Saturday, March 14, 2009

Norwood 1 - Round 6

Not Again
Last time
Tanzanite, his girlfriend Karoline and Tanzanite's twin Zircon along with girlfriend Shasta all moved into a new house after college. They adopted a couple dogs who had puppies. Both couples were married in a double ceremony. Speaking of doubles, Shasta and Karoline both found themselves pregnant at almost exactly the same time. Karoline gave birth to a daughter, Mercedes, and Shasta had a son, Chevy. Both babies grew into toddlers and loved playing at the toddler table together. All four adults did well advancing in their jobs.

Rachel: Hey there guys!
Zircon: Hey Rachel. Nice to see you again. Just giving my little man walking lessons.
Rachel: I'll let you get back to that. That's one heck on a thunderstorm out there. Do you smell something?

Rachel: Ut-oh. It stopped raining, the fire isn't going to put itself out. *calls the fire department. They come and put out the fire*

Rachel: Good job Shasta.

Rachel: Nice going Tanzanite!
Tanzanite: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Nice going Shasta.

Rachel: Extra nice job to you Zircon!
Zircon: Thanks! I couldn't be happier.

Rachel: And right back to helping your little man. What a good father.

Rachel: Well that's not the worst thing in the world.

Rachel: Hey Mercedes your dad is trying to teach you a song. Maybe you should pay attention.

Rachel: Another promotion, nice job! I knew that arts enthusiasm wasn't a huge deal.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Mercedes!

Rachel: What a cutie!
Mercedes: Gee thanks lady.

Rachel: Happy Birthday to you too Chevy!

Rachel: Handsome little devil.
Chevy: *giggles* Thanks.

Rachel: Way to go Karoline!

Rachel: Sorry Chevy.

Rachel: Oh lookie, lookie.
Me: Yep, it's our new blog hog, Lager Vega. I swear he comes home with everyone here.
Rachel: Hi Lager.

Rachel: Way to go Shasta! You're just blazing up the ladder!

Rachel: Both of these guys are great fathers. Always teaching their kids.

Rachel: Oh no.

Rachel: Oh Shasta, I'm so sorry. You were doing so great.
Shasta; *sigh* Yeah, I was.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Wilbur! You sure are cool looking.

Rachel: Back on your feet again. That was fast.

Rachel: Looks like the kids are making friends. That'll be important in the future.

Rachel: Oh no! Not again!

Rachel: I'm so sorry Tanzanite.

Mercedes: Hi Dad.
Tanzanite: Wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: I think you had better give your dad some time.

Tanzanite: I'm OK. Hey honey.

Natalie: Hey! Why is everyone so interested in what MY family is doing?
Shasta: Look I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.
Rachel: OK, how about if Shasta agrees not to look through the telescope at you and Natalie you agree not to come over and shove her? OK? OK.

Rachel: Oh no Spike! We've known you for so long.

Rachel: Sorry Sarah. She's so sad.

Rachel: Now that's a little cold. There's still a ghost of him and you're making out.

Rachel: At least they are sad.

Rachel: He fathered many puppies and even has a bunch of grand-puppies.

Rachel: Getting another dog?
Karoline: Yeah. Wilbur needs to walk in his dad's shoes and start having puppies of his own.

Karoline: Welcome to your new home Rebecca.

Rachel: Well hey you're doing really well at your new job.
Shasta: thanks. I'm trying not to screw this one up too.

Mercedes: Yes!
Rachel: Way to go on your A+!

Chevy: Sweet!
Rachel: Great job Chevy!

Karoline: Come one girl, roll over.
Rachel: That training can take awhile. Good luck.

Rachel: Nice job Zircon!

Rachel: One more puppy for Spike.

Rachel: Welcome Big O.

Rachel: Oh no Sarah!
Chevy: *giggles* No, I'm just teaching her how to play dead.

Chevy: See? She's fine.

Rachel: Looks like the kids are still busy making friends. All this socializing means the next generation in Prosperity Point will be even closer than this one.

Rachel: make lots of friends kids. Lots and lots of friends.

Rachel: Bye Big O. See you around.

Rachel: I wonder if this means the next batch of puppies is on it's way?

Points: 6
1 for Zircon's Top of Career
5 for Money


SirenPrincess said...

That's bad luck with all of the firings.

I loved seeing the dog family tree.

ASimWen said...

Yah, it happens that way sometimes...nobody can keep a job. Gee, sounds like that in RL these days. Buh-bye Spike....we will miss you! Nice to see Shasta Norwood! Go Fellowship!!!!

Melissa said...

I agree. The dog family tree was cool to see. Wow! Spike was a new daddy even after he died.

Kerry said...

Aw, a posthumous puppy! Bye, Spike, your family will continue! The kids are nice and social, aren't they? Great for your 'hood!

Minty said...

I can't believe how many puppies he fathered!! Thats madness. The version of Lager grew up in my blog the last round and BOY is he funny looking! (he's in Murphy House Three if you wanna take a gander)

ruby said...

thats a lot of kids. sheesh.
good thing they're good daddys
well at least you had some good cards, shame you lost 2 jobs.
grats on the TOC

ciyrose said...

Rough chance cards! Bye Spike...that dog family tree was crazy. He DID father a LOT of puppies. :) The kids are social, and very cute!