Monday, March 16, 2009

Simmes 1 - Round 6

Unusual Happenings
Last time brothers, George and Emmett Dante moved back from college. George brought back his fiancee Libby Simmes and Emmett invited his girlfriend Jenn to move in. Both couples were soon married. A few days later Jenn gave birth to a daughter, Willow, and Libby welcomes twins, Buffy and Glory. All three girls are now toddlers. The family adopted cats and began breeding them. At the end of the week Jenn was abducted by aliens but was returned safely.

Rachel: Um guys. There's something in your driveway.

Emmett: I don't know what it is, but it sure is loud.
Rachel: Shoe! Go on aliens. Move along.

Rachel: Good job George.

Rachel: Nice job to you too Libby.

Rachel: Way to go Jenn! Looks like everyone is doing well.

Emmett: Sing with daddy.
Rachel: How sweet.

Libby: Hey there baby, mommas home.
Buffy: Momma!

Rachel: Sorry Emmett.

Glory: Weeee Glory Fly!

Willow: What wrong Dada?
Emmett: *sniff* Nothing honey. Let's celebrate your birthday.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Willow!

Rachel: What a cutie!
Willow: Thanks lady.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Buffy!

Rachel: Another little charmer.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Glory!

Rachel: Um wow Buffy, that sure is a high jump.

Rachel: Another cutie. The boys in this town are in trouble.
Glory: Why? Did they do something bad?
Rachel: Never mind.

Rachel: Nice

Rachel: Nice going Jenn.

Willow: Congratulations Mom!
Jenn: Thanks dear.

Rachel: Good job to you too Libby!

Buffy: Hi Mom. Great job on the promotion!
Libby: Thanks honey.

Rachel: Good job Emmett. Making clothes yet?
Emmett: Not yet. Hopefully soon.

Rachel: Homework time. Shhhh!

George: What?
Rachel: Your head. It's um, backwards.
George: Oh I'm just stretching my neck. I'm fine.
Rachel: OK. Well good job on the promotion.

Rachel: Happy birthday Kyle.

Rachel: Opps. Could be worse.

Rachel: Hey did you get an A+?
Glory: Yep!
Rachel: Nice job Glory! What about your sister or Willow?
Glory: Nope. They aren't as smart as me.
Rachel: I see. They might be nicer though.

Rachel: Hey Top of Career! Nice job Jenn!
Jenn: Thanks!

Rachel: Oh that's nice Emmett, giving some gifts.
Emmett: Yeah, just some of my sewing packages.

Rachel: Nice job Libby.

Rachel: Nice job Glory.

Rachel: Way to go on the A+ Willow!
Willow: Thanks lady.

Buffy: Yes!!!
Rachel: Great job Buffy!

Rachel: Congrats Libby!

Rachel: Looks like a friendly game of HORSE.
Willow: What's a Horse?
Rachel: Nothing, never mind.

Benguiant: Wait so there are 3 girls that live here?
Glory: Yeah. Me, my sister Buffy and my cousin Willow. Why?
Benguiant: Just making notes for our teen years.

Buffy: Hey lady, I just met you. Why are you swinging me around?
Lucida: I thought it would be fun.
Buffy: Fun. But a little odd.

Rachel: Looks like the ladies are studying and it looks like my time to leave.

Points: 7
2 for Top of Career for George & Jenn
5 for Money


ASimWen said...

Wonderful as usual. :-) Nice to see Jenn alive and kicking!

SirenPrincess said...

The little girls in this house really are cute.

I just counted, yes you have 10 sims and pets in this house. Check out the thread on the TS2 yahoogroup. For some reason, my game will only let me get 8. I'm jealous.

ruby said...

two TOC, well done!
the girls are cuties.
too funny, taking notes for my teen years.. nothing like planning ahead *giggles*

Kerry said...

Yes, very cute girls! The boys will be flocking around soon. You had great outcomes on the chance cards, too!

Minty said...

Buffy is such a cute kid. And I really think that she might be a high jumping athlete in the makin!

Galena said...

But aliens...babies. I was sure Emmett, he was crying. I guess not.

Maybe I'm just wishful since I had so few abductions. I really need to get my computer going. :(

ciyrose said...

All three girls sure are cute. Willow is just adorable. A lot of fun as always.