster--he seems to like all the little girls!

ruby said...

poor Pluto. I had that card and Orlando got demoted too. not far getting busted for playing on your lunch break.. and then demoted for getting sick? Maybe he needs a new job.
Woot alien babies on the way. i love the faces they pull *snickers*

Rachel said...

Hamster & Lager will have to wait to see who they have chemistry with & who has chemistry with others. They'll definitely have lots of friends.

Sorry Ruby, no alien babies. The house is already full.

Minty said...

I don't think I've ever seen that many blocks on one table before LOL

SalJChat said...

Nice story as always, I love this Blog!

Is it just me seeing things or does one of the girls (I cant remember which) has ginger eyebrows?

Rachel said...

Rosemary does. I need to fix that.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but lop, im cracking up from the "4 twins" comment

ciyrose said...

Such cute kids as usual. I got really nervous when I saw Rachel, but realized it couldn't be the regular Rachel. :)

Chrissy Brown said...

The kids are very cute :)